Exploring Top 10 Best Wholesale Hair Suppliers In The World

Update: 01/12/2023

This article will reveal the top 10 best wholesale hair suppliers today and all the important information you need to know about these suppliers.

If you want to find a long-term hair supplier but are overwhelmed by the numerous choices out there, continue reading. This article will give you a comprehensive view of wholesale hair suppliers worldwide and assist you in selecting the most ideal hair suppliers.


1. The enormous potential of wholesale hair suppliers in the world hair industry

The market for hair extensions is one of the most promising, both currently and in the future. Hair wholesalers have millions of customers around the world and make huge profits each year.


Best-selling Vin Hair bone straight hair


Best-selling Vin Hair bone straight hair

  • According to a study by Final Step Marketing, about 34% of women all over the world (about 8000 million people) regularly purchase hair extensions for beauty purposes. According to research, women change their hairstyles between four and twelve times every year. On average, the global market consumes hundreds of thousands of tonnes of hair each year. This is quite attractive to hair wholesalers.
  • When running wholesale hair suppliers in prospective regions, such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana, you can earn five to six times your initial investment per year. If your target market are the United States, the United Kingdom, or Russia, the price will be 10 to 15 times higher because the consumer sector in these countries is comprised of affluent individuals who are willing to pay thousands of dollars for their hairstyle. This allows hair wholesalers to extend their operations.
  • Frequently, wholesale hair suppliers are concentrated in raw material-producing regions, like Southeast Asia, India, and China, or in nations with significant demand for hair, including Latin America, Nigeria, and Ghana,…

Unquestionably, wholesale hair commerce is a prosperous industry for the present and the future. Hair wholesale suppliers are essential to the expansion of the hair business.


Vin Hair bone straight is available in all hot trending colors


2. Things you need to know about wholesale hair suppliers

There are two categories of hair wholesalers: manufacturers and commercial companies. Typically, manufacturers originate from nations with an abundance of raw materials or advanced machinery technology; commercial companies are centred in nations with ample raw materials or a high demand for hair.


Things you need to know about wholesale hair suppliers


2.1. Wholesale hair suppliers who are manufacturers

A wholesale hair supplier manufacturer has their own plant to produce their hair and then sells hair to commercials companies.


Vin Hair bone straight hair in brown color

2.1.1 Characteristics of wholesale hair suppliers who are manufacturers 

The manufacturers have the factory, equipment, and skilled labor necessary to make hair and directly supply customers:

  • They have their own plants and production line. They purchase raw ingredients, manufacture hair products, and sell them to distributors, commercial companies, or straight to consumers. Typically, each hair wholesaler focuses on producing a limited number of product lines, rather than a wide variety of products.
  • The production scale of the wholesale hair suppliers who are hair manufacturers does not need to be excessively vast with particularly advanced technology and equipment, but it must be sufficient to accommodate large orders. Smaller and medium-sized manufacturers are often centered in Southeast Asian nations like Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia,…
  • Clients of wholesale hair supplier manufacturers are typically wholesalers, trading businesses, or retailers (rarely retail customers), and a minimum purchase quantity of 5kg is generally required.

Below are the qualities of the wholesale hair supplier-manufacturer that you must evaluate to determine if they are suitable for your business.


Vin Hair weaves in different curly and wavy textures

2.1.2. Advantages of purchasing hair from wholesale hair suppliers who are manufacturers

Purchasing hair from a wholesale hair supplier who is manufacturer will provide you with consistent quality at more affordable prices:

  • Because they do not need to go through middlemen, the manufacturers will offer lower prices than commercial companies. They purchase hair straight from the location of raw materials, process it, and then sell it to wholesalers, distributors, or end users.
  • Because they can manage the quality of raw materials, the quality of wholesale hair suppliers – manufacturers is also more consistent. Moreover, they can fulfill bulk orders swiftly and accurately track production progress for huge orders.



Vin Hair bright color bone straight hair


Cooperating with wholesale hair manufacturers will result in consistent quality at an affordable price. However, because they are primarily concerned with the production, the procedures involved in delivering and customer service will be mediocre and inferior to those of commercial companies. These suppliers are ideal for those who understand how the hair industry operates and desire a long-term supply.


Manufacturers vs Commercial companies

2.2. Wholesale hair suppliers who are commercial companies

These suppliers are trade intermediaries that purchase factory-made hair products for resale to smaller retailers and distributors.


Blue shiny bone straight texture


2.2.1 Characteristics of wholesale hair suppliers who are commercial companies

Commercial hair wholesalers serve as a conduit between producers and consumers. Frequently, commercial companies are concentrated in nations with raw material regions or in countries with high demand but no raw material source.

  • Typically, commercial suppliers lack a hair factory but have a warehouse for their products. This type of hair wholesaler purchases hair products from the manufacturer and resells them to customers at a higher price.
  • They spend on marketing and brand promotion services as well as customer care services because they lack machines and factories.
  • Customers of wholesale hair suppliers who are are typically smaller retailers or distributors, and they require MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 0.5kg

Funmi curly hair in natural color

Above are the qualities of hair wholesalers who are commercial companies that you must evaluate to determine their suitability for your business.

2.2.2. Advantages of purchasing hair from wholesale hair suppliers who are commercial companies

Purchasing hair from hair wholesalers who are commercial companies can provide you with a greater selection of products and expert customer support.


Bouncy curly hair in natural color

  • To provide customers with more options, hair wholesalers pick input materials and broaden product categories.
  • Customer service and buying procedures are executed properly, safeguarding consumers’ interests. In addition, as commercial companies, they have a great deal of expertise in advising you on popular products or offering several economic benefits.

Cooperating with wholesale hair suppliers who are commercial companies will result in superior products and service. Their prices are of course greater than those of the manufacturer. Furthermore, the quality of their hair is unstable because to their dependence on raw materials.

So newcomers to the hair market who desire superior customer service should seek commercial hair companies.


3. The top main places that wholesale hair suppliers are mainly located

There are several hair suppliers all over the world, but Vietnam, India, China, and Africa are predominantly home to the most reputable and largest hair wholesalers. Each location has a distinct hair origin, hair features, processing technique, and pricing.


Vin Hair curly hair in piano color


3.1. Chinese wholesale hair suppliers are the world’s biggest hair wholesalers

Approximately 30 percent of the hair on the worldwide market is currently supplied by Chinese hair wholesale suppliers. It is common knowledge that they manufacture a substantial quantity of hair at affordable prices.

3.1.1. Features of wholesale hair suppliers in China

Hair wholesalers in China are famous for their large-scale, modern technology, providing affordable hair, but the origin and quality of the hair are not appreciated.


Small curly hair in red color


  • Mixed hair source: In the past, hair extensions in China were sourced from Chinese women. Nevertheless, as a result of rapid urbanization and the increasing living standard in China, there are no more Chinese women selling their hair today to Chinese hair factories, and thus the majority of hair supplied by Chinese hair factories is imported inexpensively from other nations, primarily India and Southeast Asian nations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.
  • Features of hair: Chinese hair factories import raw materials from a variety of sources so Chinese hair qualities are various. The hair is typically straight and black by nature. It is quite difficult to properly color hair since it is a mixture of hair from several origins. Due to the extensive use of chemicals during hair processing, the hair becomes brittle and prone to breakage.
  • Large scale production: The scale production of wholesale hair suppliers in China is the world’s largest. Chinese hair suppliers wholesale have their factories equipped with cutting-edge equipment and machinery. China’s manufacturing sector is extremely developed. China’s manufacturing sector is extremely developed.
    With the help of advanced equipment and machinery, workers in these hair factories just need to do some manual steps.
  • Affordable pricing: Hair wholesalers in China frequently combine hair from various nations to make enormous amounts. Therefore, the price is usually lower than in other countries. However, for premium hair, customers have to pay a really high price, even higher when buying in other countries such as Vietnam, and Cambodia with products of the same quality.

30 inches piano color bone straight weft

Hair wholesale suppliers in China are where to go if you are searching for affordable hair in bulk and in a short time. If durability and quality are essential, however, they are not ideal choices and you should seek alternative hair suppliers.


3.1.2. Pros of buying from wholesale hair suppliers in China

Purchasing hair from Chinese hair wholesalers offers a diverse selection of items and a great amount of hair at low prices:

  • You can purchase a bundle of Chinese hair for about seven dollars from these hair wholesalers, whose prices are quite competitive and diverse.
  • China has a contemporary transportation and logistics infrastructure, allowing wholesale hair suppliers to deliver swiftly and without delay. In addition, advanced mechanical technology and vast scale allow them to produce large orders quickly.

Hair suppliers from China are ideal for individuals who require huge amounts of hair in a hurry at a low price. However, because of the extensive use of chemicals in the treatment process, the hair is fragile and breaks easily. In addition, Chinese hair wholesalers import hair from a variety of sources, so the quality is inconsistent.


The majority of hair supplied by hair suppliers in China is imported inexpensively from other nations


3.2.Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers are renowned for supplying high-quality hair

Hair wholesale suppliers in Vietnam have traditionally been regarded as the world’s finest suppliers. Vietnamese hair is highly valued due to its high quality and durability.


Deep wave weft hair in natural color

3.2.1. Features of wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam

Vietnamese hair wholesalers are well-known around the world for supplying hair of high quality and clear origin at competitive prices:

  • Clear hair origin: the hair supplied by wholesale raw hair vendors and wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam has a transparent and premium origin so it’s of high quality and durability: Vietnamese hair is taken from women living in the rural and mountainous areas of Vietnam, where the people still keep the tradition of growing long hair, live healthy lifestyles and take care of their hair with natural ingredients.
  • Characteristics of hair: Vietnamese hair is often jet-black, thick, and straight by nature. Due to their healthy lifestyles and hair care routine with herbs, Vietnamese women have extremely silky, soft, and resilient hair. Vietnamese hair extensions can be bleached, dyed, and styled to any color and texture as desired.
  • Scale production: Wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam place a priority on investing in advanced technology and equipment in order to give their clients the best quality hair products available. Most of the wholesale hair extension suppliers in Vietnam operate on a pre-order basis to ensure that products are always fresh when shipped to customers, so some types of Vietnamese hair extensions will not be available in large quantities in stock. However, due to the availability of raw hair materials, they are also able to supply large quantities within 7-14 days. The workers at these hair factories are skilled craftsmen, with many years of experience in hair manufacturing, so the products are very delicate and beautiful.
  • Price: Because of supplying premium hair, Vietnamese hair suppliers may not provide the lowest pricing, but their prices can be the cheapest and most competitive in the high-end segment. At the same price, hair from hair wholesalers in Vietnam is of higher quality than those from other countries around the world.


Hair distributors and retailers worldwide continually choose hair wholesale distributors in Vietnam thanks to their high quality and affordable hair.


3.2.2. Pros of buying from wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam

You will receive the highest quality at the most competitive price and with the least amount of danger when you purchase hair in bulk from Vietnamese hair wholesalers.

  • Because hair wholesalers in Vietnam do not need to import hair from other countries and take advantage of the abundant source of raw materials, which reduces the preliminary processing costs and benefits from inexpensive labor, they can offer competitive prices compared to those in other nations. When purchasing hair from these wholesale hair suppliers at the same price, you will receive significantly better quality than when purchasing hair from Vietnam.
  • Due to the relative stability of the political status in Vietnam, transit is also simplified. You won’t have to deal with delivery, customs issues, or shipment delays.

Considering the aforementioned advantages, Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers are an excellent and viable option for your company. This region’s hair wholesalers have conquered many worldwide markets, including the most demanding ones like Europe.


Vietnamese hair is taken from women living in the rural and mountainous areas of Vietnam


The workers at these hair factories are skilled craftsmen, with many years of experience in hair manufacturing, so the products are very delicate and beautiful

3.3. Indian wholesale hair suppliers are famous for low-cost wholesale hair supply

Wholesale hair supplies in India are also among the most well-known hair wholesalers besides Chinese and Vietnamese hair wholesalers.



3.3.1. Features of wholesale hair suppliers in India

Indian hair wholesalers, among hair wholesalers from China and Vietnam, supply tons of hair to the world market annually at low prices:

  • Hair source: 2 main hair sources in India are temple hair and hairballs. Temple hair is hair acquired from temples when Indians shave their head as part of traditional rituals. Hairballs are another sort of hair that can be collected anywhere, like the public restroom, hair salons, and sewers… With this hair type, the hairs do not run along the same direction so it is non-Remy hair. This is the most imported hair type from Chinese hair factories, then it is processed through many stages to become remy hair. The treatment process loses the inherent cuticles of the hair, greatly affecting the hair quality.
  • Characteristics of hair: hair of Indians is black, slightly curly and dry by nature. It is possible to color and style virgin Indian hair, but first, it must be straightened. Indian non-remy hair is typically imported by Chinese wholesale hair suppliers for processing due to its inferior quality.
  • Scale production: Even now, hair wholesale suppliers in India still use rudimentary techniques and equipment in producing hair. The stages are almost done by human hands, which is mainly female labor. They don’t have much experience in hair production and can only perform simple steps like cleaning and sorting hair.
  • Low pricing: Due to plentiful wholesale hair supplies and inexpensive labor, Indian hair is one the most affordable in the world.


The aforementioned features of hair suppliers wholesale in India are necessary for determining their suitability for your business.

3.3.2. Pros of buying hair from wholesale hair suppliers in India

Purchasing hair from Indian hair wholesalers will provide a price benefit. Almost no other nation can provide pricing as low as Indian hair:

  • As India is one of the countries with an extensive hair supply, wholesale hair suppliers in India can quickly fulfill large orders.
  • Due to ample raw materials and inexpensive labor, Indian hair wholesalers provide the lowest prices on the global hair market. A bundle of non-Remy hair typically costs between $5 and $6.


There are advantages in terms of price and availability, but the quality of Indian hair from wholesale hair merchants in India is also disputed due to the unknown origins of the raw materials. Overall, the hair from these wholesalers is exportable to China and meets the needs of firms that place a premium on price.


Temple hair is acquired from temples when Indians shave their head as traditional rituals


Due to plentiful wholesale hair supplies and inexpensive labor, Indian hair is one the most affordable in the world

4. Top the best wholesale hair suppliers worldwide

Here are the top five best wholesale hair supplies in the world for the time being that you can buy from them with confidence:

4.1. Vin Hair Vendor – one of the best Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers

If you want to buy premium hair in bulk, go for wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam, and Vin Hair Vendor is among the top choice:

  • Products: Vin Hair Vendor supplies hair weft bundles with closures and frontals, and clip-ins, tape-ins, and tip-ins as their main products. There are many choices of length (up to 38″), colors, and textures for the customers to choose from. The customers can totally send the color or texture they want and Vin Hair will make custom orders.
  • Price: really reasonable, from $8.8 for 100g bundle of 8” straight hair
  • Policy: they accept exchange and return if there are defective items
  • Contact: +84356665661 to get high quality hair at the most competitive prices.

Vin Hair Vendor has received many positive reviews from international customers for their superior quality and service.


Vin Hair Vendor – one of the best Vietnamese hair wholesalers

4.2. Ted Hair – one of the world’s biggest wholesale hair suppliers

Ted Hair is one of the earliest and most renowned wholesale hair suppliers. As a result of their contemporary facilities and advanced hair processing techniques, Ted Hair annually supplies many tonnes of hair to the world hair market.

  • Products: tape-ins and tip-ins, closures & frontals in a variety of lengths, colors, and textures. Ted Hair is very famous for its gorgeous hair wigs.
  • Ted Hair provides extremely competitive pricing. From $23.50 for 10″ Straight Hair Black
  • Policy: exchange and return are accepted within 7 days of receipt under specific terms.
  • Ted Hair is China-based with a large, cutting-edge factory, as well as numerous warehouses throughout the USA.

Ted Hair is among the leading hair wholesale suppliers. Ted Hair is the greatest alternative if you require a large quantity of hair in a short time.


Ted Hair – one of the world’s biggest hair suppliers in the world

4.3. Beauty Forever – one of the best Chinese wholesale hair suppliers

Beauty Forever is among the greatest wholesale hair suppliers in the globe, and you should not overlook them. It was founded in Henan, China 23 years ago so it has a rich experience in the hair industry.

  • Main products: wigs, hair weave, closure and frontal are available
  • Price: Starting at $49.40 for 1 bundle of Remy Hair weft, which is competitive.
  • Policy: Returns are accepted within 30 days if the goods are unused and still in good condition.

If you own a hair business and want to find a long-term hair supplier wholesale, Beauty Forever is one of the greatest choices that can provide you with high-quality products at a reasonable cost.


Beauty Forever – one of the best Chinese hair wholesalers

4.4. Mic Hair – One of the most reliable Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers

Mic Hair is among the leading Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers with many years of experience in the hair industry.

  • Main products: raw bulk hair, hair weft, closures and frontals, and other types of hair extensions…
  • Their price is rather high, but the hair quality is worth it.
  • All orders are returnable and exchangeable within 30 days.

Mic Hair can be the top choice of Vietnamese hair wholesale distributors and is the place to go if you are looking for a high-quality product and superior service.


Mic Hair – One of the most reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers

4.5. Adorable Hair – one of the best wholesale hair suppliers from India

Adorable Hair is among the best wholesale hair suppliers in India, according to hair lovers from around the globe.

  • Main products: wigs, sew-ins, clip-ins, closures, and frontals…
  • Price: Although slightly more expensive when compared to other hair vendors in India, the price is reasonable and the quality is excellent, from $125 for 3 bundles of straight hair 10″.
  • Returns are accepted within seven days of purchase.

If you are seeking the greatest wholesale hair supplies, you can choose Adorable Hair among numerous Indian hair wholesale suppliers due to the superior quality and attractive prices.


Adorable Hair – one of the best Indian hair wholesalers

4.6. Cambodian Hair Freak

Cambodian Hair Freak is a well-known Cambodian hair provider with over five years of professional experience in the production and sale of high-quality hair.

  • This seller sells high-quality hair bundles, weft human hair, hair extensions, and wigs in a variety of colors and textures.
  • Cambodian Hair Freak offers a wide range of outstanding low-cost products. A bundle of 20 inches of Cambodian hair starts at $125.
  • The consumer evaluation of this Cambodian hair factory’s customer service is varied. Although some clients have expressed thanks for the prompt assistance and general satisfaction, others have reported occasional delays and communication challenges.

This hair seller stands out as an excellent choice for your company’s needs. Their competitive pricing strategy for high-quality hair products identifies them as a valued address for both businesses and people in the hair industry.

4.7. Riverwood

Riverwood is one of the leading wholesale hair suppliers. This supplier has a great reputation in the hair market after many years in operation.

  • This supplier has a Chinese factory. Their commitment is to provide economically priced, high-quality hair through consistent supply capabilities and a large inventory.
  • Riverwood is a company that specializes in human hair extensions in the United States, as well as hair bundles, top lace closures, frontals, and a variety of textures such as body wave, curly, straight, loose wave, and deep wave.
  • Labels, tags, cartons, bags, and cards, among other things, are customized and designed for wholesale partners. Expedited shipping is available for online orders.

Their corporate clientele are always urged to visit their factory in Xuchang, China. Riverwood Fashion assures its consumers the highest quality hair extensions, competitive pricing, and great service.

Riverwood regularly offers many incentive programs for customers

Riverwood regularly offers many incentive programs for customers

4.8. Minque Hair

When it comes to wholesale hair suppliers, Minque Hair should not be overlooked.

  • Minque Hair Extensions is committed to offering hair extensions produced from 100% premium-quality Remy hair that can be straightened, styled, ironed, and curled without damaging or reducing hair quality. Their primary products are weft hair and clip-in hair extensions.
  • Minque Hair mainly sells their goods through Instagram and their website, where they give rapid and responsive customer care. However, their internet interface is quite tough to use for new users, so don’t hesitate to call customer care for the finest support.
  • This wholesale hair extensions Australia supplier has outstanding return and exchange policies, but they do not accept damaged, worn, or used hair or packaging.

Minque Hair, with many years in the industry, is confident in having a significant number of loyal clients all over the world in the hair extensions wholesale sector. They are also making more attempts to suit the needs and expectations of their customers.

4.9. Hair Fetish

Hair Fetish, which was founded in 2009, is always proud to be one of the top ten regarded wholesale hair suppliers in both the Atlanta hair market and the global market.

  • They only sell virgin human hair extensions, this reduces tangling and knotting, resulting in high-quality hair extensions.
  • Their hair products are incredibly economical, yet they still rely heavily on the origin of the hair. Brazilian Extensions, Indian Extensions, Malaysian Extensions, Eurasian Extensions, and Peruvian Extensions are the most common hair kinds. An 8-inch bundle of Brazilian hair costs $20.
  • They provide a Full Service Salon with trained stylists who can assist you with the best installation and maintenance of hair extensions.

Hair Fetish is quickly establishing itself as a go-to destination for wholesale hair suppliers, thanks to great benefits in products, services, and astonishingly low pricing.

Some outstanding products of Hair Fetish

Some outstanding products of Hair Fetish

4.10. Elect Cambodian Hair

Elect Cambodian Hair is well acknowledged and esteemed as a top Cambodian wholesale virgin hair factory, with a considerable influence on the market for Cambodian hair extensions.

  • The company focuses on quality 100% virgin hair that is responsibly obtained. Their major goods are hair wigs, and they offer customization services to satisfy all of their customers’ requests.
  • While their Cambodian natural hair products are quite expensive, the exceptional quality more than justifies the extra cost.
  • The Elect Cambodian Hair has earned a reputation for individualized customer care, as seen by quick response times and thorough support.

This Cambodian hair supplier has built a reputation for excellence and elegance over many years of industry experience. It is frequently placed on the list of the most prestigious wholesale virgin hair factories.

5. Tips to choose the best wholesale hair suppliers

Below are some helpful ideas for locating the best wholesale hair extensions suppliers. You need to carefully check their images, their websites, online presence, policies and prices.



  • Utilize social media, networks, or other channels to gather information about credible wholesale hair vendors.
  • Choose a wholesale hair vendor who has authentic images of their factories and products. When the photos of companies and products look too perfect, they can be scammers.
  • Conduct a market survey to determine the current average price on the market. A reputable wholesale hair vendor will not offer you a price that is too low compared to the average, as quality and price are frequently correlated.
  • Choose the wholesale hair suppliers with well-known brand names: Credible hair wholesale distributors must have registered, recognizable brand names that are easily heard about and found on the Internet.
  • Check the customer testimonials: The best wholesale hair extension suppliers must receive numerous positive feedback from customers. You can find reviews from customers on the Internet, Facebook, Youtube, etc.
  • Choose hair extension wholesale suppliers who have their own websites, social media channels, and other ways of communication online.
  • Select wholesale hair products suppliers who have consumer protection policies like warranty, exchange, and return policy: reputable wholesale hair suppliers will not hesitate to issue a refund or enable you to return faulty goods.
  • Moreover, when just learning how to start a hair business, it is best that the hair wholesale suppliers you choose accept PayPal payments. Because Paypal offers buyer protection guarantees, you may shop and pay with assurance.

After you carefully check their images, websites, online presence, policies and prices, those who are wondering how to start a hair business can find the best hair wholesalers for their hair business.


When the photos of companies and products look too perfect, they can be scammers


It is best that the hair wholesale suppliers you choose accept PayPal payments


Stroke or bang the hair to check quality

6. FAQs about wholesale hair suppliers

Below are common concerns and questions related to wholesale hair suppliers along with our detailed answers.

6.1. What is the process of buying hair from wholesale hair suppliers?

Each hair extension vendor will have their own purchase processes, but this is the most basic and frequent at wholesale hair suppliers:

  • The initial step is to select the most reputed hair supplier. Consider feedback from customers and industry professionals while evaluating one’s reputation. Refer to the top 10 best wholesale hair suppliers we have recommended to make the best decision.
  • Provide the manufacturer with a list of the hair products that you require in order to acquire a quote. Please provide your particular needs in terms of product kind, quantity, color, length, etc.
  • Following the computation of product prices, shipping costs, and any other supplementary charges, the hair manufacturer will prepare and mail you an invoice.
  • Before the production or packaging of your purchase, most wholesale hair suppliers will ask for a deposit of 30%-70% of the order value.
  • A video chat is required prior to shipment to authenticate the quantity and quality of the order. You pay the remaining sum after you are satisfied, and the item is delivered to you. Delivery may take 5 to 12 days, depending on the location of the buyer and the order.

These are the fundamental steps for ordering from hair extension companies; if you have any questions, please contact the suppliers.

6.2. What are useful tips for working with wholesale hair suppliers?

After identifying the most suitable wholesale hair distributors, you can use the following guidelines to collaborate with them and become their preferred business partner effectively. Remember that you should promise to return with more orders in the future and keep a good relationship with hair wholesalers.


  • Promise to return with a bulk order if the initial order is of high quality. In this way, the wholesale hair extension suppliers will be more willing to offer you a discount.
  • Reputable wholesale hair suppliers will have numerous sales and each can offer different prices so you can deal with numerous sales from the same hair extension wholesale suppliers and one of them will give you the best price.
  • No delay in payment to build trust and facilitate a smooth working relationship.
  • Maintain constant communication with the sales/representatives of the wholesale hair suppliers. If you and the suppliers have a good relationship, they will contact you if there is a sale or prioritize your order.
  • Even though your partners are the greatest hair wholesale suppliers, faults are sometimes inevitable. Therefore, prudence is key. Every time you get the shipment, you should record a video to use as evidence in the event of a later complaint.

When you promise to return with more orders in the future and keep a good relationship with the hair wholesale supplier, you will have better price and service from them.

Riverwood regularly offers many incentive programs for customers

If you and the suppliers have a good relationship, they will contact you if there is a sale or prioritize your order

6.3. Do wholesale hair suppliers offer customization options?

Yes, many wholesale hair suppliers offer customization options including different lengths, textures, and colors. Some suppliers also provide lace customization for wigs and closures, allowing customers to tailor the products to their specific needs.

However, not all firms offer product customization because not all hair vendors are direct producers. Furthermore, some hair providers are only commercial enterprises that nevertheless offer personalized options, thus quality will be compromised, the manufacturing time will be prolonged, and costs will rise because they are only intermediaries. So choose hair vendors who have their own well-known and reputable factories to ensure the quality of things matched to your demands at a reduced cost.


Each of the top ten hair extension companies we mentioned has its own distinct set of features. Choose the supplier who best meets your demands based on your top criteria such as quality, budget, and service to have the greatest shopping experience.

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