Vietnamese curly hair extensions what you need for stunning look

Update: 07/12/2023

If you are having difficulties in finding a reputable hair vendor supplying Vietnamese curly hair, this article will reveal the top supplier for your reference.

Currently, Vietnamese curly hair attracts a lot of attention from hair lovers around the world. Everything about this hair including origin, classification, and where to buy high-quality hair item will be revealed in this article.

1. Origin of raw materials for Vietnamese curly hair

In this first section, we are going to learn more about the origin of raw materials for Vietnamese hair. This hair item is made of raw materials with a transparent and clear origin.

Vietnamese curly hair is manufactured from 100 percent Vietnamese human hair, the majority of which comes from the northern mountainous areas of Vietnam. Vietnamese women here still maintain the custom of growing their hair long and take good care of it.

Currently, the majority of Vietnam hair curls products are made from remy hair, the remainders are made from virgin hair due to the rarity and expensiveness of virgin hair. Remy hair for Vietnamese wavy hair extensions is carefully selected to have a great similarity in hair quality, color, and length to form a finished product of the highest quality.


Vietnamese curl is made from 100% Vietnamese human hair

2. Outstanding features of Vietnamese curly hair

What mainly makes Vietnam curly hair so popular is the advantage of raw materials to create them. It is made from high-quality raw Vietnamese hair bundles which are soft, silk, thick strong and durable. It is also thanks to the factors in the ability to produce and process Vietnam curly hair in Vietnamese hair factories.

  • Vietnam curly hair is thick, soft and silky: This item is thick, soft, and silky because of the mild climate, natural human characteristics, and hair care routine of Vietnamese people. Due to the natural characteristics and climate in Vietnam, Vietnamese women have extraordinarily thick, soft, and silky hair. They properly protected their hair from sunlight and have not treated their hair with heat or chemicals. Moreover, Vietnamese women usually use shampoos formulated with natural herbs like locust, holy basil, skin pomelo, etc. to care for their hair. Additionally, they avoid fast food and other bad diets that can worsen the condition of their hair.
  • Vietnam curly hair is strong and has high durability: it retains the natural strength of Vietnamese hair even when styled with heat or chemicals with a proper caring routine. It can hold the style for a long time. For example, these products can have a life span of up to 15 years with proper care.
  • Vietnam curly hair is renowned for its extraordinary length: Vietnamese hair is renowned for its extraordinary length. Vietnamese people still maintain the custom of growing long hair and some of them have never even had their hair cut. These Vietnamese hair extensions with lengths up to 36 inches are therefore unique to Vietnam and difficult to find in other nations. That is why many people look for hair products that have long, bouncy, and smooth hair to cover their short hair defects.
  • Vietnamese hair factories can supply large quantities of high-quality hair curls: Thanks to abundant domestic raw materials and skilled workers, Vietnamese hair factories are able to supply large quantities of hair products while maintaining high quality.

The beautiful texture, exceptional durability, and extraordinary length make Vietnamese hair one of the most sought-after hair types in the world hair market.


Vietnamese people’s healthy diets and lifestyle contribute to their hair being strong and tangle-free


Vietnamese curly hair is renowned for its extraordinary length

3. Classifications of Vietnamese curly hair

Depending on each factory, there will be different ways of classifying Vietnamese curly hair products. However, in general, the main way to classify Vietnamese curly hair is by style.
Among many different Vietnamese curly hairstyles, below are the top 3 curly hairstyles that are currently popular, which are: Bouncy curls, pixie curls and twist curls.

3.1. Bouncy Curls – one of the most popular types of Vietnamese curly hair

If you are Vietnamese curly hair addicted, you should at least once in your life give bouncy curls a try. They produce such a significant amount of hair volume while still giving you a delicate appearance that no other styles could.

Bouncy curls are quite popular in Nigeria. 2 years ago was the booming time of bouncy curls, and it still retains certain popularity now.


Vietnam curly hair: Bouncy Curls

3.2. Pixie Curls – one of the most popular types of Vietnamese curly hair

Pixie curls is regarded as the queen of Vietnamese Curly Hair Extension. Pixie curls are less dense than kinky curls but smaller than bouncy ones. Vietnamese curly pixie is there to give the hair its voluminous and bouncy appearance.

Pixie curl has always been popular and trendy, especially in the African market. Pixie curls have an outstanding advantage which is easy to care for, long life span, curls are less stretched after a long time of use. Pixie curls are both beautiful and economical, so they are very highly appreciated by hair lovers.


Vietnam curly hair: Pixie Curls

3.3. Twist Curls – one of the most popular types of Vietnamese curly hair

The three most beautiful curly hairstyles have to be twist curls. Twist curl looks quite strange and trendy in many markets around the world. Countries that are predominantly American and African favor this style of curl. They look so incredibly full and gorgeous when attached to your hair.

Besides the three hairstyles mentioned above, there are some other Vietnam curly hairstyles that you can refer to,  which  are: funmi curls, water curly, kinky (similar to pixie), etc.


Vietnamcurly hair: Twist Curls

4. Something to be noted when buying Vietnamese curly hair

Checking whether the Vietnam curly hair you’ve bought is of good quality and how to take care of it will be much easier with the following suggestions.

4.1. Some tips to check the quality of Vietnamese curly hair

Although Vietnam curly hair is of good quality, there may still be unreputable hair vendors that sell customers products that are not really Vietnamese hair with poor quality. There are some tips for you to check whether the hair products are of good quality or not like checking by smelling or by stroking:

  • If the product has an unpleasant odor and does not go away after many washes, it is most likely that the product has been treated with harmful chemicals.
  • By stroking your fingertips from light to strong across the hair bundles, you can detect hair loss.
  • Gently stroke the hair to see if the color disappears rapidly; if the color remains on your hands, it will fade away soon. However, usually, Vietnamese hair factories do not produce dyed Vietnamese curly hair products because dyeing can weaken the hair.

By smelling test or stroking, you can initially check the quality of hair you received. However, with high-quality hair, you also need to take care of it properly so that it can last for a long time. Move to the next section for ways to care for Vietnamese curly hair.

Please be noted: Straight, wavy and curly hair types, although listed with the same length, will actually have different lengths. For example, 16-inch Vietnamese curly hair will be shorter than 16-inch natural wavy and 16-inch natural straight hair. 16 inches is actually the length of the hair before curling.


By stroking your fingertips from light to strong across the hair bundles, you can detect hair loss

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4.2. Ways to care for Vietnamese curly hair

There are some rules that you must remember when taking care of Vietnamese curly hair to make your hair last longer, which are washing the hair with cold water and special shampoo, use with-tooth comb, choosing right sleep routine and natural treatment.

  • Wash the hair in a proper way: Only wash the hair with cold water and conditioner and shampoo which are specifically designed for curly hair.
  • Choose the right comb or brush: a wide-tooth comb is recommended. To prevent breakage, try combing or brushing curly hair while you’re in the shower.
  • Apply pineapple sleep routine for curly hair: The pineapple method is an essential element of the Vietnam curly hair sleep routine, according to hair experts. Make a loose ponytail or a bun out of all the hair on top of the head. Your hair and the pillowcase will have less friction this way. You should also swap your cotton pillows with satin or silk ones.
  • Use natural treatments for Vietnamese Curly Hair: Make a hair mask of natural ingredients such as eggs, olive oil, and mayonnaise to apply to your hair. While eggs provide your hair with protein, mayonnaise gives the dry curls moisture and gloss. Vitamins B, E, and healthy fats are abundant in avocados. A ripe avocado should be mashed with olive oil and honey. This type of mask is also good for your curly hair.

With the tips mentioned above, your curly hair will last longer than and you will save so much cost on your hair.


Choose the right comb or brush: a wide-tooth comb is recommended


Use Natural Treatments for Vietnamese Curly Hair

5. Reliable places to buy high-quality Vietnamese curly hair

To help you avoid wasting time and money on unreliable hair vendors, here are some suggestions for you so that you can buy Vietnam curly hair with the best quality and price.

5.1. Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the leading hair vendors in Vietnam where you can buy high-quality Vietnamese wavy hair. You can shop with confidence when buying from them. For more information about Vietnamese human hair factories, click here:

  • Main products: weft hair (natural/bone straight, wavy and curly), closures, and frontals
  • Price: reasonable, from $13.5 for 100g curly hair 8″, natural color
  • Returns & exchanges: accepted.

Go for Vin Hair vendor if you are looking for Vietnamese wavy hair of high quality at a reasonable price. You will have excellent experience when shopping at Vin Hair Vendor.


One of the top Vietnamese hair suppliers of high-quality curly Vietnamese hair to the global hair market is MCSARA. MCSARA products satisfy the needs of clients worldwide while maintaining the softness and suppleness of natural Vietnamese hair.

  • Main products: weft (natural straight, wavy, curly), wigs
  • Price: $17.7 – $132.1 for 100g curly hair – deep curly – brown color
  • Returns and exchanges are allowed

MCSARA is really a reliable address for you to order beautiful Vietnam curly hair.


MCSARA – a reliable place to buy Vietnam curly hair

5.3. 5S Hair

5S Hair is one of the greatest options to meet your needs if you’re looking for a reliable Vietnamese hair supplier of high-quality hair curls.

  • Main products: raw bulk hair, hair weft, wavy, curly pixie,…but no hair wigs
  • Price: $11.7 – 82.5$ for 100g tip twist curl (8’’ – 30’’)
  • Returns and exchanges are allowed

Due to their superior quality goods and reasonable prices, 5S Hair is an ideal choice for people who are just entering the hair industry and are looking for top Vietnamese suppliers.


5S Hair – a reliable place to buy hair with curly textures.

5.4. Mic Hair

Mic Hair, a leading provider of superior Vietnam curly hair for the previous ten years, can be the best ideal business partner.

  • Products: Vietnamese straight, wavy, curly hair in various lengths and colors
  • Price: $22 – $77.5 for 100g double drawn curly weave (10’’ – 32’’)
  • Returns and exchanges are allowed

With their hair products, Mic hair will undoubtedly be a terrific partner and won’t make you unsatisfied.


Mic Hair – a reliable place to buy Vietnamese hair curls

5.5. Jen Hair

Since 1995, Jenhair has been one of the first Vietnamese hair suppliers that sell Vietnamese hair extensions. Jen Hair has expanded from a small hair shop to one of the biggest Vietnamese hair suppliers of premium hair curls.

  • Products: frontals, closures, hair weft, bulk hair and Vietnamese hair extensions in different designs and colors.
  • Price: 18$ – $63.6 for 100g curl tip
  • Returns and exchanges are allowed

Jen Hair is among the most dependable Vietnamese hair vendors for you to buy double drawn Vietnamese hair of high quality with confidence.


Jen Hair – a reliable place to buy Vietnam curly hair

5.6. K-Hair

K-Hair is a hair supplier that receives a lot of attention from consumers around the world for its affordable, high-quality Vietnam curly hair.

  • Products: hair weft, wavy, curly, closures & frontals…
  • Price: $12.4 – $68.8 for 100g deep twist curl (8’’ – 30’’)
  • Return policy: Every purchase is final. K-Hair will only deliver your purchase to the agency once you are pleased with it after conducting an online check.

If you need high-quality Vietnam hair items at a reasonable price, K-hair can be one of the best choices.

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