Where you can buy raw hair bundles with the best quality

Update: 01/12/2023

Raw hair bundles are a profitable and potential product, opening up opportunities for many hair businesses. Let’s find out all information about this hair item.

Raw hair bundles are in high demand as it is a source of high-quality source for making hair extensions. However, many people still misunderstand their definitions and characteristics. This post will explain everything and guide you to buy the best bundles of raw hair from hair suppliers all over the world.

1. Things must know about raw hair bundles

Raw hair bundles are raw hair bundled into hair bundles, in which raw hair is hair collected from donors, then cleaned, without any processing and chemicals treatment, so the cuticle layer remains intact. In current days, people also use the word raw hair bundle to refer to hair weft, tip, tape, … bundles made with high quality and unprocessed hair.


What is raw hair bundle


In current days, people also use the word raw hair bundle to refer to hair weft, tip, tape, … bundles

2. Top countries where you can buy raw hair bundles

For the best price and quality, you should buy in countries with long experience in the hair industry and abundant raw materials. The countries that satisfy both of these conditions are Cambodia, China and India.

2.1. Cambodia – the best place to buy high-quality raw hair bundles

Cambodia is one of the best places to buy high-quality raw hair bundle. The raw hair bundle products here are high quality and profitable for hair traders.

2.1.1 Features of raw hair bundles in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the countries rich in hair materials and has a long tradition of hairdressing. Raw Cambodian hair bundles from Cambodian raw hair vendors are increasingly sought after in the hair market. Cambodian raw hair vendor has long been famous for their high-quality raw human hair bundles and reasonable prices.

  • Origin: It can be said that raw Cambodian hair bundles are 100% raw human hair, with little mixing. It is directly cut from the donors’ hair. Raw materials are collected from rural areas where women grow long hair and take good care of their hair, keep their hair away from chemicals and sell it for an extra income.
  • Features: Raw hair bundles in Cambodian natural features are black or slightly brownish, straight or slightly curly. The hair strands are quite thin making the hair look really soft.
  • Quality of raw Cambodian hair bundles: Bulk hair still has the inherent characteristics of natural hair: soft, naturally curly and silky, strong. Cambodian raw hair bundle is appreciated for the uniform coloration when bleaching, and dyeing, and especially when dyeing the brightest colors like color 613, the hair is not tangled. About life span, raw Cambodian hair bundles have a long lifespan (up to 7 years) with proper care, second only to the lifespan of raw Vietnamese hair bundles (one of the most durable raw hair types on the market today) due to being well cared for and not exposed to chemicals (as mentioned above).
  • Price of Cambodian raw hair bundle: The price of raw hair products is relatively reasonable (about 8$/ bundle), it can be said to be cheap compared to the quality because of: abundant domestic raw materials, low labor cost and having traditional craft villages with many years of experience.

Choosing raw hair bundle from reputable suppliers in Cambodia will be a reliable source and bring advantages to your business.


Raw Cambodian hair bundles in Cambodian natural features are black or slightly brownish, straight or slightly curly

2.1.2. Pros of buying raw hair bundles in Cambodia

Buying raw Cambodian hair bundles gives you a stable source of goods at an affordable price and less risk:

  • Raw hair bundles in Cambodia with cheap local hair sources with high quality, along with cheap labor, so they are very affordable.
  • In Cambodia, the economic and political situation is quite stable, so the delivery and purchase process is usually smooth. Moreover, there are not many hair factories here, so there is less risk of being scammed.

Choosing high-quality raw Cambodian hair bundles will be a potential source of goods and bring a lot of profit to your business. However, high-quality raw Cambodian is quite rare nowadays, so you need to research and find out carefully before buying. Moreover if you want to buy bundles of raw hair in bulk here you need to wait quite a while because Cambodia hair suppliers don’t have a lot of hair available in stock.

2.2. China – home to the biggest suppliers of raw hair bundles

China is also a place worth considering when you’re looking to buy raw human hair bundles. This country is famous for its diverse hair resources and high-tech hair factories.

2.2.1. Features of raw Chinese hair bundles

Raw Chinese hair bundles are sourced from many places, with diverse characteristics and quality, with many segments:

  • Origin and natural features of raw Chinese hair bundles: are uneven due to the fact that China imports raw materials from different sources: Southeast Asia, India, and Brazil, (mostly due to low prices and large supply)… The main characteristics of raw Chinese hair bundles are usually according to Indian and Brazilian hair characteristics which are curly, coarse and thin.
  • Quality of Chinese raw human hair bundles: Raw hair bundles from China usually have a sparkling and beautiful look at first but don’t last long. The hair strands easily fall out or are tangled after a short time of use. It is due to the fact that imported Chinese hair has to go through many processes and chemicals to look good.
  • Price of raw Chinese hair bundles: Raw China hair bundles are divided into many different price segments. Raw hair originating from India, Pakistan,… will tend to be cheaper. The average price of raw hair ranges from $7/bundle. Raw hair sourced from Southeast Asia has a higher price tag, around $10/bundle. At this price, if you buy directly at raw hair vendors in Southeast Asia, you will get better quality.

Raw Chinese hair bundles are gaining more and more share in the hair market because of their wide selection and competitive prices..


China – home to the biggest suppliers in the world


Origin and natural features of raw Chinese hair bundles are uneven

2.2.2. Pros of buying raw hair bundles in China

Buying raw China hair bundles gives you a wide variety of search choices and the most competitive prices in the hair market:

  • Raw China hair bundles originate from many places, have many diverse segments, and have many options to suit many customers.
  • Raw hair bundles are produced in modern Chinese hair factories, advanced machines, and mass production on a large scale, so the price is very competitive. From 8 USD/bundle.
  • China has a modern infrastructure and logistics system, so the delivery and delivery of goods take place quickly and smoothly.

Buying raw Chinese hair bundles will be suitable for those who need a large amount of hair in a short time, and a wide variety of items with competitive prices. However, because the hair is imported from many sources, the quality is not stable and durable.

2.3. India – where you can buy raw Indian hair bundles at low prices

India is among the top 3 recommended places to buy raw Indian hair bundles. This country is famous for its abundant cheap local hair.

2.3.1. Features of raw hair bundles in India

Raw Indian hair bundles are locally sourced and the cheapest in the hair market. Raw Indian hair bundles in India are increasingly sought after and sold in the hair market

  • Origin and features of Raw Indian hair bundles: Raw materials for raw Indian hair bundles are usually collected directly from donors or from temples where Indians perform their shaving rituals. Raw Indian hair bundles have the characteristics of Indian natural hair which are curly and coarse.
  • Quality of raw hair bundles from India: It is strong enough to be bleached, and dyed but dry, lint and rough instead of shiny and their life span is not as long as raw Indian hair bundles from Southeast Asia.
  • Price of Raw Indian hair bundles: raw Indian hair bundles are in the low price segment of the world hair market, about 6$/bundle thanks to low labor cost and abundant raw materials. Usually, the workers of raw hair vendors in India are women who are paid very low hourly rates. India has an abundant raw materials supply collected directly from donors or temples The cost of purchasing raw materials is cheap because they are concentrated mainly in temples and collectors do not even have to pay to collect hair here.

Raw Indian hair bundles are favored by many distributors and retailers because of their low price and abundant hair source, which can quickly meet large quantities.


Raw materials for raw Indian hair bundles are usually collected directly from donors or from temples


India – where you can buy raw Indian hair bundles at low prices

2.3.2. Pros of buying raw hair bundles in India

You can buy bulk raw Indian hair bundles with just a small investment. Bundles of raw hair here can meet large orders in a short time with cheap prices:

  • Since India is a country with abundant hair resources, Indian raw hair suppliers can easily accommodate bulk requests.
  • Because India has cheap labor and abundant raw materials, hair products in this country are very cheap. You can get a bunch of non-Remy hair for as cheap as $5 or $6.

Raw Indian hair bundles are suitable for hair sellers who prioritize price above all else and need large quantities. Hair traders who prioritize top quality should consider buying raw hair in form of bundles elsewhere.

3. How to buy high-quality raw hair bundles

Nowadays there are so many hair suppliers selling raw hair that make you confused when looking for a place to buy high quality hair. To buy high-quality bundles of raw hair, you need to find a reputable raw hair supplier and then check the quality of their products.

3.1. Making a list of reliable hair vendors who supply raw hair bundles

To have a list of reliable raw human hair bundles suppliers, first, you need to find the hair vendors who supply raw hair in form bundles, then extract the dependable hair vendors by checking their product images, brand name, address, policies and make a video call with them:

  • Find raw human hair bundles supplier: You can find the best hair vendors through numerous channels such as search engines (Google, Bing,…), trade fairs or network recommendations.
  • Filter the list: you should choose suppliers who have these features: Having actual images of the products and factories instead of too excellent and virtual images, having their own brand names registered and clear information about businesses and products, having real addresses verified on google maps, having positive feedback from customers about raw hair bundles (It doesn’t have to be all positive but it has to be plurals), have other contact information besides websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels, or exist in e-commerce platforms like Amazon, and Alibaba,…Also, you should choose suppliers who accept exchanges and returns. Reliable raw hair vendors will not hesitate to accept your returns if their products have defects and negligence is inevitable even for big hair vendors. With Chinese raw hair suppliers, you should choose those that accept payment by Paypal because Paypal has a policy to protect the interests of buyers, helping to reduce risks when shopping online.
  • You can make a video call with the vendor and ask them to show the products and factories.

Above is a way to help you find a reputable hair factory that you can refer to choose the most suitable product for your company.


You can find raw hair vendors through numerous channels such as search engines (Google, Bing,…)


Having other contact information beside websites such as: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube channels, or exist in ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Alibaba,…


With raw Chinese hair bundles suppliers, you should choose those that accept payment by Paypal

3.2. Some tips to check the quality of raw hair bundles

To check whether the hair vendors supply high-quality bundles of raw hair or not, you should test directly through sample products for the most accurate quality testing.

3.2.1. Check the quality of bulk hair

With bulk hair, since bulk hair is unprocessed, you just need to check if the hair has been treated by a smell test and see whether the hair has enough volume or length:

  • You can check to see if the hair has been treated or not through the smell of the hair. If the hair has an unpleasant smell, it is likely that the hair has undergone some chemical treatments.
  • Grasp the hair bundle and move from top to bottom to determine if the raw hair supplier cheats the length of the hair. If the hair is thinner at the end, it means that this hair vendor has cheated the length by placing the short hair in the middle of the hair bundle alternating with long hair.

Referring to the above ways to check the quality of bulk hair, you can choose high-quality bulk hair products for your company.

3.2.2. Check the quality of raw hair bundles in the forms of weft, tape-in, tip-in

With bundles of raw hair in the forms of weft, tape-in, tip-in, you can check by smell test, check by hand and porosity test:

  • Smelling test: If hair products from a Vietnamese virgin hair wholesaler have been exposed to dangerous chemicals, they will have a nasty and strong smell that endures even after multiple times of washings.
  • Check by hand to test shedding and tangling test: Stroking down the hair will reveal whether it is prone to tangling or loss. In addition, if the dye gets on your hands, that dyed hair will easily fade.
  • Porosity test: drop a few hair strands into the water, if they float on the water, the raw hair bundles are of good quality and vice versa because poor-quality hair will absorb water.
  • Moreover, if you buy your hair for bleaching purposes, you can try bleaching and dyeing it bright colors like 613 to see if the color is uniform.

In case there are no sample products for you to directly test the quality, you can video call with sales/representatives of the supplier to ask them to perform a shedding test or a porosity test.

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How to check the quality of bundles of raw hair

4. Top recommended hair vendors worldwide to buy the best raw hair bundles

Below are the famous hair vendors around the world who are recognized by consumers as offering the best bundles of raw hair at competitive prices.


Where You Can Buy Bundles Of Raw Hair With The Best Quality

4.1. Vin hair vendor – The best place to buy high-quality raw hair bundles

Vin hair vendor is a well-known hair factory in Vietnam with many years of experience in the hair industry:


Vin hair vendor


Vin hair products

Vin hair vendor

With a factory located in Bac Ninh, Vietnam and a team of skilled workers, Vin hair vendor can confidently meet large orders and bring you high-quality products at the most competitive prices.

4.2. Ted Hair 

Ted Hair, which was founded in 2008, has established itself as a reputable hair vendor supplying the best bundles of raw hair on the global market.

  • Products: Their main products include high-quality bundles of raw hair (bulk & hair weft), closures and frontals, wigs, and extensions in a variety of lengths, textures and colors. Their hair weft and wigs are highly sought after all over the world.
  • Price: Ted Hair sells products at relatively high prices, in the high-end segment of the global hair market, starting at 19.5$/100g bundle.
  • Returns/Exchanges: Requests for refunds or exchanges must be made within 7 days under specified conditions.

Ted Hair, which has a large modern factory in Guangzhou, supplies a massive amount of hair products to the global hair market each year. If you’re looking for a large quantity of the best raw hair bundles in a short time, look no further.


Ted Hair – A reliable Chinese hair vendors supply the best quality raw hair

4.3. Cambodian Hair Freak 

The recommended Cambodian hair vendors mentioned in this blog provide raw Cambodian hair bundles of nearly the same quality. But there are some featured points to be noted about Cambodian Hair Freak:

  • Products: Their main products are raw Cambodian hair bundles and it also their best seller.
  • Price: really reasonable, 105$ for 1kg raw hair bundles, varying to the length
  • Minus point: This Cambodian hair vendor accepts no returns and exchanges. This is likely because they are confident in the quality of their products, but it can also be detrimental to customers.

Cambodian Hair Freak is one of the best raw Cambodian hair suppliers for anyone looking to start their own hair business because of its high quality and low price.


Cambodian Hair Freak – the 5th one of the top raw Cambodian hair bundles suppliers

4.4. Adorable Hair

Adorable Hair has been among India’s most well-known and best raw hair suppliers since its inception in 2008.

  • Products: raw hair bundles (bulk and weft), wigs, closures and frontal.
  • Price: extremely competitive, starting at $70/ 1kg of natural straight hair in 10-inch length.
  • Returns/Exchanges: Requests for refunds or exchanges must be made within 7 days under specified criteria.

If you prefer low prices and don’t have high expectations for quality, Adorable Hair should be suitable for you to buy raw Indian hair bundles.


Adorable Hair – a well-known Indian hair vendor supplying the best raw Indian hair bundles

4.5. UNice

UNice Hair has many years of experience in the international trade of hair extensions products and has a strong position in the world hair market.

  • Products: Bulk, weft hair, closures, and frontals are the main products. Their best seller is weft hair.
  • Pricing: Quite expensive, starting at 159$/1kg natural straight hair.
  • Returns/Exchanges: are accepted.

UNice Hair is a good choice if you have great expectations for the quality of raw Chinese hair bundles regardless of price.


UNice – top best raw Chinese hair suppliers

4.6. Angkor Hair

Angkor Hair was founded five years ago and quickly became one of the best Cambodian hair vendors of the best raw hair bundles.

  • Products: They sell raw Cambodian hair bundles in a variety of lengths and receive many positive compliments from customers all over the world.
  • Price: Reasonable, starting at $425/1kg of natural straight double-drawn hair.
  • Policy: They accept exchanges and returns

If you’re looking for high-quality hair extensions at a reasonable price, Angkor Hair is an excellent hair vendor of raw Cambodian hair bundles to consider.


Angkor Hair – one of the best raw hair suppliers in Cambodia

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