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What Are The Most Trendy Haircut For Square Faces?


What to look out for when choosing hairstyles for square faces and which haircut for square face are trending now, find out all things in this blog.

It appears that finding a hairstyle that flatters a square face is not easy. If you have a square face or are still unsure, follow the must-know things when choosing the suitable haircut for square faces and get the best ideas we have listed below.

1. How to determine a square face

Some women are aware of their face shape, while others are unsure. To make sure your face is square-shaped before looking at a haircut for square faces, take your full-face photograph without smiling. Girls with this face shape will have their face’s width roughly equal to the length. Furthermore, jaw angles and cheekbones are visible in this face shape. A square face is distinguished by prominent cheekbones and an angular chin.

Square face shape
Square face shape

2. Must-know tips when choosing a haircut for square faces

The rule of thumb when choosing a haircut for square faces is to soften the angles at the cheekbones and jawline of the face, and make its length appear longer than its width. Below are some tips you need to follow when choosing a haircut square faces:

  • When styling your hair, especially concentrate on the roots’ volume. This will correct proportions and make your face appear longer. To create the vision of oval faces, use loose waves.
  • There is also a large selection when looking for a hairstyle for square faces. Long haircuts and Layered haircuts are the best options.
  • Avoid straight hairstyles and straight bangs that mimic your face shape. Layers that are distinct and graded will look good on you.
  • Choose side bangs to distract the attention from your wide forehead and to soften the facial features’ sharpness. Avoid thick and blunt-cut fringe. They can make your face bottom appear more sustained.
  • A soft feminine haircut with curls and waves to frame your face will be an ideal haircut. Beach waves, tamed locks, or gleaming bouncy curls? Choose any style you want.
  • Short hairstyles are frequently unflattering haircut square faces because they do not make your face look longer.
Long hair cut and layered hair cut for square face
Long hair cut and layered hair cut for square face
A soft feminine haircut with curls and waves
A soft feminine haircut with curls and waves

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3. Top the best ideas of haircut for square faces you can try out

You can save much time searching with the top list of haircut square faces we suggest below:

3.1. Messy medium layered – Top 1 haircut for square faces

Haircut for square face can be flirty and fun whether you’re in your twenties or over fifty. Adding some loose waves to a long bob could really jazz up the look. The cut has just the right amount of funk to it; with messy waves and red highlights scattered throughout, you’ll look striking yet casual all day.

Messy medium layered - an ideal haircut for square faces
Messy medium layered – an ideal haircut for square faces

3.2. Cute shag with bangs & layering

Take into account a shag-cut with face-framing layers and bangs, which looks great on most women with square faces. Anything with soft, pretty, framing layers that can soften your jawline can be a great haircut for this face frame. Your hair will appear great but will require little effort to style.

Cute shag with bangs & layering
Cute shag with bangs & layering – a haircut for square face which frames the face

3.3. Side-parting soft wavy hair

Flowing soft waves can soften the strong angles of your jaw and a side part can add volume and height to your hair. You can use styling tools to add the head-tuning curls.

Side-parting soft wavy hair
Side-parting soft wavy hair – one of the best haircut for square face

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3.4. Center parting medium layers

Sometimes less is more, and you cannot go wrong with a center-parting messy medium hairstyle. The haircut for square face is simple to create: just add super soft waves that nicely frame your square-shaped face. Do you lack wavy hair? There’s no need to be concerned because this hairstyle also appears great with straight versions.

Center parting medium layers
Center parting medium layers – an easy-to-style haircut

3.5. Long bob with curtain bangs

For hairstyles that best complement square faces, it’s essential to choose a cut that creates a few body waves while still having vertical lines that make the face longer. Side-slanted bangs combined with shoulder-length bob hairstyles will be a great haircut for square face. Add subtle blonde highlights for your hair extra shine. If you want a hairstyle that suits your face but your hair is not long enough or can’t style it, consider buying hair extensions by looking for the top 10 best hair vendor on AliExpress.

Long bob with curtain bangs
Long bob with curtain bangs – a haircut for square face that makes your face appear longer

3.6. Chest length choppy

The choppy hairstyle is the it-girl cut at current days, so try your version with a chest-length. Women with thick hair will appreciate this haircut for square face because it allows for messy and uneven layers, which help to control unwanted volume.

Chest length choppy
Chest length choppy – a haircut for square face with thick hair

3.7. Girly voluminous wave

You can use loose waves and layers to create a flattering haircut for square faces with long hair. The caramel brown balayage highlights, which reveal the rosy cheeks and create an overall youthful and lively appearance, add to the appeal of this style.

Girly voluminous wave
Girly voluminous wave – a flattering haircut for square faces

3.8. Platinum Blonde shaggy bob

Simply changing your hair color and choosing short hairstyles can give you a new, flattering look. The shaggy bob is a popular haircut for square faces, and the platinum blonde color complements it perfectly!

Platinum Blonde shaggy bob
Platinum Blonde shaggy bob – a trendy haircut for square face

3.9. Elegant luxury

Jessica Chastain shows off her glamorous copper mane with an elegant side-down hairstyle. To replicate her look, make a side part, backcomb the hair at the roots, shape natural curls with styling tools, and sweep them to one side. Fix your mane at the nape with a bobby pin and hairspray the locks to keep them together and in place. A fantastic look for a romantic date or a party!

Elegant luxury
Elegant luxury – an elegant and luxury haircut for square face

3.10. Long shaggy haircut for square faces

Long shaggy hair with loose waves will not add bulk to a face with a square dimension. Curtain bangs also add a sense of femininity and lightness to your look.

Long shaggy haircut for square face
Long shaggy haircut for square face

Based on the information provided above, people with square faces can enhance their features by choosing hairstyles that soften their strong jawline and angular features. By opting for layered cuts, side-swept bangs, or soft waves, those with square faces can create a more balanced and flattering look. It is important to consider personal style preferences and consult with a professional hairstylist to find the perfect haircut that complements a square face shape.

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