Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair which one is better

Update: 07/12/2023

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: Which one is suitable for you? Some interesting information and secrets in this article will help you make the best decision.

Are you ready to start a hair company but unsure if Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair is superior? This post was written to provide you with a complete overview of 2 sources of hair so you can choose the best hair supplier for your hair company.

1. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: Comparison criteria

Indian vs Vietnamese hair, each type of hair has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is difficult to say which hair is superior. However, some general criteria that can be mentioned when comparing Vietnamese hair and Indian hair are the origin of raw material, scale production, price and quality:

  • Origin of raw material: This is a crucial element in determining the product’s quality. Your company’s safety will increase with a clear and secure origin.
  • Scale production: Supply needs to be consistent and always sufficient to satisfy consumer demands in order for there to be long-term partnerships. Therefore, when deciding to continue with a hair manufacturer, scale manufacturing is something to consider.
  • Price: This is a factor you definitely cannot ignore when comparing Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. The affordable price will bring more profit to the business.
  • Features and Quality: Quality hair is always prioritized. The interests of customers must always be taken into consideration for a business to expand.

Above are the criteria to compare Vietnamese hair and Indian hair that you need to consider carefully to choose the right hair source for your business.


Vietnamese Hair Vs Indian Hair Which one is better


Comparison criteria of Vietnamese hair and Indian hair

2. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: the origin of raw materials

It’s well known that the two countries with the highest global hair supply are Vietnam and India. However, not everyone is aware of where these two varieties of hair came from. This section will compare the hair origin of raw materials between these two countries.

Vietnamese hair Indian hair
Vietnamese hair comes from 100% hair of Vietnamese women living in the mountains and highlands Indian hair comes from Temple hair (hair comes from Indian temples) and hairballs (hair collected from salon floors, floors, public baths, etc.)

Vietnamese hair comes from a clear origin, Indian hair is collected from many public places, by many people, so the quality is difficult to guarantee. If you want clear and transparent hair origin, then Vietnamese hair is the preferred choice. If you want to know more about Vietnamese hair, then visit the website:


Indian hair taken from Temple hair


The origin of Indian hair

3. Scale production of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

Scale production is one of the most important factors when comparing Vietnamese hair and Indian hair. Vietnam and India hair factories are both small and medium-sized with mid-range machinery technology.

3.1. Scale production of Vietnamese hair factory

Vietnamese hair manufacturers place greater emphasis on manufacturing in a manageable number since it allows them to keep better track of and manage hair products.

  • There are only roughly 30–40 hair manufacturers in Vietnam; the remainder is trade companies. There are trade villages where the production of hair is the main industry. These are family companies, and their relatives work there. Although not too massive, wholesale hair factory in Vietnam have enough space to fulfil big orders. In Vietnam, a wholesale hair factory can export about 1 ton of hair on average every month. It will take 7–10 days to obtain the item if the consumer cannot purchase it from the stock.
  • Each Vietnamese hair factory has between 80 and 150 people. Vietnamese hair suppliers’ labour conditions and technological capabilities are likewise becoming better over time. Because hairdressing has a long history in Vietnam, the employees at hair factories are highly competent.
  • Technology and machinery in Vietnamese hair suppliers are not too modern, on average.  Given that most factories in Vietnam process by hand, the quality is consistent. Additionally, because the hair is processed in these facilities without the use of excessive chemicals, the final product is of great quality and preserves its original characteristics.

Vietnam’s scale production is generally not too big, but it is still sufficient to satisfy both domestic and international firms with excellent and consistent quality when comparing Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair.


Vietnamese hair factory

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3.2. Scale production of Indian hair factory

The production output of hair from hair vendors in India is quite low due to the country’s still-retrograde industrial technology in general and the hair business in particular, as well as the poor quality of the country’s hair, which requires extensive processing.

  • There are about 150-200 hair factories in India, most of which are medium or small workshops. The production of a hair factory of Indian vs Vietnamese hair is relatively the same due to the advantages of a huge population and an abundance of raw materials (1-2 ton per month).
  • Each Indian hair factory has about 50-150 workers. Similar to Vietnam, India benefits from a sizable population and is cheap. Most of the workers of hair vendors in India are women, but their skills are not high.
  • Technology and machinery in Indian hair factories are backward. The majority are labor-intensive and hand-processed, necessitating frequent export to China and Southeast Asian nations for further processing steps. resulting in even lower quality.

Because hair production techniques are still out of date, and skilled workers are not high, India’s hair production capacity has not yet reached a level that matches the promise of the country’s abundant raw resources. When comparing the quality of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair, this is what Vietnam beats India.


Indian hair factory

4. The features and quality of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

When it comes to features and quality, Vietnamese hair and Indian hair products, Vietnam is in many respects superior to Indian hair. We will base on the criteria: texture, shape, appearance and lifespan to evaluate the characteristics and quality of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair.

Vietnamese hair Indian hair
Texture soft, silky, natural black, thin, shiny and straight hair The hot, dry environment of the nation has caused the hair to be naturally curly, dry, and coarse, weak, shed easily when brushing hair, weaker when coloring, styling
  • thick, yet not rough or abrasive.
  • Vietnamese hair may be fashioned in a multitude of ways due to its naturally straight structure, including water waves, deep curls, and even coils and kinks.
  • Customers may restyle their hair and keep its shine and strong even if it has already been done.
  • usually short and thick, tangled
  • can only perform specific techniques, such as stretching and dying, but the product’s quality is poor.
Appearance The hairs follow a certain hair stream, into smooth lines. Hair color is standard, uniform and long-lasting Frizzy, dry, and not able to maintain style or color for very long
Lifespan 2-5 years 1-2 years

It can be seen that in all aspects, Vietnamese hair is superior to Indian hair, more durable, stronger and better styled. However, high quality also requires a higher price. The next part will compare the price of Vietnamese hair and Indian hair.

5. The price of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

Price is the first consideration for merchants before product quality. The cost of Vietnamese hair and Indian hair varies slightly as a result of the distinction in the aforementioned criteria.

Weft hair Clip in hair Tape in hair Closure 4*4
Vietnamese hair from 90USD/kg from 250USD/kg from 270USD/kg from 23USD/piece
Indian hair from 70USD/kg from 230USD/kg from 250USD/kg from 20USD/piece

Since Vietnamese hair is of much higher quality than Indian hair for the same hair type, Vietnamese hair is a bit more expensive when comparing the price of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. Also, Vietnam has a border with China, which has the most established import-export market in the world. As a result, hair from Vietnam may go through China to other nations without being delayed, making it more affordable for high-quality hair.


Price of Indian hair is lower than Vietnamese hair

6. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: Who wins

The comparison chart below will help you better grasp the benefits and drawbacks when contrasting Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair, summarizing what has already been spoken.

Vietnamese hair Indian hair
Supply Sufficient to satiate both home and foreign demand Abundant supply


Origin Clear origin Mixed origin
Production time 7-10 days No need to wait
Price Reasonable price A little lower than Vietnam
Quality Top quality in the world Low average quality
Durability 2-5 years 1-2 years

It is clear from the examination of the aforementioned table that Vietnamese hair is suited for consumers in price-conscious countries like America and Europe who have high standards for both quality and value. Indian hair, on the other hand, is ideal for individuals who are simply concerned with pricing and large profit.

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