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Update: 12/01/2024

Vietnamese hair suppliers are renowned in the world market for providing premium hair to the world market. For the top 10 Vietnamese hair factories, keep reading.

Besides the hair factories in China and India, Vietnamese hair suppliers are becoming more and more popular and famous for providing high-quality products at affordable prices. This article will give you all the information you need to know about them.

1. Must-know things about Vietnamese hair suppliers

In recent days, the world hair industry is growing rapidly, which leads to more and more countries participating in this fertile market. Vietnam is one of the first countries to set foot in this market and hair suppliers have received the attention of many resellers.

Vietnamese hair suppliers are individuals or groups of individuals or businesses formed by 2-3 moderators that supply hair products to the hair market. Hair products are popular and have the potential for the hair industry.


Hair products supplied by Vietnamese are popular and have the potential for the hair industry


Shiny beautiful black bone straight, no shedding, no tangle


“Why is Vietnamese hair good?” is always a question that many people are interested in when talking about this potential hair market. Hair suppliers in Vietnam get hair from high-quality traditional Vietnamese hair, so the hair products have outstanding characteristics and quality.

  • Hair is taken from 100% Vietnamese women living in the mountains and highlands, where the climate is mild, the hair grows healthy, shiny and cared for with natural herbs, avoiding chemicals. Almost the oldest hair businessman in the world agreed raw Vietnamese hair is the best choice. They always looking for raw Vietnamese hair vendor who can supply high-quality raw Vietnamese hair to be their partner.
  • Hair products from raw Vietnamese hair vendors are mainly Vietnam remy hair (hair from 2-3 donors) which is carefully selected so that there is a certain similarity in hair quality and color, to bring the best quality products, unlike hair in other countries is taken from 5 – 10 donors.

Origin reflects the quality. With a clear and high-quality source, Vietnamese hair suppliers’ hair products are increasingly loved and sought after.


Vin Hair bone straight in different trending colors

1.2. Vietnamese hair suppliers provide premium hair extensions

  • Vietnamese human hair suppliers offer hair products made of raw Vietnamese hair which are strong, shiny, soft, and smooth thanks to a hair care routine with natural herbal and without chemicals, the diet and the natural characteristics of Vietnamese people.
  • Because natural hair materials are inherently straight and smooth, Vietnam human hair products are very flexible in styling and coloring. After styling the hair still retains its strength.
  • Hair supplied by Vietnamese hair factories is very durable, can last from 5-8 years with good care. Unlike hair products in other countries, which quickly break off and only last 6-10 months.



With the above features and outstanding quality, buying from Vietnamese hair vendors will definitely not disappoint you.


Hair suppliers in Vietnam provide products with outstanding characteristics and quality

1.3. Type of Vietnamese hair suppliers

There are 3 main types of human hair suppliers in Vietnam: factories and commercial companies. Most Vietnamese hair vendors claim to be direct hair factories but they are in fact commercial companies.

  • The factory is a direct hair production facility, they have factories, machinery, tools and equipment, and highly skilled workers to produce hair.
  • Vietnamese hair suppliers who are commercial companies are actually hair distributors or sellers. They buy hair products from hair factories and sell them to smaller distributors or provide them directly to consumers.

Buy from each type of Vietnamese hair supplier will have different advantages and disadvantages:

  • Hair factories often have more stable hair quality because they can control the quality of inputs, and their product price is also cheaper because they don’t go through any intermediaries. However, because this type of Vietnamese hair suppliers only focuses on production, the steps related to marketing, customer care, and support after purchase will not be as professional and meticulous as those of commercial companies.
  • In contrast, commercial companies have to buy hair from hair factories so hair quality can vary depending on the time, and be unstable, maybe they buy hair from many Vietnamese hair vendors so the hair quality is also different. Their price is also more expensive because they are commercial intermediaries. However, they also often have many incentive programs. They will have more professional customer service than factories, staff are always enthusiastic and ready to answer questions for customers.

Depending on the needs and situation of your business, you can choose the type of hair supplier suitable for your company that helps your company achieve more profits.


Buy hair directly from factory will get highest profit

2. Popular products of Vietnamese hair suppliers

Vietnamese hair vendors provide diverse products, outstanding quality, and great economic potential, attracting and satisfying many customers no matter how difficult they may be.


Bouncy curly hair is available in all colors

Vietnam hair suppliers provide a wide variety of product lines, but the most popular and outstanding are the products: raw hair bundles, weft hair, clip-in, tape-in, tip-in.


Vin Hair small curly weft hair

  • Bulk hair: Hair after being collected will be bundled into bundles. Wholesalers love this product because it retains the strong points of Vietnamese hair, which is unprocessed hair, so they can buy it and add some processing steps to create the desired hairstyle and provide it to customers.
  • Hair weft: Weft hair supplied by Vietnamese hair suppliers is a bundle of hair strands that have been stitched or taped onto a thin cloth strip. Weft hair is often used since it is convenient, versatile, and safe for working with thin, short hair. In Africa, weft hair is a very popular product. Africans often have thin and short hair, so they often use weft hair to have long, thick hair instantly.
  • Clip in, Tape in, Tip in: These products of Vietnamese hair vendors are particularly well-liked by Europeans. People in this area have long but thin hair so they want to find hair products that will add thickness and bounce.  And they also pay special attention to quality, so they look for tape in, tip in, clip in hair products made from high-quality Vietnamese hair.

In addition, Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale also have a wide range of other products to meet and serve the needs of customers in many different regions.


Trendy texture collection from Vin Hair

3. Advantages of buying hair from Vietnamese hair suppliers

Working with Vietnamese hair vendors is the most beneficial for your business. It will bring you high quality hair, competitive price, great experience and convenience.

  • High quality hair: When working with hair suppliers in Vietnam, you will get high-quality Vietnamese human hair which is well-known for exceptional durability and gorgeous appearance.
  • Competitive price: Vietnamese hair vendors offer the most competitive wholesale price in the world hair market. Their products will be worthwhile investment for long term.
  • Convenient order: Many factories in Vietnam have their own shipping lines to numerous countries in the world, making it convenient for international customers to import hair easily and quickly from Vietnam.

With the above advantages, a reputable hair supplier is definitely a potential partner for your business. Working with them will boost both your profit and reputation.


Advantages when buying products from Vietnam hair suppliers

4. Tips to find a reliable Vietnamese hair factory

There are two ways to help you find the best human hair factory in Vietnam that provides high-quality Vietnam hairs products. You can find them through the traditional way or through the Internet.

4.1. Through traditional ways

You can ask the Vietnamese embassies to find the best hair factory in Vietnam. However, you will have to pay a fee for them. Or you can ask relatives in Vietnam to come directly to Vietnam human hair suppliers to check the reliability.


Piano color bone straight 100% human hair

4.2. On the Internet

The second way, you can find the best Vietnamese hair factory with the support of today’s modern Internet technology:

  • The first thing to do is to make a list of Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale suppliers who manufacture your in-need items by searching the items’ names on Google or social media. You can type keywords like “reputable Vietnam hair suppliers, hair suppliers in Vietnam, Vietnam human hair supplier, biggest hair factory in Vietnam, what is the best hair factory in Vietnam”. The top results will usually be large and reputable suppliers, however, you should ignore the ones that appear at the top due to advertising.
  • The second step is to filter out the dependable hair factories in Vietnam with some suggested tips: Check whether them is a real hair factory in Vietnam or not by checking their address on Google Maps. This address must be actual with the company’s name pinned on the maps. Trustworthy Vietnamese hair suppliers should publish specific information about the business, details on products, pricing, and policies on a professional website. Searching for customers’ feedback about human hair suppliers in Vietnam on the Internet, Youtube, Facebook…to exclude Vietnam hair suppliers that receive bad comments.
  • Carefully look over the relevant policies about payment, warranty, and return. It will be risky if a Vietnam hair factory doesn’t have a clear payment and warranty policy and does not accept returns.
  • It is a fact that many Vietnam hair suppliers today are not Vietnam hair manufacturers but only trading intermediaries. A hair factory in Vietnam will give you a better price and more stable quality. You can request them for an immediate video call to determine whether it’s a commercial factory or a commercial supplier. The manufacturer can show you the factory instantly.
  • Those who dodge your questions about product quality but always urge your payment should be excluded from the list.

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The above tips can not help you avoid 100% scammers, but partly minimize the risk of being scammed by unreliable suppliers and help you find the best human hair factory in Vietnam.


How to find a reliable Vietnamese hair factory

To save time searching, here are some reliable Vietnam hair factories that are highly appreciated by consumers around the world thanks to high-quality products and competitive prices:

  1. Vin Hair Vendor
  2. Gla Hair
  3. 2V Hair
  4. Mic Hair
  5. 5S Hair
  6. K-Hair
  7. AZ Hair
  8. Vietnam Remy Hair Company
  9. Cy Hair
  10. Apohair

5.1. Vin Hair Vendor 

Vin Hair Vendor is the most reliable Vietnam hair factory based in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, and has been in the hair industry for over a decade. Their mission is to provide the best quality, price, and service to customers both domestically and internationally. If you are still wondering about “Is Vietnam human hair good or not?”, you can be completely assured of the quality of Vin Hair Vendor’s products.


Vin Hair is one of the best Vietnamese hair supplier

Hair extensions supplied by Vin Hair Vendor are 100% high quality Vietnamese raw virgin human hair which is carefully selected and collected from young Vietnamese women and meticulously produced with skilled workers and advanced technique under strict quality control, ensuring the highest quality extensions to customers.


Lovely feedback from clients of Vin Hair Vendor

In 2015, Vin Hair exported hair extensions to the world the first time and since then, has established a strong reputation in the international hair market. Customers love Vin Hair’ products for exceptional durability, gorgeous appearance and affordable price. Vin Hair has a loyal customer base with customers from many countries around the world. Our major partners are from the USA, the UK, Canada, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Cameroon, Poland,…


Bone straight weft hair from Vin hair vendor is smooth, silky and shiny.


Beautiful bone straight natural color from Vin Hair

Hair bundles of Vin Hair Vendor is one of the most popular products with hair distributors and retailers.


High quality piano bone straight from Vin Hair

If you are a wholesaler or distributor in the hair market and are looking for Vietnamese hair vendors to buy high-quality Vietnam hairs at a competitive price, this Vietnam human hair factory is a smart choice for your business.

CONTACT VIN HAIR VENDOR NOW for the best deal of the year:

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Hotdeal for wholesale order from Vin Hair

Don’t hesitate, contact to Ms Ella, manager of Vin hair vendor through Whatsapp at +84356665661 to get the best offer today.

5.2. Gla Hair

Established in 2013, Gla Hair is one of the first and largest hair suppliers in Vietnam with good quality and reasonable price. They have a large number of customers and partners around the world, especially in the European market.

  • The main products of this Vietnam hair factory are bulk hair weft hair, clip-in, tape-in, and tip-in with a variety of colors, textures, and hair lengths.
  • Wholesalers will find the rates affordable in this hair supplier. The most basic luxurious hair bulk 16-inch costs only $45 per bundle. Customers are routinely offered a wide range of discounts and special promotions.
  • Relevant policy: Returns and exchanges are accepted
  • Gla Hair offers customizable options because we have a 1,000-square-meter plant in Vietnam where they directly make and sell hair products to their customers. Furthermore, they are capable of meeting all of your needs with the shortest manufacturing time and the best quality standards.

Gla Hair constantly strives on the path to becoming the best Vietnamese hair vendor, especially in the premium quality wholesale Vietnamese hair market.

Some main products of Gla Hair

Some main products of Gla Hair

5.3. 2V Hair

2V Hair is a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier of high-quality hair extensions, renowned for its exceptional product quality and customer-centric approach. 2V Hair’s main market is African countries with hundreds of large partners.

  • Product range: 2V Hair offers 100% Vietnamese raw hair extensions of high quality, main products include bulk hair, weft hair, hair extensions, closure&frontal.
  • Hair quality: This Vietnam hair supplier procures hair from Vietnamese donors and processes it minimally to maintain its inherent qualities, thus producing extensions that integrate seamlessly, by its commitment to authenticity. Their hair is known for its natural shine, softness, and durability.
  • Competitive pricing: At 2V Hair Factory, you can expect to get the greatest prices on the market without sacrificing quality. They provide wholesale prices for mass orders, allowing you to increase your profit margins, from just $88 for 1kg of 8 inch bulk raw hair. Whether you are a salon owner or a retailer, 2V Hair Factory has cheap choices to fit your needs.
  • Customer service: They maintain effective communication with clients, promptly attend to queries, and ensure a smooth ordering and delivery process by utilizing a responsive and committed team.

Being the epitome of superior product quality and customer service, 2V Hair is a Vietnamese hair factory to meets all your hair requirements.

Some outstanding products of 2V Hair

Some outstanding products of 2V Hair

5.4. Mic Hair

Mic Hair is a Vietnamese hair factory that has specialized in the global trade of raw hair, virgin hair, and Vietnam hairs for over 10 years.

  • Products: bulk hair, closure, and frontal are the main products of this Vietnam hair factory. In addition to natural traditional Vietnamese human hair color, Mic Hair also offers a variety of colors for customers.
  • Price: from 7.7$ /100gr bulk hair and from $12.9/100gr other types
  • Relevant policy: Returns are accepted within 30 days from receipt. For customized products, exchanges and returns are not accepted
  • Customer Reviews: This Vietnamese hair vendor receives many good feedbacks from customers. Most of them are satisfied with hair extensions of Mic Hair and believe that prices are commensurate with the quality

Mic Hair – Top best-reviewed Vietnamese hair vendor

5.5. 5S Hair

If you’re searching for a high-quality Vietnamese hair supplier, 5S Hair Factory is one of the best suppliers can meet your requirements.

  • Main products: most types of hair extensions such as weft hair, raw bulk hair, wavy curly pixie,…exclude wigs. All products are guaranteed to be high-quality Vietnamese human hair.
  • Price: in low segment price in Vietnam as well as in the global market. From 8.8$ for 100gr 8’’ natural straight hair.
  • Relevant policy: Claims must be made within 2 days of receipt, returns and exchanges are accepted with specific terms
  • Customer Reviews: 5S Hair is of the top Vietnam Hair suppliers which receives many positive feedbacks in 5S Hair Vietnam Reviews about their service and policy. Long shipping time is their minus point.

5S Hair Factory is regarded as one of the best hair Vendors in Vietnam by many experience customers worldwide.


5S Hair – one of the best Vietnam hair suppliers

5.6. K-Hair

With many years of experience in the world hair extensions industry, K-hair is one of the most well-known Vietnam hair manufacturers.

  • Main products of this human hair factory in Vietnam: raw hair, weft hair (bone straight, wavy, curly, closure & frontal)
  • Price: A bit more expensive, from 11.4$ for 100gr 6’’ natural straight hair
  • Relevant policy: Returns and exchanges are accepted only when claims are made within 2 days of receipt and the goods meet specific terms
  • Customer reviews: The hair quality is good, but the minus point of this Vietnamese hair vendor is that the hair has a strong and pungent smell.

These is all honest K-Hair Vietnam Reviews to help you checking whether they are scammer or their quality of hair is good or not. In conclusion, K-Hair is a commercial factory that is not a scammer and their quality is quite unstable because of the difference in material of each order. K-Hair Vietnam is recognized by many customers as the biggest hair factory in Vietnam.


K-Hair – one of the first Vietnam hair suppliers

5.7. AZ Hair

AZ Hair, with more than 15 years of experience in the hair extensions industry, is among the most dependable Vietnamese hair suppliers.

  • Main products: bulk hair, weft hair, closure & frontal
  • Price: competitive, from 11.8$ for 100gr 8’’ bundle
  • Relevant policy: Returns and exchanges are accepted if claims are made within 72 hours of receipt, except for incorrect selection in items, sizes, addresses, designs, etc.

AZ Hair Vietnam Reviews: Az Hair is a Vietnamese hair vendor that is highly appreciated by customers for its good quality and excellent service. However, the dyed hair of AZ Hair sometimes makes customers unsatisfied with the color.


AZ Hair – one of the most reliable hair suppliers in Vietnam

5.8. Vietnam Remy Hair Company

Vietnam Remy Hair Company is often on the list of reputable hair Vietnamese hair vendors.

  • Product range: This hair factory Vietnam offers a variety of Vietnamese hair extensions, from single bundles to full-head sets, allowing customers to choose based on their desired volume and length.
  • Hair quality: Known for their silky-smooth extensions, SilkStrand Hair Emporium ensures that their Vietnam hair is ethically sourced and undergoes rigorous quality checks to meet international standards.
  • Pricing: Starting $34/ per product
  • Customer support: This Vietnam human hair factory values open communication with customers. They provide comprehensive tutorials, styling tips, and a hassle-free return policy, showcasing their dedication to customer support.

Vietnam Remy Hair Company is one of the most reliable hair manufacturers in Vietnam in the industry providing high quality  remy hair extensions.

Vietnam Remy Hair Company regularly updates product information on their instagram

Vietnam Remy Hair Company regularly updates product information on their instagram

5.9. CyHair

CyHair has made a significant impact in the Vietnamese hair extensions industry with a variety of traditional Vietnamese hair textures.

  • Product range: CyHair is a Vietnam hair vendor that focuses mainly on hair closures, frontal, and wigs
  • Hair quality: This Vietnamese human hair wholesale supplier is dedicated to providing premium-grade Vietnamese hair wholesale, ensuring that each strand is carefully selected and processed to maintain its natural characteristics.
  • Pricing: starting from $32/per product
  • Customer support: This Vietnam human hair supplier places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. CyHair offers a user-friendly website, clear product information, and a responsive support team to address customer inquiries.

With many years of experience in the industry, CyHair has built a reputation for prestige and quality, thus always being in the top 10 best hair Vendors in Vietnam.. Customers can trust their products to change their hairstyles with confidence and sophistication.

5.10. Apohair

Apohair is a good choice for those who are looking for a Vietnamese hair factory specializing in providing diverse and high-quality Vietnam hairs.

  • This hair factory Vietnam provides a variety of products: Closure & frontal, hair wigs, raw hair bundles, ….
  • Hair quality: Renowned for its commitment to quality, Apohair sources hair directly from Vietnamese donors. Their extensions are known for their natural luster, minimal shedding, and longevity
  • Pricing: Starting $50/per product
  • Customer support: Apohair excels in customer service, offering personalized consultations to help clients choose the best extensions.

With a reputation for quality products and good customer service, this hair factory in Vietnam deserves to be a reliable Vietnam hair factory for Vietnamese human hair wholesale.

Some best-selling products from Apohair

Some best-selling products from Apohair

6. Some tips get a good deal from Vietnamese hair suppliers

After making a short list of trustworthy human hair suppliers in Vietnam. They may give you different prices and vietnamese hair suppliers, the next thing to do is dealing with Vietnamese hair vendors to give you reasonable prices that fit your budget by some recommended tips:

  • Deal with different sales from the same Vietnamese hair factory. They may give you different prices and one of them may give you the best price.
  • If you claim that the Vietnamese supplier’s price is significantly higher than that of other wholesale hair vendors, they are unlikely to adjust their pricing. Instead, show goodwill to return for future bulk orders if the wholesale hair supplier can you a reasonable price.
  • Suggest them offer you the wholesale price for large quantities. Even when you do not intend to purchase in bulk for the first time, Vietnam human hair suppliers can still give you a trial discount.
  • Hair suppliers in Vietnam usually have incentive programs for loyal buyers, so loyal to 1 or 2 suppliers to get better deals.

The above ways can help you get a good deal from hair suppliers. You can still get high quality hair at the most affordable and affordable price.


Some tips get a good deal from a Vietnam hair factory

7. How to buy hair directly from Vietnam?

Below is the basic process commonly encountered by hair factories in Vietnam, please consider carefully before deciding to purchase.

  1. Step 1: Begin by conducting research and finding credible Vietnam human hair providers. Look for suppliers with excellent feedback, a diverse choice of hair options, and open-sourcing procedures. You can also seek advice from friends or hair professionals. Once you’ve compiled a list of potential suppliers, go to their websites and social media accounts to learn more about their products and services. To obtain an indication of the quality of their hair, look for client feedback and before-and-after images.
  2. Step 2: Determine your hair requirements before contacting Vietnamese hair vendors. Consider the length, color, texture, and style of your desired hair. This will allow you to effectively convey your requirements to vendors and ensure that you get the right goods. Consider your natural hair color and texture to ensure that the hair extensions or wigs blend in with your natural hair. If you are unsure, you might seek advice from a hair specialist.
  3. Step 3: Make contact with hair suppliers in Vietnam. Once you’ve found the Vietnam hair vendors who fit your needs, contact them to learn more about their products and services. You can contact them via their email, website, or phone. Prepare a list of questions to ask when contacting suppliers. Inquire about the sourcing method, hair quality, available options, and any other issues you may have.
  4. Step 4: Proceed to order. It’s time to place your order after gathering all of the relevant information and checking that the Vietnamese hair factory fulfills your specifications. Send your order list to the providers, and they will send you an invoice with the selected hair options, quantities, requirements, fees, and total due.
  5. Step 5: Pay a deposit and wait for production to begin. Before beginning manufacturing, almost all Vietnamese hair vendors will want a deposit of 30-70% of the total amount. They will begin production when you make a deposit. The production time is about 5-7 days.
  6. Step 6: Pay in full and wait for delivery. After you place your order, the providers will email you images and videos of the hair or set up a video call so you may inspect it. If you are satisfied, they will mail it to you; If you are not, they will fix it for free until you are. The delivery time may vary depending on your location and the shipping option selected.

All of the processes listed above are crucial when purchasing hair from hair suppliers in Vietnam.


8. FAQs about Vietnamese hair suppliers

Hair manufacturers in Vietnam always attract a lot of attention and inquiries from customers around the world. To facilitate your understanding of the sector, we shall now respond to the most commonly inquired questions regarding these hair suppliers.

8.1. Should I buy hair from Vietnam hair manufacturers or not?

Customers who know wholesale Vietnamese hair for the first time will certainly be hesitant about purchasing from these suppliers. And reality has shown that Vietnamese hair suppliers have received countless compliments from customers around the world. Vietnam has a stable source of hair and hair of extremely excellent quality. In addition, many hair vendors are direct manufacturers so the prices are extremely competitive on the market. Hair export policies in Vietnam are also very open and convenient, so if these are the criteria you are looking for, hair manufacturers in Vietnam are a very suitable choice.

If you are still wondering the question “What is the best hair factory in Vietnam?” then don’t hesitate to refer to Vin Hair Vendor. This supplier has 10 years of experience in the industry and is continuously recognized as the best Vietnamese hair Vendor by both customers and hair professionals. This Vietnamese hair factory will meet all your requirements, bringing you a wonderful Vietnam hair shopping experience.

8.2. How long does it take to receive hair from Vietnamese hair suppliers?

Delivery time will depend on the shipping service you choose and your location. In general, Vietnamese hair factories have many reputable shipping methods such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and AGENT,… so it will not take too long for the goods to reach you. The average delivery time will be 7-10 days, if you are in Vietnam it will only take about 5 days to receive the goods.

Most Vietnamese hair suppliers ship products quite quickly and reliably

Most Vietnamese hair vendors ship products quite quickly and reliably

8.3. What are the warning indicators of a hair vendor scam?

To protect oneself from fraudulent actions, it is critical to know the indicators of potential scams while dealing with Vietnam hair manufacturers. Here are some red flags to look out for when searching for the best Vietnamese hair vendor:

  • If the pricing appears to be too low for the market, especially for high-quality Vietnam hair products, this is a major warning sign. Scammers often use incredibly cheap pricing to attract buyers to make a transaction.
  • There is no website or social media is a sign of an unreliable supplier. Every major and well-known hair vendor has at least one customer-facing platform. Untrustworthy and amateurish websites are similarly a major detriment.
  • Vietnamese hair suppliers with no or unclear address, email, or phone number information are frequently red flags.
  • Vietnamese hair vendors are untrustworthy if they lack legal company registration paperwork or are unwilling to reveal them to buyers.
  • If a supplier refuses to provide samples or is unwilling to allow you to verify the quality of their items before purchasing in bulk, this is a major red flag.

Consider all criteria carefully to avoid dealing with dishonest vendors and having a bad buying experience.


If you are looking for reputable addresses that provide high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions at the most competitive prices, you cannot miss Vietnamese hair factories. Consider our list of the best Vietnam hair vendors to get the most suitable choice and a satisfying buying experience.

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