What Can I Do To Avoid Greasy Bangs And How To Fix It Immediately

Update: 02/01/2024

Greasy bangs always make you lose confidence when going out. Don’t worry, the most useful solutions given in this blog will bring your confidence back.

The bangs have the effect of giving you a stunning look until they get oily. Greasy bangs make you lack confidence and struggle to deal with them. Fortunately, there are some solutions that will help you keep your bangs from getting greasy and fix it temporarily.

1. Why do your bangs become greasy bangs quickly

The issue is that your bangs get greasy faster than the remainder of your hair. The first thing to do is to discover the root causes of oily bangs to find out the best solutions!

  • The first reason is that the excess oil on your head and sweat make your hair quickly become oily.
  • Touching your hair too much can cause greasy bangs. You put your bangs back in place more frequently than necessary. At that time, your bangs will absorb the oil from your hands and quickly become greasy
  • Finally, it can be caused by your skin or your skin care products. Oily skin and rich creams are frequently absorbed by your bangs and are the cause of oily bangs.

Why do your bangs become greasy quickly


Do not touch your hair too much or you bangs will quickly be oily

2. How to avoid greasy bangs once and for all

With the reasons mentioned above, how to keep bangs from getting greasy? Here are some tips you need to follow to say goodbye to oily bangs:

2.1. Use formulated shampoo for oily hair

It cleans up your bangs without going to weigh them down.

You should avoid shampoo formulas labeled “dry,” “damaged, “glossy” or “smoothing” because they contain many moisturizing ingredients. These ingredients leave a film on the bangs and cause them to become oily much faster.

Check the shampoo label to ensure that it is designed for oily or fine hair.


Use formulated shampoo for oily hair can keep bangs from getting greasy

2.2. Wash your bangs frequently

Try to wash your bangs when you wash your face every morning.

Your bangs are exposed to a lot of oil from your forehead all day long, so washing your bangs once a day is recommended to prevent oily bangs.


Wash your bangs frequently to keep your bangs from getting oily

2.3. Skip conditioner

Conditioner’s hydrating ingredients weigh your bangs down. Your bangs do not require conditioning, particularly if you own oily hair.

Just avoid applying conditioner to your bangs when conditioning your full hair to avoid greasy bangs. Use conditioner from the middle to the ends of the hair to avoid getting it on the scalp or roots.

Or if you still want to use conditioner to reduce frizz, you can find the best conditioner for oily hair to take care of your hair.


Skip conditioner if you don’t want your bangs to become greasy

2.4. Use dry shampoo to soak up excess oil

If you usually have oily bangs, a must-have item is dry shampoo! Carry a small bottle when you go out and spritz your bangs whenever they begin to look oily.

Apply dry shampoo to your bangs and comb it to absorb the oil and add volume to your bangs so they don’t stick to your forehead.

Baby powder will be an alternative in case you don’t have dry shampoo! Do the same with baby powder as dry shampoo to absorb the oil. Your bangs will no longer be oily.


Use dry shampoo help keep bangs from greasy

2.5. Use oil-free hair styling products

Look for labels with “oil-free” or “greaseless.” Many mousses, serums and gels can increase the amount of oil in your hair when you apply them on your hair and cause your bangs oily.

So, remember to read the labels of styling products carefully before using them on your bangs.


Use oil-free hair styling products to avoid your bangs being oily

2.6. Clean hairdressing tools regularly help your bangs are no more greasy

This performance is frequently overlooked. Styling products, oil and dirt naturally accumulate on your hair styling tools such as brushes and flat irons. Unless you clean them on a regular basis, that buildup will be transferred back to your bangs and create greasy bangs.

Clean your hair styling tools with these steps:

  • Once a week, remove the hair from your brushes.
  • Wipe flat irons, straighteners or other tools with a damp cloth once a week.
  • Wash your brushes with shampoo for the baby monthly.

Clean hairdressing tools regularly help your bangs are no more greasy

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2.7. Do not touch your bangs

Natural oils are produced by your hands and will be absorbed by your bangs when you touch on your bangs.

It can be difficult to keep your fingers away from your bangs all the time, especially when you have to rearrange them! However, try to touch your bangs even when it’s very necessary. If not, your bangs will become greasy.

Instead of using your hands, bring a comb with you to use it for rearranging your bangs throughout the day.


Do not touch your bangs to prevent your bangs from getting greasy

2.8. Wash your face 2 times a day will help avoid greasy bangs

Natural oils from your face can spread to your bangs quickly. To avoid oily bangs, use a gentle cleanser washing your face a couple of times a day (after waking up and before going to bed).

Avoid cleansers that contain alcohol as an ingredient as well. Alcohol is an ingredient causing skin irritation, which leads to increased oil production.


Wash your face 2 times a day can help avoid oily bangs

2.9. Use oil-free skincare products and cosmetics to keep greasy bangs at bay

Look for items labeled “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic.”

Ingredients in moisturizers, cosmetics, and cleansers that make skin oily and clog pores are common. Extra oils from these products are then absorbed by your bangs, making up oily.


Use oil-free skincare products and cosmetics or your bangs will be greasy all the times

2.10. Don’t apply too much moisturizer on your forehead

Any excess moisturizing cream on your forehead will be absorbed by your bangs. Before moisturizing your face, you need to pin your bangs and massage your skin so that it can absorb all the lotion completely.


Don’t apply too much moisturizer on your forehead or your bangs will be oily

2.11. Have some powder on your head to prevent greasy bangs

A light dusting of powder removes shine and helps absorb oil. Bring with you face powder when going out so that you can apply it on your forehead during the day.

To remove oil before your bangs absorb it and turn out oily, dust some powder on your face whenever your forehead becomes shiny.


Have some powder on your head to prevent your bangs from getting oily

2.12. Blotting paper can help prevent your bangs from getting greasy

Blot your face a couple of times a day to keep oil and oily bangs at bay. If your forehead appears shiny, gently use blotting paper on your skin to absorb excess oil. Avoid rubbing the paper on your skin, as this can bring oil to other areas on your face.


Blotting paper is recommended in how to keep bangs from getting oily\

3. Hair extensions – The best solution for greasy bangs

Greasy bangs can be an ongoing issue, particularly for people with oily hair. Hair extensions, thankfully, are a fashionable and functional alternative. They not only add volume and length to your hair, but they can also save you from having to deal with greasy bangs.

  • Easy maintenance: Hair extensions are typically composed of synthetic or real hair and require little maintenance. Because these materials do not create natural oils like the scalp, they will not become greasy. This means they won’t need to be washed and styled as regularly as your natural bangs.
  • Natural hair preservation: Frequent washing can deplete natural oils from your hair, causing increased oil production and greasiness in your bangs. By employing extensions, you can reduce the frequency with which you wash your natural bangs, thereby maintaining a balanced level of oils.
  • Versatility: You can experiment with numerous styles and lengths of bangs extensions without committing to a permanent change. This adaptability enables you to switch up your style whenever you want without having to deal with greasy bangs.
  • Time-saving: Bangs may be time-consuming to style, especially if they get greasy quickly. Bangs extensions reduce the need for everyday styling, saving you time and effort.
  • Less damage: Excessive washing and style can cause damage to your natural hair, making it more prone to greasiness. You can lessen the danger of damage to your natural hair by utilizing hair extensions, which will keep it healthier and less prone to excess oil production.

While bangs extensions might be a terrific solution, it’s critical to select high-quality extensions that complement your natural hair color and texture. Proper installation and upkeep are also required to ensure that they appear natural and mix in with your hair.

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