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What you need to know about clip in human hair extensions


This article will learn about clip in human hair extensions, which is an excellent option for girls who want long, full, and beautiful locks instantly.

Are you preparing for a night out with your friends and want long, voluminous locks? Clip in human hair extensions is an excellent option! In what way are human hair clip-ins a necessity for every lady and girl’s closet? What makes them so popular? Let’s dive in!

1. Overview of Clip in human hair extensions

In the first part, we’ll go over the definition and characteristics of human hair clip-ins so that you may have a better understanding of them.

What You Need To Know About Human Hair Clip-ins

1.1. Definition of Clip in human hair extensions

Clip in human hair extension is a product created from human hair, whereby hair is woven together and then fastened to micro clips at the base of the hair bundles. Human hair extensions with clips are very convenient for consumers since they are for hairstyles. These extensions are extensively used and adored by many hair extension hobbyists, becoming a favorite product of ladies around the world.

Definition of human hair clip-ins

1.2. Benefits of Clip in human hair extensions

The following are the benefits of human hair clip-ins:

  • Natural looking: they are sourced directly from women so they can maintain the silky, robust, and silky features of human hair, which allows them to mix naturally with your own hair. Because of this, it’s tough for someone else to recognize that you are using an extension.
  • Durable: Clip ins that are properly cared for can last up to one year. The longevity of human hair extensions with clips might vary considerably depending on the kind of hair and the material used to make them. In general, it’s safe to say that with good hair care and maintenance, your hair extensions will look great for months or even years.
  • Can be cared for the same as your natural hair: Clip ins human hair may be cared for in the same manner as your own hair. To maintain your hair, you can wash it, blow-dry it,… Straightening, curling, dyeing, bleaching, and other chemical treatments are all options. With synthetic hair extensions, it is quite tough to create a variety of different hairstyles. If you don’t take care of your hair, it might be significantly damaged.
  • Threads in delicate, soft waves: There are many different sizes of threads used in the weaving process of clip in human hair extensions, which leads to a very light and thin weave that doesn’t create any pain or headaches while being worn.
Clip ins human hair has natural looking
Benefits of human hair clip-ins

2. Compare top countries you can buy Clip in human hair extensions

Real hair extensions with clips are available from a variety of marketplaces. There are four major countries in the hair extension industry: Vietnam, China, India, and Cambodia.

2.1. Vietnamese Clip in human hair extensions

Clip ins human hair and other items from Vietnam are recognized for their high quality and low prices. Additionally, they are considered to be a readily accessible source of hair material.

  • Origin: In order to ensure the quality of human hair extensions with clips, they use hair that has been gathered straight from healthy women.
  • Quality: high hair quality with thickness and smoothness. Because of their obvious provenance, Vietnamese clip in human hair extensions and other extension goods are popular with clients all over the globe, including those from Africa, Russia, Europe, and the United States.
  • Price: High-quality hair comes at a reasonable price.

“Price usually accompanies quality.” is a well-known saying. For those looking for a trustworthy hair market where they can get human hair extensions with clips at a reasonable price, Vietnamese human hair clip-ins are an ideal option.

Vietnamese Clip ins human hair

2.2. Chinese Clip in human hair extensions

China is well-known for its affordable prices on a wide variety of human hair clip-ins. China is also one of the world’s oldest hair marketplaces.

  • Origin: Chinese hair vendors import hair materials from countries like India, Malaysia,… are enormous. All hair for Clip in human hair extension from China is Clip in Remy hair extension.
  • Quality: With so many hair sources being collected, it’s believed to be difficult to keep an eye on the quality of clip in human hair extensions and other items. Therefore, human hair extensions with clips from China are unlikely to match the quality requirements of international buyers.
  • Price: Automatic manufacturing on a large scale aids them in the reduction of operating costs, allowing them to provide competitive pricing for clip ins human hair.

Chinese clip ins human hair are an excellent option for customers looking for low-cost hair extensions with a large supply already available.

Chinese human hair clip-ins

2.3. Indian Clip in human hair extensions

India has one of the world’s largest hair marketplaces. Because of their cheap pricing, their human hair clip-ins are very popular.

  • Origin: There are so many sources of hair extensions in India. The hair they use is referred to as “temple hair,” since it is donated to temples on a yearly basis. In addition, the Indian hair industry depends on mixed hair as a secondary supply.
  • Quality: Due to the fact that this is not a high-quality source, the quality of Indian clip ins human hair as well as other hair extension goods isn’t very high-rated.
  • Price: Compared to other hair markets, Indian human hair extensions with clips are widely used and popular across the world because of their lower cost.

Indian clip in human hair extensions may be taken into account by customers in order to make a more cost-effective option, as long as you’re certain that the product will suit your needs.

Indian human hair clip-ins

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2.4. Cambodian Clip in human hair extensions

Cambodia is also one of the biggest hair marketplaces, supplying a large number of human hair extensions with clips at an affordable price.

  • Origin: Cambodian Clip in human hair extensions are sourced from Cambodian women of the Khmer ethnic group. The women’s long, lustrous hair attracts worldwide tourists to this country, where long hair is a tradition.
  • Quality: Despite its coarse texture, Cambodian hair keeps its shape well and may be styled in many different ways. To be fair, it can handle a lot more heat than a lot of other kinds of hair. It may also keep a curl nicely and endure dyeing and coloring without causing much harm to the hair’s quality.
  • Price: The price is quite cheap

Many distributors have found that the country provides incredibly affordable clip ins human hair of pretty good quality. As a result, if you are seeking human hair extensions with clips, Cambodian human hair clip-ins are a viable option.

Cambodian clip ins human hair

3. How to choose the best Clip in human hair extensions

Human hair clip-ins is a popular choice for girls to add volume and length. However, selecting the proper human hair clip-ins for oneself is not a simple task. So, we’re here to help you choose the best clip ins human hair. We hope these are beneficial to you.

  • Clip ins human hair need to match the color of your hair:
    • If you’re going to use human hair extensions with clips, be sure the color complements your natural hair. To avoid having two distinct hair colors, you must carefully choose the same shade of hair color. Get clip in human hair extensions that are darker or lighter than your highlights.
    • If you’re not sure what color to go with, consult a professional at a beauty supply shop or hair salon. These people are supposed to be able to point you in the right direction. Also, hair suppliers have a wide range of colors in detailed color palettes available for you to choose from.
  • Ensure clips are strong and won’t pull out: It’s important to be sure the clips are sturdy and won’t harm your hair before you use them. A set of human hair clip-ins that pulls out your hair or leaves bald areas is not what you want, yet there are many poorly produced sets available.
  • Comparing the cost and maintenance: Finding clip in human hair extensions that are both stylish and affordable is a top priority when searching for human hair extensions with clips. You’ll also need to think about how to care for your new hair. There are several advantages to clip ins human hair over other types of hair extensions, such as their lower cost and ease of use.
How to choose the best human hair clip-ins

4. How to take care of Clip in human hair extensions

A lustrous and smooth set of human hair extensions with clips requires proper hair maintenance. Additionally, you may increase the longevity of your clip ins human hair extensions by taking good care of your hair. So we are here to suggest the best hair care and maintenance for you.

  • Choose the right hair products for human hair clip-ins: Hair products with sulfates and alcohol should be avoided. Otherwise, your hair’s natural oil would be lost, resulting in knotted, harsh human hair extensions. We advise you to look into hair products made with natural ingredients. They are helpful and offer sufficient moisturizing ingredients to keep your hair silky and smooth.
  • Keep them moisturized: Clip in human hair extensions might get dry since they don’t have the same exposure to your hair’s natural oils as sewn-in extensions do. Use a leave-in conditioner sometimes to prevent them from becoming parched. Just be careful not to overdo it, since this might make your extensions look greasier than your natural mane!
  • Dry your human hair clip-ins: After shampooing and conditioning, let your hair air-dry. This will lessen the pressure on your roots. If you use a blow dryer, use the lowest level and a diffuser if you’re blow-drying curly extensions.
  • Store them correctly: It’s essential to preserve clip ins human hair correctly in order to keep them from getting tangled. Try keeping them in a shoe box that is empty! To prevent the clips from snagging on the rest of your extensions, wear your extensions in a ponytail while storing them.
  • Apply a heat-resistant spray: Spraying hair with a heat-protectant spray is an excellent way to keep your hair’s natural moisture from being lost. Before drying your clip in human hair extensions or going out in the heat, treat them with a heat protectant spray.
How to take care of human hair clip-ins

For your consideration, we’ve compiled a list of the five most beautiful clip ins styles ever created. Hairstyles include wavy, curly, bangs, and ponytails. You’ll adore them all!

  • Clip ins curly: Changing your natural hair to a stunning hairdo like curly hair is well worth the investment. This curly clip in will make you stand out from the crowd. Please take care of your curly hair and style it gently so that it doesn’t become tangled.
  • Clip ins wavy: It is a great choice if you want a classic and beautiful hairstyle. Regardless of your facial shape, this haircut will make you seem more attractive than ever. Additionally, you have the option of styling both your natural hair and the extensions in a way that they match flawlessly.
  • Clip ins bangs: Clip in human hair extensions bangs allow you to obtain a new look without cutting your hair short. Clip in human hair bangs is available in a variety of lengths, colors, and styles, making it easy to customize your look. It is up to you to decide which one best suits your face shape as well as your style. However, keep in mind that the color of bangs must be matched to your natural hair color before you buy it.
  • Clip ins bun: Girls with short, thin hair can dream of looking attractive while rocking a messy bun. Therefore, your new companion is a bun. Due to their wide choice of colors and styles, human hair clip-ins are able to readily satisfy a variety of needs for girls and women.
  • Ponytail: For a night party, a ponytail with clip ins is unquestionably necessary. With ponytail clip ins, you can get dressed up and have a stylish, appealing hairstyle in a matter of minutes rather than having to wait for your hair to grow out over several months.
Human hair clip-ins curly
Human hair clip-ins wavy
Human hair clip-ins bangs
Human hair clip-ins bun
Clip in human hair extensions ponytail


6. Reputable supplier of clip in human hair extensions

If you are confused when looking for an address that provides clip in human hair extensions, consider Vin Hair Vendor – Vietnam’s top hair factory. After ten years of constant attention to hair manufacture, they have established themselves as a globally recognized hair brand.

  • Vin Hair Vendor sources the finest Vietnamese hair from donors all throughout the country, they commit to being 100% human raw hair. Their hair is famous for its natural, silky look and premium durability of up to 5 years.
  • Thanks to a modern production facility and a team of highly skilled workers, Vin Hair provides hair products with a variety of colors, textures, styles and even impressive lengths.
  • Price: Vin Hair’s clip in human hair extensions products are priced from only $20 for 1 product. Because they are direct manufacturers, without commercial intermediaries, the prices are extremely competitive. They also have many incentives for customers, especially the best wholesale prices on the market.
  • Vin Hair Vendor supports customers 24 hours and 7 days a week. The staff is considered enthusiastic, fluent in many languages and has extensive knowledge. They also have very clear policies and allow returns or exchanges within 7 days.

Clip in human hair extensions are one of the most sought-after products at Vin Hair Vendor thanks to its premium quality, natural appearance and reasonable price. Please trust and choose Vin Hair to have a wonderful and satisfactory purchasing experience.

Vin Hair Vendor
Vin Hair Vendor

Source: V Hair Vendor – The Best Choice For Hair Business

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