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Top 10 Best Suppliers Providing Vietnamese Hair Wholesale


Vietnamese hair wholesale is opening up a lot of potential for the hair industry. This article will reveal new updates about the top 10 best hair suppliers.

In the hair industry, Vietnamese hair wholesale is famous for superior quality and reasonable prices. Find out the characteristics that make Vietnamese wholesale hair so sought after in the world market and the top reliable hair suppliers to buy it from below.

1. Vietnamese hair wholesale has outstanding features

Vietnam hair wholesale is no longer a weird source of supplies for wholesale hair extension suppliers. Wholesale Vietnam hair is highly appreciated in the hair market because of its high-quality raw materials and outstanding characteristics.


1.1. High-quality and clear origin raw materials

Vietnam wholesale hair has raw materials that come mostly from rural or mountain women in the country’s northern regions. The average age of these women ranges from 18 to 35 and they maintain a healthy lifestyle. Vietnam wholesale hair has high-quality raw materials thanks to the country’s mild environment, minimal exposure to sunshine, and use of natural ingredients like pomelo and locust.

1.2. Exceptional quality

Vietnamese wholesale hair is famous for hair that is soft, strong, durable, natural black and straight and have exceptional durability:

  • Natural black and straight: Vietnam hair wholesale has natural black, long and straight hair due to the natural characteristics of Vietnamese people and the habit of washing hair with herbal ingredients.
  • Flexibility in coloring and styling: Thanks to the naturally straight texture and inherent softness of the hair material, it is easy to style and color. Vietnamese hair wholesale has many styles: bone straight, wavy, curly, deep curly… and many color: red, ombre, blue, blonde…
  • Strong and durable: Vietnam hair wholesale has strong and durable hair that can last up to 5 years with good care.

With a source of high-quality materials and outstanding features, Vietnam hair wholesale is an increasingly popular and sought-after hair source in the hair market.

2. Buying Vietnamese hair wholesale is beneficial

Vietnam hair wholesale will bring a lot of profit to your company because it is high quality, affordable, easy to import and low risk.

  • Vietnam hair wholesale products are made of high-quality Vietnamese human hair. Especially virgin hair ( hair from one donor of the highest quality) is hair that can only be found in the Vietnamese market but cannot be found in other countries.
  • Vietnamese hair wholesale has affordable prices for high quality because Vietnam is a country with an abundant source of hair materials with cheap skilled labor. At the same price, when you buy Vietnam hair wholesale, you will get much better quality and service than buying wholesale hair from other countries. Having a source of affordable hair with high quality will help your company increase profits and attract customers.
  • It’s now very simple, quick, and convenient to import wholesale hair from Vietnam. Many Vietnamese wholesale hair manufacturers have their own shipping channels for hair to key consumer markets including South Africa, the US,… You may make an order and have it delivered right to your home in a short amount of time.
  • Vietnam is a country with a stable political economy. Hair factories in Vietnam that want to export goods to foreign countries need a business registration license and legal information. That will help you reduce the risk when buying Vietnamese wholesale hair from Vietnamese hair suppliers.

With the above advantages, buying Vietnamese wholesale hair is definitely the most valuable source of hair that brings high efficiency to your business.

Advantages of buying Vietnam hair wholesale
Advantages of buying Vietnam hair wholesale

3. Facts to know about Vietnamese hair wholesale vendors

Vietnam hair wholesale vendors in Vietnam are mainly trading companies, have very few factories, and their main source of raw materials is Vietnamese Remy hair:

  • In Vietnam, there are very few Vietnamese wholesale hair manufacturers and the majority of Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers are commercial enterprises. Wholesale hair manufacturers in Vietnam are direct hair factories, they are usually excellent in producing and supplying specific types of products and consistent quality. Commercial companies, also known as commercial intermediaries, import goods from factories and then supply them to customers. Products of a trading enterprise will change from time to time because they depend on sources of raw materials.
  • The main source of raw materials for hair manufacturers in Vietnam is Remy hair (hair from 2-3 donors with high similarity in quality). Vietnam has a long tradition of hairdressing and experience, so skilled workers can select Remy hair with the same quality as virgin hair (hair from one donor).
  • Some Vietnamese hair wholesalers can mix human hair with synthetic hair so you need to be careful to research before buying. It is best to find a reputable factory and work with the factory to have a stable source of quality.
  • The delivery time of wholesale Vietnamese hair vendors might be 3-5 days delayed, so you should make plans to avoid missing any work.

Knowing the truth about the hair factory mentioned above, you can avoid unnecessary risks and find a place that supplies high quality Vietnamese wholesale hair at a good price.

Facts to know about Vietnamese hair factories wholesale
Facts to know about Vietnamese hair factories wholesale

4. Important factors affecting Vietnamese hair wholesale prices

There are many factors that affect the price of Vietnam hair wholesale. One of the most important factors is: length, grade, style and color.

4.1. Hair length

When buy Vietnamese hair in bulk, the longer hair you need, the more money you’ll have to spend. Vietnamese human hair is sourced from highland ladies with long hair, so all length demands can be fulfilled. Normally, Vietnam hair wholesalers provide lengths from 8-30 inches.

4.2. Grade of hair

Wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam place a high value on quality. There are a number of ways to evaluate the quality of Vietnamese hair, but three fundamental quality categories based on the uniformity of hair length are used to ensure consistency.

  • Single drawn: With around 50-55% of the same-length hair, this one is the least expensive.
  • Double drawn: For this type of hair, Vietnamese hair wholesale factories typically use 70-75% hair that is the same length.
  • Super double drawn: This is the highest level and most expensive one, ensuring the maximum fullness with 90-95% of hair that is the same length.

Double drawn hair is the best selling grade because it is affordable and the quality is still suitable for the needs of many customers.

The grade of Vietnamese hair
The grade of Vietnamese hair

4.3. Other factors

Some other factors also affect the price when buy Vietnamese hair in bulk which includes the raw materials, hairstyles, and colors,…

  • The price of Vietnamese hair wholesale depends on the material of the hair: human hair or synthetic hair. Currently, there are some suppliers that mix human hair with synthetic hair, so the price will be cheaper.
  • The prices of wholesale Vietnamese hair also change depending on the style of the hair extensions. For example, the price of weft hair will be different from tip hair, tape-ins or clip-ins. From $10 for double-drawn natural Vietnamese weft hair, and from $12 for natural Clip in hair extensions.
  • Color also affects the price of Vietnamese human hair wholesale. Colors that need bleaching or dyeing are more expensive than those that don’t need bleaching or are darker.

Each of the above factors determines the price of Vietnamese hair wholesle. When buying Vietnmamese hair wholesale, you should pay attention to the above factors to choose the right product for your budget.

Other factors affect the price of Vietnam hair wholesale
Other factors affect the price of Vietnam hair wholesale

5. Tips to find reliable Vietnamese hair wholesale factories

You must first choose a trustworthy supplier in order to have a source of high-quality wholesale Vietnam hair. Finding a reliable Vietnamese manufacturer may be done through the traditional way or the Internet. Each way will have advantages and disadvantages.

5.1. Through the traditional way

If you are looking for a reliable Vietnamese hair manufacturer, you should contact the local embassies. However, this method will be costly. Or, you can ask a friend or relative living in Vietnam to help you go to the factory to check their reliability. This method costs money but is the safest way to find a reputable factory.

5.2.  Through Internet

The second method, you can find a reliable Vietnamese hair vendor to buy Vietnamese hair in bulk through Internet:

  • Search for information: Use Google or social networking platforms and you can type: where to buy Vietnamese wholesale hair, Vietnam hair wholesale vendor, Vietnam hair wholesale hair factories to obtain as many suggestions for trustworthy wholesale Vietnamese hair suppliers as you can. Top suggestions are suppliers you can add to your list.
  • Look up the address of the Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier on Google maps to verify whether it is a real factory or a fake one.
  • Vietnamese human hair wholesale factories that are trustworthy are going to be forthright and transparent about their company, catalogs of items, price lists, order and delivery rules, customer feedback, and evaluations…
  • Request more information: Trusted vendors always know precisely what they’re selling and are fast to respond to your questions.
  • How to find the best hair vendor for your business? You can Check out online and social media reviews from previous customers to see what they had to say about the Vietnam hair wholesale suppliers to choose the best one.
  • Request a video call with representatives to see whether it’s a manufacturing company or a commercial vendor. If they can show you the factory without hesitation they are a factory.

The methods listed above may assist you in finding a reliable Vietnamese hair extensions manufacturer. Depending on your requirements and situations, you should choose the suitable way for you.

How to find reliable Vietnam hair wholesale factories
How to find reliable Vietnam hair wholesale factories

6. Process of buying Vietnamese hair wholesale

Some of the most important steps of processing to buy Vietnamese hair in bulk are choosing a reliable hair factory, choosing products, getting quotations, confirming invoices and making payment.

  • Choose the most potential wholesale hair factory to buy Vietnamese hair in bulk.
  • Make a list of the Vietnamese hair products you need for your company and send it to the manufacturer so they can give you a quotation.
  • Confirm invoice: The wholesale hair factory in Vietnam will calculate the price of products, shipping charges, and related fees, and make an invoice and send it to you.
  • Deposit payment (about 50%) to start ordering Vietnamese hair wholesale.
  • Shipment: Requires a video call to check the quality and quantity of your order before shipping. If you are happy with it, you pay the remaining amount, they will ship it to you. Delivery time is from 5 to 12 days, depending on your purchase and where you live.

7. Some recommended Vietnamese hair wholesale factories

If you’re looking for the top Vietnamese human hair wholesale companies in Vietnam, we’ve put together a list of some of the best that are famous for high-quality hair at reasonable prices. Listed below are the most dependable raw hair vendors you can refer to.

7.1. Vin Hair Vendor

Vin hair vendor is one of the largest Vietnamese wholesale hair factories and outperforms other companies in all aspects. With more than 10 years of experience in the hair industry, Vin hair vendor now has a strong and important position in the domestic and global hair market.

About Vin Hair Vendor
About Vin Hair Vendor – The best wholesale Vietnamese hair factory
Hair bundles from Vin hair vendor
Hair bundles from Vin hair vendor

This is a very attractive promotion, isn’t it? If so, pick your favourite now. Don’t hesitate to get the best deal today; contact Vin hair vendor via Whatsapp at +8435 6665661 (Ms Ella).

7.2. Mic Hair

Mic Hair has worked in the hair industry for many years and conducted extensive research. Mic Hair is one of the best Vietnam hair wholesale vendors, and knows about customer wants and expectations.

  • Products: bulk hair, weave hair, closure and frontal, and other hair extension types: clip ins, tape ins…
  • Price: The price of this Vietnam hair wholesale vendor is affordable with good value. $10.2 for 100g 8 inch single drawn type 2 straight
  • Policy: Returns within 30 days. Customized hair products cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • Delivery time: 7 – 14 days after payment is received.

Buy Vietnamese hair in bulk from Mic Hair is a wonderful option if you’re looking to start a hair business.

Mic Hair - Top best Vietnam hair wholesale factories
Mic Hair – Top best Vietnam hair wholesale factories

Some topics that might interest you:

7.3. Cyhair

CyHair – a hair wholesale company from Vietnam, is a professional manufacturer of human hair products, combining R&D, design, and manufacturing with sales and services.

  • Products: This Vietnam hair wholesale vendor offers a lot of styles and colors to choose from: tip hair, tape hair, closure, frontal, micro ring, ponytail…
  • Price: The price is very reasonable. $9.3 for 100g 8 inch Remy hair single drawn
  • Policy: Exchange and refund within 15 days after receiving the items
  • Delivery time: 5-10 days

Cyhair offers high-quality hair at a reasonable price, making it a great choice for those who are looking to buy Vietnamese hair in bulk.

Cyhair - Top best hair wholesale factories in Vietnam
Cyhair – Top best hair wholesale factories in Vietnam

7.4. AZ Hair

AZ Hair is an esteemed vendor recognized for its dedication to delivering Vietnamese hair wholesale.

  • AZ Hair is famous for providing high-quality Vietnamese hair that retains its authentic aspect and texture. AZ Hair provides an extensive selection of long hairstyles, including straight, wavy, and curly hair, and satisfies all the specifications for colors.
  • Pricing begins at $18 per 100g 10″ bundle. The well-informed and accommodating staff provides support to purchasers by aiding them in the process of selecting extensions that align with their individual preferences and requirements.

By providing Vietnamese hair extensions, AZ Hair has established a dependable standing on the market due to its superior customer service and product quality.

7.5. HVM Hair Company

HVM Hair Company is a trusted source of high-quality Vietnamese hair wholesale.

  • Range of products: HVM Hair Company offers 100% natural Vietnamese hair extensions in ombre and balayage styles for creativity. For authenticity, HVM Hair Company sources hair from Vietnamese donors and prepares it minimally to preserve its natural properties, resulting in seamless extensions.
  • This supplier has mid-range wholesale prices, from $37 to $110 for each product.
  • Customer support: Their responsive and devoted crew assists customers, answers questions, and ensures a smooth ordering and delivery experience.

HVM Hair Company is your one-stop shop for hair requirements due to their high-quality products and service.

7.6. K-Hair

K-Hair distinguishes itself by its dedication to providing prolonged Vietnamese hair extensions that emanate genuineness and excellence.

  • This vendor provides an extensive selection of Vietnamese hair wholesale to accommodate a wide array of grooming preferences. Their goods exhibit a consistent level of quality and retain their lustrous appearance despite frequent usage.
  • Pricing: From $55 per product
  • Customer service: The customer service team at K Hair offers extensive assistance to patrons, facilitating their ability to make well-informed decisions. Their dedication to supporting purchasers enhances the overall purchasing experience.

K-Hair, a reputable and trusted Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier, is famous for the high quality of its Vietnamese hair extensions.

K Hair is a reputable and trusted Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier
K Hair is a reputable and trusted Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier

7.7. Uni Hair

Uni Hair, an additional reputable company in the sector, provides a diverse selection of Vietnamese hair extensions to accommodate various tastes.

  • Offering meticulously curated Vietnamese hair extensions, Uni Hair emphasizes natural attractiveness and authenticity. Their quality is maintained even after grooming, ensuring that their clients always have a consistent appearance.
  • Pricing begins at $35 per product.
  • Customer service: Uni Hair provides individualized support throughout the purchasing procedure, going above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. Their commitment to ensuring customer gratification guarantees a streamlined and dependable shopping experience.

The supplier’s commitment regarding the trade-off between quality and price resonates with clients in search of reputable Vietnamese hair wholesale.

7.8. VQ Hair

VQ Hair – a hair supplier with more than 15 years of experience in the hair industry, is well-known for producing high-quality hair at a reasonable cost.

  • Products: a variety of human hair extensions available to meet your needs at the factory: lace frontals and closures, weave hair, virgin human hair…
  • Price: the price is very competitive, from $20 for a natural color hair weft product.
  • Policy: The products will be packaged and sent to you after receiving payment. Return and exchange within 30 days.

If you are searching for the best hair factory in Vietnam, go to VQ Hair.

7.9. Sunny Hair

Founded in early 2010, Sunny Hair is one of Vietnam’s leading hair wholesale suppliers in Vietnam for women.

  • Products: many kinds of hair products are available, such as wigs, bulk hair, weft hair, tape ins, I-tip hair…
  • Price: Their price is quite expensive, but the quality is good. $14.2 for 100g 8-inch natural straight single drawn virgin bulk hair.
  • Policy: 7-day return and exchange policy on all items that haven’t been unpacked installed or used or damaged in any way.
  • Delivery time: 5-10 days

Sunny Hair won’t let you down if you’re just getting started in the hair industry and are looking for the best hair wholesale suppliers in Vietnam.

Sunny Hair - Top best hair wholesale factories in Vietnam
Sunny Hair – Top best hair wholesale factories in Vietnam

7.10. Jen Hair

Jen Hair Vietnam takes great pride in being the leading wholesaler of hair, and one of the leading suppliers of Vietnamese hair.

  • Jen Hair, a major wholesaler of Vietnam human hair, offers 100% Vietnamese hair in an assortment of colors and textures, including Vietnam virgin hair, Vietnam remy hair, bulk hair, weft hair, closures, and frontals.
  • Price: $30 for a natural color weft
  • Items delivered by Jenhair Vietnam are eligible for returns and exchanges within ten days from the date of receipt of the cargo.

Don’t miss Jen Hair if you’re looking for top reputable Vietnamese hair wholesale.

8. FAQs about Vietnamese hair wholesale

Below are frequently asked questions about Vietnamese hair wholesale

8.1. What to keep in mind when buying Vietnamese hair wholesale?

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when shopping to have the best experience with Vietnamese hair suppliers.

  • Be sure you thoroughly check the invoice.
  • Vietnamese hair wholesale companies require different deposits, but usually between 30-70% of the total amount payable.
  • Take caution when dealing with Vietnamese human hair wholesale manufacturers that insist on money transfers without careful consultation.
  • Make a video record of the unpacking process as soon as you get the order from the shipper as evidence in case of a complaint later.

Above are steps of the process when buying Vietnam hair wholesale. You should keep them in mind for a smooth ordering and purchase process.

8.2. How to get a good deal from hair wholesale factories in Vietnam?

Some tips and ideas to get a good deal to buy Vietnamese hair in bulk are: contact many suppliers at once, ask the price to buy Vietnamese hair with many salespeople from the same company and negotiate.

  • Contact many Vietnam hair suppliers at once: To get the best deal on goods, you need to contact many Vietnam Hair Suppliers, and then compare their prices.
  • Ask price to buy Vietnamese hair in bulk: Even if you don’t intend to buy a large amount of hair at once, a Vietnamese hair supplier may still provide you with the best deal. If the Vietnamese hair wholesale supplier promises you a greater than 50% discount if you buy a lot, don’t believe them. Hair quality suffers when there are a lot of discounts available.
  • Ask the price to buy Vietnamese hair in bulk with many sales representatives at the same company, since each can offer you different pricing.
  • Negotiate: You shouldn’t be hesitant to negotiate with wholesale raw hair vendors in Vietnam. There are procedures in place in the majority of establishments that enable employees, or at the very least management, to be flexible on the pricing of specific things. There is just one trick: you must be the one to initiate contact.

If you follow the tips provided in this article, you are certain to get the best deal from wholesale raw hair vendors to buy Vietnamese hair in bulk.

How to get a good deal from Vietnam hair wholesale factories

8.3. When will there be many incentives when buying Vietnamese hair wholesale?

Each supplier will have different wholesale prices, however in the following cases you will be able to buy hair extensions at extremely preferential prices:

  • Trade shows: Hair and beauty trade shows often feature many wholesale vendors, who will often offer multiple deals or discounts to entice customers.
  • End-of-season sales: Some suppliers may offer incentives and discounts at the end of a certain season or fiscal year to clear out old inventory, however at this time there may not be too many products to choose from.
  • Holidays: Many businesses offer promotions and discounts for Vietnamese hair wholesale during holidays and special occasions such as New Year, Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday…
  • Bulk discounts: Most wholesalers offer bulk discounts. The more you buy, the better the price will be. Negotiating directly with suppliers can also help you get good prices and incentives.
  • Membership programs: Some wholesalers have membership or loyalty programs that offer exclusive deals to customers. Negotiate with suppliers:

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s best to contact the supplier directly or visit their official website. Always research and verify a supplier’s reliability before making any wholesale purchases.

If you want to find reputable suppliers providing Vietnamese hair wholesale, please refer to the top 10 hair vendors we mentioned. Consider your priority criteria in terms of product quality or budget to choose the most suitable supplier.

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