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Vietnam Remy Hair – The Best Choice For Hair Business


The demand for human hair, especially Vietnam Remy hair, is skyrocketing globally. Let’s find out why it is so well-liked by so many people in this article.

Vietnam remy hair is in great demand and offers significant financial benefits in the hair business thanks to its high quality at reasonable prices. It is always a top choice for hair wholesalers and vendors in the world. Keep reading for all the information you need to know about this hair item.

1. Outstanding features of Vietnam remy hair

Vietnamese remy hair is currently a top option for hair extensions. It is famous for its high-quality raw materials and outstanding features.

1.1. Clear origin and premium materials

Vietnamese remy hair is hair collected from 2-3 donors who have the same hair qualities with the cuticle still intact and all hair strands following in the same direction, so the hair does not shed and tangle. Vietnam is famous for its long-standing hairdressing profession, so the workers in the hair factories are highly skilled, able to select hairs from 2-3 people with the highest similarity, providing the same high quality as taking the hair from one donor.

Vietnamese remy hair has high-quality materials
Vietnamese remy hair has high-quality materials

1.2. Outstanding qualities

Remy Vietnam hair is famous for its natural straight hair, glossy black, strong, durable color, easy to style and dye:

  • Vietnamese remy hair is naturally straight, black, and smooth. This hair is taken from hairs that all strands are in the same direction, so Vietnamese Remy hair is completely natural and smooth. It is naturally black and straight due to the natural characteristics of Vietnamese people and the country’s mild climate.
  • Vietnamese Remy hair is excellent for dyeing, bleaching, and perming. Vietnam remy hair is very versatile and may be dyed and styled as desired. When dyed, hair color is very uniform. In particular,  products that are made from this hair are dyed blonde and are very popular with young girls.
  • Vietnamese remy hair is very strong and durable: Vietnamese remy hair has high-quality raw materials, from strong, durable hairs that are cared for by herbs and are less exposed to chemicals. Vietnam hair products can last up to 5 years with proper care.

Vietnamese remy hair has outstanding features that make everyone in the hair industry want to own it in their inventory.

Vietnamese Remy hair
Vietnamese Remy hair

Vietnamese remy hair has become the preferred option for customers all around the world because of its great quality, longevity, and affordable pricing. This hair gets a lot of attention from wholesale raw hair vendors all over the world.

  • Vietnamese remy hair has a clear origin: Today there are many wholesale raw hair vendors in many countries that provide hair, but Vietnamese Remy hair from Vietnamese wholesale raw hair vendors is still preferred because it has a clear origin, not mixed with many sources. Also, more and more people are interested in Vietnamese remy hair reviews and how to buy them.
  • Vietnamese remy hair is durable and has a long lifespan: Vietnamese remy hair does not use many chemicals in the process, so the hair has a longer life than hair in other countries. After coloring and styling, the hair still retains its original strength.
  • The price of Vietnamese remy hair is reasonable: The price of Vietnamese hair as well as Vietnam remy hair is in the middle segment of the world, but with the high quality it brings, the price is completely reasonable. A bundle of good Vietnam remy hair starts at only 8 USD. Vietnamese remy hair brings lucrative opportunities for many hair distributors and retailers in the world. At the same price, when buying Vietnamese remy hair, you will get better quality than buying Remy hair from other countries. This will help your business increase profits and attract more customers.
  • The import process is simple: The process of importing Vietnamese remy hair bundles is now very easy, quick, and convenient. Many Vietnamese hair factories have their own lines of shipping for exports to high-demand regions, including South Africa, and the United States,… It’s possible to make an order and have it delivered to your home in a short amount of time.

From the above reasons, you can understand why Vietnamese remy hair is so popular. This is a hair source that is well worth the investment and it won’t let you down.

Discover why Vietnamese remy hair is popular and profitable
Discover why Vietnamese remy hair is popular and profitable

4. Tips to check the quality of Vietnam Remy hair

There are many hair reviews about how to check the quality of Vietnamese remy hair. And the following are some suggestions to help you buy high-quality Vietnamese remy hair bundles:

  • To check whether the hair may be easily shed: Ask the salesperson to stroke the hair by hand or comb it from top to end with light to strong pressure to see if any hair falls out.
  • With hair color: Ask them to stroke the hair several times and see if there is any color left on their hand. If there is, the hair color will quickly fade.
  • For straight Vietnam remy hair: At first glance, the hair will look straight and even, but you should look closely to see if there are any curly strands. If so, the hair has not been treated well and loses its style very quickly.
  • Check the grade of Vietnamese remy hair: Single drawn (50-55% hair is the same length): The hair can be easily seen to be thicker at the top and progressively thinner at the end. Double drawn (70-75% hair is the same length): The hair is thicker at the top, but there is not much of a difference between the top and the ends. Super double (90-95% hair is the same length): The hair is almost uniform in length and fullness from the top to the ends.

With the above tips, you can check the hair quality of Vietnamese remy hair and choose high-quality hair source for your business.

How to check the quality of Vietnam Remy hair

5. Top 5 best Vietnamese hair factories provide Vietnam Remy hair

When it comes to places to buy high-quality Vietnamese remy hair, people often think of raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors because they are famous for their excellent quality, price and service. To help you buy high-quality Vietnam Remy hair with confidence, we’ve gathered a list of the best raw Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors below. They are famous for their high-quality and reasonably priced hair products.

5.1. Vin Hair Vendor

If you don’t know where to get high-quality hair extensions, consider Vin Hair Factory. This is the premier Vietnamese hair supplier, committed to 100% remy hair and the highest quality on the market.

  • With over ten years of business expertise, this provider has a huge number of devoted clients all around the world, validating their top-tier reputation. Vin Hair has hundreds of partners from the main markets of Europe, Africa, and Latin America. This is a famous hair supplier to global hair salons.
  • Vin Hair provides high quality remy hair, carefully selected from Vietnamese highland women. Hair is subjected to a cleaning and treatment process that minimizes chemicals, retaining natural shine and maximum durability.
  • Vin Hair Factory offers a wide range of hair extension items, including bulk hair, weft hair, tape-ins, tip-ins, clip-ins, closures, and frontals, with an impressive variety of colors, textures, and lengths up to 38 inches. The colors available range from natural to bleached, fashion colors, or complex color techniques such as ombre, piano highlights, and balayage.
  • Vin Hair Vendor is a factory that directly makes and distributes, not a commercial company, hence they provide wholesale prices, beginning at $88/kg 8″ natural color remy hair.
  • This hair vendor has a dedicated sales team that is available to serve and advise customers at all hours of the day and night. Whether you need product recommendations or want all of your questions addressed during the shopping process, Vin Hair is always here to help.
  • Vin Hair allows exchanges and returns within 7 days with fair order conditions, fast processing and safe, convenient payment methods.

Contact information:

  • Website: https://vinhairvendor.com/
  • WhatsApp: (+84)362123222
  • Instagram: vinhair.official
Vin Hair Vendor is one of the Vietnam's greatest hair suppliers
Vin Hair Vendor is one of the Vietnam’s greatest hair suppliers

5.2. Jen hair

Jen Hair has gone from a small shop to one of the top hair distributors in Vietnam.

  • Products: wefts, hair wigs, hair extensions, closures, and frontals. Curly hair products are Jen Hair’s best sellers
  • Price: Jen Hair has competitive prices for high-quality products.
  • Policy: accept returns and exchanges
  • Feedback: many positive feedbacks

If you’re looking for high-quality Vietnamese remy hair, look no further than Jen Hair, one of the best hair suppliers in Vietnam.

Jen Hair
Jen Hair

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5.3. Mic Hair

Mic Hair is recognized as one of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers and focuses on the wholesale of Asian human raw hair.

  • Products: bulk hair, Vietnamese remy hair bundles, closures, frontals, hair extensions
  • Price: Even though it’s not cheap, it’s definitely money well spent. From 7.7 USD/ hair bundle
  • Service:You can return products within 30 days.

If you want top-notch Vietnam Remy hair and excellent customer service, Mic Hair Company is a great company to work with.

Mic Hair
Mic Hair

5.4. Cyhair

Cyhair is one of the top providers of quality human hair products and has a huge and loyal customer base from all over the world.

  • Products: bone straight hair, Remy hair, bulk hair, closures and frontals, tape ins, tip hair
  • Price: The wholesale price of straight Remy hair single drawn is 93 -430 USD/kg ( length from 8-26inch)
  • Policy: Within 15 days, you can return or exchange the items

If you want to buy Vietnamese remy hair bundles of high quality, Cyhair is a good choice, and they will satisfy you.


5.5. 5S Hair

When it comes to Vietnamese remy hair, 5S Hair is a great choice and they can meet all of your needs.

  • Products: bone straight hair, clip-in hair extensions, hair weft, Vietnam Remy hair bundles, blonde hair extensions…
  • Price: The prices at 5S Hair are very reasonable, starting at about $9/ bundle of raw remy hair.
  • Service: returns and exchanges within 2 days

You can buy Vietnamese remy hair from 5S Hair with great confidence in their superb quality and affordable cost.

5S Hair
5S Hair

5.6. Layla Hair

Layla Hair takes a deep approach to hair maintenance and supplies the highest quality hair extensions which can give you a whole new and modern style.

  • Products: Vietnamese remy hair bundles, hair wigs, hair weave, clip ins, tape ins, women’s toppers, and men’s toupee
  • Price: very competitive. Closure&bundles range from 71-330 USD/product
  • Policy: Policy for 2 day exchange and returns
  • Feedback: many positive feedback

If you want to buy Vietnam Remy hair with high quality, Layla Hair is a great choice for you.

Layla Hair
Layla Hair

Remy hair is always one of the most sought-after hair types on the market thanks to the combination of high quality and reasonable price, this is truly a top choice for those who are interested in the hair business. Please carefully review the information we have provided in the article and consider reputable Vietnamese remy hair suppliers to make the most satisfactory choice.

Source: vinhairvendor.com

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