Vietnamese wavy hair extensions which necessary for stunning look

Update: 07/12/2023

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Vietnamese wavy hair currently draws a lot of interest from hair enthusiasts worldwide. This blog will cover every aspect of this hair products, including its origin, categorization, and sources for high-quality hair. Keep reading for more information.

1. Origin of raw materials for Vietnamese wavy hair

In this first part, we are going to learn more about the origin of raw materials for Vietnam wavy hair. This hair is made of raw materials with a clear and transparent origin.

Vietnamese wavy hair is manufactured from 100 percent Vietnamese human hair, the majority of which comes from the northern mountainous areas of Vietnam. Vietnamese women here still maintain the custom of growing their hair long and take good care of it.

Currently, the majority of wavy hair products are made from remy hair, the remainders are made from virgin hair due to the rarity and expensiveness of virgin hair. Remy hair for Vietnamese hair extensions is carefully selected to have a great similarity in hair quality, color, and length to form a finished product of the highest quality.


Vietnam wavy hair has always been the top seller in every vendor


Vietnam wavy hair is 100% Vietnam human hair taken from the northern mountainous areas of Vietnam

2. Outstanding features of Vietnamese wavy hair

The distinctive qualities of Vietnam human hair are what primarily contribute to the popularity of Vietnamese wavy hair, which are gorgeous texture, incredible length, exceptional durability and abundant supply.

  • Vietnam wavy hair is soft, silky and thick: Vietnamese wavy hair is soft, silky, and thick thanks to the natural human characteristics and their hair care routine of Vietnamese people. Vietnam Human Hair is well shielded from the sun and not exposed to heat or chemicals. Vietnamese people typically take care of their hair with a shampoo made from natural herbs ingredients like holy basil, skin pomelo, locust, etc. In addition, they stay away from unhealthy meals like fast food that could worsen their hair.
  • Vietnam wavy hair is exceptionally durable: The significant advantage of Vietnam wavy hair is its exceptional durability. It is strong, tangle-free and can hold styles for a long time. This hair product, with the right maintenance, can last up to 15 years. It is because Vietnam human hair can accommodate a variety of hairstyles and maintain style for an extended period of time.
  • Vietnam wavy hair is famous for its incredible length: It can be said that the length of Vietnam wavy hair is the world’s longest because Vietnamese people still maintain the culture of long hair. Many people have never even cut their hair once in their life. This hair product in 30-inch length is easy to find in Vietnam but difficult in other countries. Long wavy hair extensions can help people with short, bald hair conceal their flaws.
  • Vietnamese hair suppliers are able to supply a significant amount of high-quality Vietnam wavy hair: Vietnamese hair manufacturers are able to produce a lot of items for wavy hair while keeping a high standard of quality because of the plentiful raw materials and qualified workers. This is another factor contributing to the high demand for Vietnam wavy hair among hair businesses and salons worldwide.

These features above make Vietnamese wavy hair stand out among numerous wavy hair types and so sought after in the world hair market.


Vietnam wavy hair is soft, silky and thick


Vietnamese shampoo made from natural herbs ingredients


Vietnam wavy hair is famous for its incredible length

3. Classifications of Vietnamese wavy hair by grades

Vietnam wavy hair products can be categorized in a variety of ways but the main way to classify them is by grades. Vietnamese hair extensions, as well as Vietnamese wavy hair both, often have three classifications that indicate quality, which are: single drawn, double drawn and super double brawn.

  • Vietnam wavy hair – single-drawn: In a bundle of single-drawn Vietnam wavy hair, about 50% of the hair strands are full length, and the others are shorter. The effect is that wavy hair bundles get thinner all the way to the end. Hair lovers who prefer longer hair that still looks natural should choose this grade, definitely.
  • Vietnam wavy hair – double drawn: In a double-drawn bundle of wavy hair, 70-75% of the hair strands are at full length; the others are shorter. Vietnam wavy hair double drawn will be fuller overall than single-drawn, especially at the ends.
  • Vietnam wavy hair – super double drawn consists of 90–95 percent of the hair strands that are in full length and the others are shorter. The hair appears to be full from top to down. Girls who enjoy thick hair should consider super double-drawn Vietnam wavy hair.

Please be noted:

  • Vietnam wavy hair single, double, and super double drawn will correspond in length to Chinese hair grades 6A–7A, 8A–9A, and 10A–11A, respectively.
  • Despite being listed with the same length, straight, wavy and wavy hair will really have distinct lengths. For instance, a 16-inch Vietnamese wavy hair will be shorter compared to 16-inch Vietnamese naturally straight and longer than 16-inch Vietnam wavy hair. 16 inches is the length of hair when it has been not styled wavy.

Customers can choose from the three grades of Vietnam wavy hair which is the best suitable for them. Ones who like thick hair can choose super double-drawn, ones prefer natural hair can choose single drawn and double-drawn hair is for medium.


Classifications of Vietnam wavy hair by grades


Vietnam wavy hair – super double drawn is the top choice of girls who like thick hair

4. The most trendy styles of Vietnamese wavy hair

Below are three most trendy styles of Vietnamese wavy hair in current days you can refer to, which are: deep wave, body wave and loose wave.

4.1. Deep wave – a Vietnamese wavy hairstyle is so sought after in Africa

Deep wave is never out of fashion in the African market, in line with the tastes of traditional hairstyles of the people here. It is popular thanks to its versatility, high quality and affordable price.

  • The versatility of deep wave is a major reason for its market success. The deep wave hair is of excellent quality, with a natural cuticle and a wide range of colors and textures. Long Vietnamese deep wavy hairstyles will be for girls who love glamor and dynamic, while short styles will be more dynamic versions.
  • Deep wave hair carries all the outstanding features of Vietnamese hair like strong, soft, smooth, silky and durable.
  • Price: very reasonable, 20” double drawn wig as the picture below costs about 200$ – 270$.
  • This wavy hairstyle when on the head will look quite similar to Vietnamese Curly Hair Extensions, so the best way for you to distinguish it is when looking at it in bundles like the picture below.

For girls who love glamor and dynamic, Vietnam wavy hair – deep wave is an ideal and affordable style to change your look for the new season. You will not have to worry about the quality of this hair type.


Deep wave is never out of fashion in the African market

4.2. Body wave – the most popular style of Vietnamese wavy hair

Body wave is the most popular hairstyle in recent years all over the world. This is a hairstyle that is favored by many women in many countries due to the youthfulness, lightness and nobility that it brings. Moreover, this is considered a national hairstyle because it suits many different styles and face shapes.

Vietnamese body wave hair is a type of Vietnamese wavy hair that has a very natural appearance. It is one of the best hair extension styles for long hair for women. It has a wave pattern that is both straight and wavy. The body wave’s curls look more relaxed. If you’re bored with your straight hair and want to try curls, the Vietnamese body wave hair will be your first pick. It may mix in with your natural hair, giving your hair a more natural appearance. Human hair extensions weft are commonly used in this type of hair extension.

Price: 18” double drawn wig as the picture below costs  about 170$ – 230$.


Body wave – the most popular style of Vietnam wavy hair

4.3. Loose wavy – A trendy Vietnamese wavy hairstyle

This hairstyle is not as popular as the above 2 hairstyles. Vietnam wavy hairstyle with a lot of loose curls is known as loose waves. This type is suitable for girls who like the feminine, seductive but gentler and not too dynamic like deep wave. Your wavy hair looks as natural as it was born.

A loose wave’s curl pattern is tighter and smaller than a body wave’s. The curl pattern of free wave hair is popular because it is neither too tight nor too straight. Many women choose to wear it all year since it makes them look more natural and fluffy.

Price: 22” double drawn wig as the picture above costs  about 250$ – 300$.


Loose wavy – A trendy Vietnamese wavy hairstyle

5. Tips check the quality and care for Vietnamese wavy hair

Checking whether the Vietnamese wavy hair you’ve bought is of good quality and how to take care of it will be much easier with the following suggestions.

5.1. Some tips to check the quality of Vietnamese wavy hair

Although Vietnamese wavy hair is of high quality, there may be untrustworthy hair vendors supplying products of poor quality. Here are some guidelines to help you determine whether or not the Vietnamese hair products are of high quality by sink test, color test, smell and shedding test:

  • Sink Test: You can drop some hair strands into the water. If the hair floats in water, it is of good quality and vice versa because bad-quality hair can absorb water.
  • Color test: With dyed hair, if the dye gets into your hands after you stroke it, the dye quality is poor and the hair color can fade quickly.
  • Smell: The smell of the product is also an important factor to determine hair quality. Hair products with a strong, unpleasant odor are possibly exposed to harmful chemicals.
  • Shedding test: If the hair falls out after a hard bang, stroke or brushing, these hair products are not of good quality. It points out that the hair cuticles are not intact and that hair strands are not sewn in carefully.

By sink test, color, smell and shedding test, you can initially check the quality of hair you received. However, with high-quality hair, you also need to take care of it properly so that it can last for a long time. Move to the next section for ways to care for Vietnamese wavy hair.


Use Sink Test to check the quality of Vietnamese wavy hair


Use Shedding test to check the quality of Vietnamese wavy hair

5.2. Ways to care for Vietnamese wavy hair

There are many principles to follow when caring for Vietnamese wavy hair to ensure that it lasts longer but the most important is: only use cold water, special shampoo and conditioner, a suitable comb, and suitable sleep routines, and treatments.

  • Wash the hair with cold water and special shampoo & conditioner: Only use cold water to wash the hair. Hot water can make the hair to be dry and coarse. Moreover, kook for shampoo & conditioner that are specifically for wavy hair. Each hair type like straight hair, wavy hair, and curly hair will need shampoos and conditioners containing different ingredients.
  • Select the appropriate comb: we recommend a wide-tooth comb. To avoid breakage, you can try brushing your wavy hair when it is still wet.
  • Apply pineapple sleep routine for Vietnamese wavy hair: According to experts, the pineapple sleep method is an essential part of the sleep routine for wavy hair. Create a loose bun or a ponytail of all hair on top of the head. This reduces friction between the pillowcase and your hair. You should also replace cotton pillows with silk or satin ones.
  • Apply Natural Treatments on Vietnamwavy hair: Use hair masks made from natural ingredients (olive oil, mayonnaise, eggs…) once a week. While eggs give protein to your hair, mayonnaise adds gloss and moisture to dry curls.
    A ripe avocado, which is rich in vitamins E and B can be combined with honey and olive oil to create masks for wavy hair.

The ways mentioned above are the proper maintenance for wavy hair. Strictly follow it if you want your hair to last long so that you can save cost on your hair.


Create a loose bun


Using hair mask is one of Vietnamese Natural Treatments

6. Reliable places to buy high-quality Vietnamese wavy hair

To prevent you from wasting money and time on untrustworthy hair vendors, here are Top The Best Hair Factory In Vietnam where you can buy Vietnamese wavy hair with high quality and affordable prices.

6.1. Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the leading hair vendors in Vietnam where you can buy high-quality Vietnam wavy hair. You can shop with confidence when buying from them.

  • Main products: weft hair (natural/bone straight, wavy and curly), closures, and frontals
  • Price: reasonable, from $13.5 for 100g wavy hair 8″, natural color
  • Returns & exchanges: accepted.

Go for Vin Hair vendor if you are looking for Vietnam wavy hair of high quality at a reasonable price. You will have excellent experience when shopping at Vin Hair Vendor.


MCSARA is a leading supplier of good-quality Vietnamese wavy hair to the international hair market. MCSARA products meet the needs of customers all over the world while retaining the natural characteristics of Vietnamese hair.

  • Main products: weft hair (natural/bone straight, wavy and curly), hair wigs
  • Price: from $17.7 to $132.1 for 0.1kg wavy hair
  • Returns & exchanges: accepted

MCSARA is a trustworthy place where you can order gorgeous Vietnam wavy hair.


MCSARA – one of the most reliable hair vendors supplying Vietnam wavy hair

6.3. 5S Hair

If you’re searching for a dependable Vietnamese hair vendor supplying high-quality Vietnamese wavy hair, 5S Hair is among the best options.

  • Main products: raw hair, bulk hair, weft, Vietnamese body wave hair, curly pixie,…except wigs
  • Price: from $11.7 to $82.5 for 0.1kg wavy hair
  • Returns & exchanges: accepted

5S Hair is an excellent choice for those new to the hair production industry and are in need of wavy hair suppliers with superior quality and affordable prices.


5S Hair – one of the most reliable hair vendors supplying Vietnamese wavy hair

6.4. Mic Hair

Mic Hair – the leading supplier of superior Vietnam wavy hair for the past ten years which could be your ideal business partner.

  • Products: Vietnamese hair weft (straight, curly, wavy hair) in numerous colors and lengths.
  • Price: from $22 to $77.5 for 0.1kg wavy weave (10 inch – 32 inch)
  • Returns & exchanges: accepted

Mic hair will definitely be a fantastic partner and will not leave you disappointed with their Vietnamese wavy hair products.


Mic Hair – one of the most reliable hair vendors supplying wavy hair

6.5. Jen Hair

Established in 1995, Jenhair is one of the first Vietnamese hair vendors. This hair vendor has grown from a small shop to one of the largest suppliers of superior Vietnamese body wave hair in Vietnam.

  • Products: numerous colors and designs of closures and frontals, weft and bulk hair
  • Price:from 18$ to $63.6 for 0.1kg wavy tip
  • Returns & exchanges: accepted

Jen Hair is one of the most trustworthy hair vendors in Vietnam, supplying the world hair market with high-quality Vietnam wavy hair with confidence.


Jen Hair – one of the most reliable hair vendors supplying Vietnam wavy hair

In addition, to find more options, you can learn how to find good hair vendor to buy high quality wavy hair through:

How to find a hair vendor: Useful tips to find the best hair vendor

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6.6. K-Hair

K-Hair is a Vietnamese hair vendor that is well-known among consumers worldwide thanks to its good quality wavy hair products.

  • Products: weft hair, curly, wavy, closures and frontal…
  • Price: from $12.4 to $68.8 for 0.1kg 8’’ – 30’’ wavy hair
  • Return policy: Every transaction is final. After conducting an online check, K-Hair will only deliver your purchase to the agency if you are satisfied with it.

If you’re looking for Vietnamese wavy hair of high quality and at affordable prices, K-hair can be an ideal choice.


K-Hair – one of the most reliable hair vendors supplying Vietnam wavy hair

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