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Wholesale Hair Extensions: Top Places To Buy Premium Hair


Do not miss this blog if you are looking for high-quality wholesale hair extensions and the list of top the most reputable hair suppliers to buy it.

China, Vietnam, and India are the most famous places to buy wholesale hair extensions. While Chinese hair extensions are famous for product diversity, Vietnamese ones are popular for high quality and Indian ones are well-known for low price. Keep reading for the best places to buy hair extensions in bulk.

1. Must-know things about wholesale hair extensions

There are some things you should know before buying hair extensions wholesale, including the materials and types of wholesale hair extension products.

1.1. Materials for wholesale hair extensions

There are 2 main materials for hair extensions, which are synthetic and human hair. In particular, human hair is divided into many different types based on the origin and treatments on the hair. There are virgin hair, raw hair, remy and non-remy hair.

  • Virgin hair is hair taken from a single donor and has not been treated with chemicals.
  • Raw hair wholesale is hair taken from more than one donor and has not been processed or treated with steam, heat or chemicals. Raw hair is the purest hair type and is suitable for customers looking for unprocessed and premium wholesale hair extensions.
  • Remy hair is taken from 2-3 donors, and the hair cuticles are still intact and aligned.
  • Meanwhile, non-remy hair is hair from multiple donors and hair cuticles do not move in the same direction (not aligned).

So, it can be seen that each type of material has different characteristics and will suit different requirements of customers.

Remy vs non-remy hair
Remy vs non-remy hair

1.2. Types of wholesale hair extension products

There are 3 main types of wholesale hair extension products: Bulk hair, hair weft and hair extensions like tape ins, clip-ins, and tip-ins.

  • Bulk hair: The term bulk refers to the way the hair is packaged – it comes in bundles without any weft or clips attached.
  • Hair weft: all hair strands are sewn into a fine cloth to make hair weft. Hair weft usually comes with a closure or a frontal to make a full wig. Buying hair weft bundles with a closure (or frontal) will be much cheaper than buying a wig.
  • Clip-ins, tip-ins and tape-ins: the hair comes in bundles with clips, tips or tapes attached to the top of the hair bundles so that customers can attach them to their natural hair easily. These wholesale hair extensions products will help add volume to your hair.

Each hair type will suit the needs of different customers but in general, hair weft is more preferred by African, or Latin American customers because it both adds length and adds volume to their natural hair. while European customers prefer tape ins, tip ins and clip ins because it can make their hair look thicker and bouncier.

2. The most popular types of wholesale hair extensions in the world

Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian hair extensions wholesale are the most sought after products in the world hair market. While Chinese hair is well-known for product diversity, Vietnamese hair extensions are sought after for high quality and Indian wholesale hair extension products are popular for low pricing.

2.1. Chinese wholesale hair extensions

Chinese hair extensions are famous for their beautiful and diverse designs, but the quality of the hair is still controversial.

  • Hair origin: Chinese hair extensions products are made of hair imported from numerous sources like Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam,… It is due to the fact that the domestic supply of raw materials is not enough to meet the production needs of thousands of tons per year of Chinese hair factories.
  • Hair quality: Due to mixed sources of hair materials, the quality of Chinese wholesale hair extensions is uneven and controversial. Many factories also import raw materials as hairballs (non-remy hair) from India, resulting in poor product quality. Moreover, they also prefer to use chemicals in hair production, so the hair may have a beautiful appearance at first but quickly deteriorate a short time later.
  • Product diversity: Customers will have numerous choices of colors, lengths, designs in various types of both synthetic and human products like weft, bulk hair, tip-ins, tape-ins, wigs, ponytails,… when buy hair extensions wholesale from China.
  • Price: Thanks to modern technology and equipment, hair factories in China are able to mass produce and supply hair extensions wholesale in large quantities in a short time at a reasonable price, belonging to the low-medium price segment of the world hair market.

In general, Chinese wholesale hair extensions will be the right choice if you are looking to buy hair products in bulk in a short time and at a reasonable price. However, if you want high quality hair to increase credibility with your customers, this is not a suitable choice.

Chinese hair
Chinese hair

2.2. Vietnamese wholesale hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale have long been famous in the world hair market thanks to its high quality and affordability.

  • Hair origin: Vietnamese hair extensions products are made of 100% Vietnamese human hair which is taken directly from donors. Because Vietnamese women like growing long hair, the hair supply is always abundant. Customers do not need to be worried about unclear origin hair when buying Vietnamese hair extensions in bulk.
  • Hair quality: Customers all over the world are attracted by the beautiful appearance, versatility and durability of Vietnamese hair extensions wholesale. Vietnamese hair is beautiful by nature and thanks to the hair care routine with herbs of Vietnamese people, the hair becomes silkier, softer, shinier and healthier. Customers can create any hairstyle and dye any color with Vietnamese hair extensions and use them for a long time (up to 5 years).
  • Product diversity: there are numerous choices of colors, lengths and textures to choose when buying wholesale Vietnamese hair extensions. However, the designs of wigs are limited and most hair factories in Vietnam make wigs for pre-order.
  • Price: Price of Vietnamese wholesale hair extensions is affordable because the hair quality is worth it. At the same pricing, you will get better quality when you buy hair extensions from Vietnam than buying from other countries.

Vietnamese wholesale hair extension products are the best choices for hair wholesalers all over the world which can bring them both profit and reputation.

High quality Vietnamese raw virgin hair (3)
Vietnamese hair extensions from Vin Hair

2.3. Indian wholesale hair extensions

Indian wholesale hair extension products are among the top best sellers in the hair market besides the Chinese and Vietnamese thanks to their low pricing.

  • Hair origin: There are 2 types of hair materials to produce Indian hair extensions wholesale which are temple hair and hairballs. Temple hair is hair taken from temples where Indian people shave their heads while hairballs (hair trash) are collected in public places, floors, sewers,…
  • Hair quality: Quality of Indian wholesale hair extensions depends on the materials. Temple hair is of good quality and can be styled or dyed but the hair is quite dry, slightly curly and rough. Meanwhile, hairballs are of poor quality because the cuticles are lost or not aligned. Hair products made of hairballs quickly become dry, tangle and shed.
  • Product diversity: due to the rudimentary technique and machinery in Indian hair factories, there are not many choices of designs to choose when buying Indian hair extensions.
  • Price: Because wholesale hair suppliers in India can collect temple hair and hairballs at low cost or for free, the price of Indian hair extensions wholesale belongs to a low segment in the world hair market.

If you are wholesalers and searching for products to start with a low budget, Indian wholesale hair extension products are suitable choices.

Indian hair weft
Indian hair weft

3. Some tips to check the quality of wholesale hair extensions

There are some tips to determine the quality of hair you can follow to buy high quality hair extensions in bulk:

  • Grip Test: Hold the hair bundles at the top. Slide your hand down the hair about a fourth of the way and grasp it. Repeat this at the halfway and three-quarters points, then grasp it just above the tips. The hair of inferior quality will be clearly thinner at each phase of the grip test. High-quality hair will be nearly uniform in thickness throughout.
  • Scrunch Test: While holding the hair by the crown, insert your other hand underneath the ends and pull them up till they reach the roots. Rub your hands together to generate a minimal amount of friction in the hair, and then release. Traverse the hair with your fingertips. Your fingertips should easily glide through your hair. The quality of hair degrades the more it tangles and becomes entangled.
  • Shedding Test: Although it is common for wholesale hair extensions to shed exactly like natural hair, excessive shedding is a sign of poor-quality hair extensions. Comb the hair with your fingers or a comb; if the hair feels silky smooth, separates with ease, and sheds minimally, the hair is of good quality. However, if your fingers become entangled and your hands are covered with stray hairs, this indicates that the hair is of poor quality.
  • Color Test: Color test is applied when you buy hair that is dyed or colored. Swipe the hair bundle vigorously from top to bottom, if you see any dye on your hands, the hair is of low quality.

With the tips above, you can check if the hair extensions wholesale are of high quality or not so that you can make a great decision.

4. Top the best places to buy high-quality wholesale hair extensions

Below are some recommendations for you to buy high-quality hair extensions in large quantities.

4.1. Vin Hair Vendor

If you are a picky customer who has not yet found the ideal wholesale hair supplier to be your long-term partner, Vin Hair Factory may be the greatest option for you. Vin Hair Vendor is one of the major and foremost hair extensions suppliers in Vietnam.

We have the ability to produce our own hair, allowing us to guarantee big quantities, consistent high quality, and the most competitive wholesale factory prices. A bundle of bone straight hair weft costs only from $8.8.

Vin Hair Vendor offers several product options, ranging from straight texture to wavy and curly textures, dark to bright hues, and 6 inches to 32 inches in length.

Vin Hair Vendor owns a factory to produce hair
Vin Hair Vendor owns a factory to produce hair
Vin Hair supplies numerous choices of products
Vin Hair supplies numerous choices of products

Contact VIN HAIR VENDOR for the best pricing: Whatsapp number: +8435666566 (Ms. Ella) We have many customers from throughout the globe. With a skilled sales staff, Vin Hair Vendor is confident in its ability to provide superior service to all customers.

Vin Hair Factory has many customers from throughout the globe
Vin Hair Factory has many customers from throughout the globe

4.2. Lyn Hair

Lyn Hair is one of your best selections if you are looking for a reputed wholesale hair factory in Vietnam that satisfies your quality criteria. Lyn Hair has more than 30 years of expertise in the global hair market. They have utilized this knowledge to establish a production technique that allows them to provide great hair at cheap prices.

  • Except for wigs, the principal products include bulk hair, and hair extensions.
  • Price: affordable, beginning at $90 for 1 kilogramme of 8-inch straight hair.
  • Policy: returns and exchanges are accepted.

For those looking for good quality wholesale hair extensions, Lyn Hair is one of the greatest Vietnamese hair wholesalers due to its high quality and reasonable costs.

4.3. Ted Hair

Since its foundation 15 years ago, Ted Hair has become the market leader in both the Chinese and international hair industries. It is one of the world largest hair extensions manufacturers so when buying from them, you will get quality assurance and factory wholesale prices.

  • Ted Hair offers an extensive selection of wholesale hair extensions including bulk hair, weft hair, wigs, tape-ins, tip ins and clip ins. Their wigs are recognised worldwide for their extensive variety of exquisite patterns.
  • In comparison to other wholesale hair manufacturers in China, products of Ted Hair are among the priciest.

Ted Hair, a Guangzhou-based wholesale hair extensions manufacturers with a vast, contemporary facility, distributes a large amount of hair to the global hair market. If you need to buy large quantities of hair extensions in a hurry, Ted Hair is a reputable choice.

4.4. SGI Hair

SGI Hair is one of the most well-known wholesale hair companies in India, having entered the world hair market in 2008 and subsequently establishing a solid reputation for superior quality.

  • Principal hair items: Weft hair made of temple hair
  • Price: Through wholesale prices of SGI Hair are higher than those of other wholesale hair extensions suppliers in India, they are still among the cheapest in the world.
  • Policy: exchanges and returns are accepted

SGI Hair might be your best choice if you place a premium on low prices and care little about quality.

This blog supplied you with the basic knowledge about hair extensions wholesale hair extensions in the world, including types of hair and top places to buy hair in bulk. If you have more inquiries, please contact Vin Hair through WhatsApp (+84)362123222.

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