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Top 10 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors In Chicago New Updated


This article will reveal the top 10 best wholesale hair vendors in Chicago today along with important information you need to know about these suppliers.

The growing popularity of the United States’ hair industry has led to the proliferation of wholesale hair vendors in Chicago. And if you are overwhelmed when choosing the best one to be your partner, keep reading for top the best hair wholesalers in Chicago.

Hair Wholesalers In Chicago Facts And Top Pick New Updated

1. The potential of wholesale hair vendors in Chicago

The hair industry is very developed and hugely profitable in Chicago. Hair wholesalers in Chicago are becoming more and more popular and profitable thanks to the large population and huge demand for hair extensions here.

  • Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States with a developed economy, one of the important economic pillars of the United States. This land offers many development opportunities in all areas, including the hair industry.
  • Chicago serves as a distribution center for goods not only for itself but for the entire state of Illinois and the Midwest region of the United States. People here love fashion and beauty, they change their hairstyles monthly or even daily, leading to the rapid growth and huge profit potential for wholesale hair vendors in Chicago.
  • People, especially women in Chicago are very interested in beauty. They are willing to pay a large amount to change their hairstyle often, maybe monthly. Therefore, Chicago hair vendors can earn 3-4 times their initial investment. For example, 100g of 8-inch bone straight hair has an import price of about $8, they can sell for up to $20-$30.

Because of the above reasons, hair suppliers wholesale in Chicago received a lot of attention from domestic customers and made huge profits.

People in Chicago love fashion and beauty, they change their hairstyles monthly or even daily

2. Something you need to know regarding wholesale hair vendors in Chicago

The are some things you should know before working with hair wholesale vendors in Chicago including their classifications, where they mainly source their hair from and pros and cons of buying hair from them.

2.1. Wholesale hair vendors in Chicago classifications

There are 3 types of hair wholesalers in Chicago: hair factories, commercial companies, and warehouses. Hair factories can control the quality of input raw materials while commercial companies and warehouses can not so their hair quality is inconsistent and their price is higher.

  • Hair factories: produce hair products that raw materials are imported from raw materials-sourced countries. They make up a small proportion of the total number of wholesale hair vendors here because hair wholesalers in Chicago mainly focus on trading hair rather than manufacturing hair because manufacturing hair in Chicago needs to face expensive labor, warehousing costs, and strict laws on manufacturing in the US.
  • Commercial companies: Importing complete hair products from other countries’ hair factories and then selling them to domestic customers. They account for more than the number of hair factories in the total number of hair wholesalers in Chicago. They offer high prices due to high import tax on finished hair products and can not control the quality of the output like the hair factories, leading to uneven hair quality.
  • Warehouse: another type of wholesale hair vendors in Chicago. It is a branch of big hair factories, mainly Chinese hair factories. Usually, small stores combined with warehouses, are located on the streets of Chicago. These factories have a large number of customers in Chicago, so they set up their warehouses here so that customers can come and see and experience the products directly, and it is convenient for shipping to their customers here.

However, nowadays, many commercial companies often claim to be hair factories to increase reliability from customers, so you need to know how to distinguish between these two types of hair suppliers wholesale in Chicago. If possible you should go to see if they have a real factory and check their quality in person, if not you can request a video call to have them show you their factory and products.

Chicago hair factories operate on a large scale with many advanced and modern machinery and equipment
Warehouse is another type of hair wholesalers in Chicago 
The laws on manufacturing in the US, especially in Chicago are very strict

2.2. The places where wholesale hair vendors in Chicago mainly source their hair from

Due to the shortage of domestic supply, most wholesale hair vendors USA and Chicago hair vendors have to import hair from Asian countries such as Southeast Asian countries, China, and India, … because the supply of hair in these countries is abundant at low cost. These are also hair wholesalers for hair distributors all over the world. And the origin is the most important factor determining the quality of the hair.

  • Southeast Asia: hair from countries in this area (usually Vietnamese, Malaysian, Cambodian, and Burmese hair): Belonging to the best hair types in the world, hair is black, thick, shiny, and strong due to its natural characteristics, mild climate and hair care routine of people here. Hair is taken from rural and mountainous areas, where women care for their hair with natural herbs and don’t have their hair exposed to heat or chemical treatments.
  • China: it is a fact that the supply of Chinese hair cannot meet the needs of domestic production, so Chinese hair factories also have to import hair from Southeast Asian countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc… then export to wholesale hair vendors in Chicago. Therefore, the quality of the hair is not uniform, some are good quality and some will be extremely bad. Good quality hair is really expensive. Moreover, with advanced China’s hair processing techniques, low-quality hair will still have a shiny appearance and will degrade after only a short time of use.
  • India: hair sourced from India is divided into 2 popular types: temple hair and hairballs. Temple hair is hair collected from temples where Indians perform the ritual of shaving their hair according to their religious beliefs. This hair type is of good quality, quite strong but a bit rough and coarse due to its natural properties. Meanwhile, hairballs is hair trash collected from floors, sewers, and public baths,… then cleaned and processed into non-remy hair and then remy hair. This hair type is very weak and of poor quality due to the loss of cuticles during the cleaning and processing stages. This is also the type of hair most imported by Chinese hair factories.

It can be seen that hair of hair wholesalers in Chicago sourced from Southeast Asian countries is of high quality with clear origin while hair from China and India has mixed origin so the quality is uneven.

Southeast Asian hair is the best hair types in the world, hair is black, thick, shiny, and strong
Temple hair is collected from temples

2.3. Pros and cons of purchasing hair from wholesale hair vendors in Chicago

Regardless of whether you are living in Chicago or elsewhere in the United States, here are the pros and cons when buying hair from hair wholesale vendors in Chicago:

2.3.1. Pros of purchasing hair from wholesale hair vendors in Chicago

There are some advantages you should take into account when buying hair from wholesale hair distributors in Chicago in terms of products and shipping, etc.

  • Minimize risk: You can come to experience the product and buy directly if you are nearby, which helps minimize the risks of being scammed by unreliable wholesale hair vendors.
  • Products that satisfy consumer tastes: The wholesale hair vendors in Chicago will be the ones who understand the needs and tastes of domestic customers the most so that they can advise and offer products with a variety of designs and market tastes here.
  • Convernient shipping: Logistics in Chicago is so developed that domestic or inner city transportation is very fast and at a reasonable cost so if you are in a hurry, wholesale hair vendors here are suitable choices.

So, hair suppliers wholesale in Chicago will be beneficial for customers who are new to the hair industry and are searching for the option which is less risky and more fast and convenient.

Pros of purchasing hair from hair wholesalers in Chicago

2.3.2. Cons of purchasing hair from wholesale hair vendors in Chicago

Besides the advantages, purchasing from Chicago hair vendors also has many disadvantages that will let you down regarding hair quality, price and leading time:

  • Hair quality is uneven and unstable: Hair wholesale vendors in Chicago, especially hair factories and commercial companies cannot control the quality of input materials. They must import hair from different sources so the hair quality is uneven and unstable.
  • High price: High labor and warehousing costs, plus import taxes on raw materials make the price of wholesale hair vendors in Chicago relatively high, especially when compared to importing hair products directly from the raw materials-sourced countries.
  • Long waiting time if in peak season: the time near holidays, New Year or Christmas are peak times when many items may be out of stock and if you order them in bulk, hair wholesalers in Chicago will have to import hair from other countries which leads to long waiting time.

So, if you have experience in the hair industry and want to find a source for better hair quality and price, directly importing hair outside Chicago from raw-materials sourced countries like Southeast Asia, China, and India is a more suitable option.

Cons of purchasing hair from hair suppliers wholesale in Chicago

3. Something to be noted when choosing dependable wholesale hair vendors in Chicago

If you can not come to see the Chicago hair vendors in person, there is something to be noted to check their reputability online including checking their address, reviews from customers, products, price and their brand name.

  • Check the hair wholesalers in Chicago’s addresses: their addresses must be verifiable and real addresses that can be checked on Google Maps
  • Examine the feedback of experienced customers: Look for customer testimonials on search engines like Google, and Bing, on some forums, or on Facebook, and Instagram… to see what they said about the hair wholesale suppliers in Chicago. Not all but the majority must be positive.
  • Examine the photographs of the hair wholesale vendors in Chicago: Choose those with authentic images of their facilities and products. Avoid ones with photos that are too realistic or too perfect, as they might be con artists.
  • Do market research to determine the current average price on the hair market. The price of reputable wholesale hair distributors in Chicago will not be much different from the market average. Avoid the suppliers who offer excessively low prices, as price and quality are frequently correlated.
  • Examine the wholesale hair vendors in Chicago’s brand name: Dependable wholesale hair vendors must have a registered brand name that is widely known and easily accessible online.
  • Check numerous online presences: Reputable wholesale hair vendors should have professional websites, channels on social media, and other online communication channels. Because a con artist may immediately block you after receiving payment.
  • Choose the hair wholesale vendors in Chicago with customer protection policies, such as return and exchange policies: Dependable hair vendors should be confident in the quality of their products so they will gladly allow you to exchange or return defective items.
  • Check the methods of payment accepted by the hair wholesalers in Chicago: It would be ideal if wholesale hair suppliers accepted PayPal. Paypal’s buyer protection policies allow you to shop and pay with confidence.

With the tips mentioned above, you will make a list of reliable hair wholesalers in Chicago. To filter the list, you also need to know how to check the quality of hair supplied by these hair vendors which will be revealed in the next part.

Look for customer testimonials on search engines like Google, and Bing, on some forums, or on Facebook, and Instagram
It would be ideal if wholesale hair suppliers accepted PayPal

4. Some tips to check the quality of hair supplied by wholesale hair vendors in Chicago

Examine the quality of hair supplied by hair suppliers wholesale in Chicago: There are various methods for assessing hair quality. Below are some suggestions:

  • Proposity test: drop a few hair strands into the water, if the hairs float, it is of good quality and vice versa because high quality hair doesn’t absorb water.
  • Run your fingers through the hair. The hair is of bad quality if it is coarse and uneven.
  • With colored hair: If the dye of colored hair clings to your hands when you stroke it, the dye must be of low quality and will fade quickly.
  • Check the odor of the hair: Additionally, the smell of the hair reflects its quality. Dependable wholesale hair vendors in Chicago will not sell hair products with an offensive odor.
  • Sheding or tangling test: If the hair sheds and gets tangled when you vigorously comb, brush or stroking it, it is of poor quality and vice versa.

With the checking tips below, along with the tips to choose reliable hair vendors, you will find for yourself a suitable partner who is reliable and supply high quality hair products.

If the hair sheds and gets tangled when being vigorously combed or brushed, it is of poor quality

In conjunction with the expansion of the world hair industry, the number of hair Chicago hair vendors is growing. Are you confused when choosing the most suitable hair supplier? To save you time searching, below are some of the best hair wholesalers in Chicago:

5.1. Vin Hair Vendor

If you want to buy high quality hair at an affordable price, Vin Hair Vendor is a choice not to be missed.

  • Vin Hair commits that all products are made from 100% highest quality raw human hair. Hair products are always in good condition and highly durable due to contemporary processing technology and a team of skilled experts.
  • Hair weft, hair bulk, hair extensions (clip-ins, tape-ins, tip-ins, ponytail,…), hair wigs, closures, and frontal are the main products of Vin Hair.
  • Customized products: You can completely modify your hair to your liking. From natural colors like natural color and black color to trendy hair colors like burgundy, orange, blue, green, 613 hues,… in a variety of textures (curly, straight, wavy, pixie,…)
  • Price: Vin Hair is a raw hair vendor that directly produces Vietnamese raw hair, allowing you to buy hair at wholesale costs. With 1kg straight hair in natural color 8′′, you may get an amazing commodity for only $88.
  • Excellent customer service: Vin Hair also has a professional sales team that is always ready to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Vin Hair Factory is considered as the best hair supplier due to its superior hair quality and exceptional customer service.

Some outstanding products of Vin Hair Vendor
Some outstanding products of Vin Hair Vendor

5.2. Loxx 

Loxx belongs to the most dependable hair wholesalers in Chicago that supplies Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian hair. To make sure that the hair is durable and of high quality, Loxx supplies virgin human hair with the best properties.

  • Products: They specialize in producing wigs in a variety of styles to meet the diverse needs of Chicago customers. In addition, they sell hair bundles, lace closures and frontals, clip-ins and tape-ins hair in black and 613 color.
  • Price is quite expensive, from $99 for 3 bundles of human hair ( 12’’ 14’’ 16’’).
  • Policy: Returns and exchanges are accepted

Loxx is unquestionably not only one of the best wholesale hair distributors in Chicago, but also one of the best wholesalers in the US.

Loxx – top 2 best wholesale hair vendors in Chicago

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5.3. Lavish AR Virgin Hair

Lavish AR Virgin Hair belongs to top the best hair suppliers wholesale in Chicago of virgin hair. With the finest virgin hair in the world, this hair vendor is one of Chicago’s leading wholesale hair vendors.

  • Main products: Wigs, closures and frontals, and hair tips made from virgin hair in black and blonde color are the company’s primary offerings.
  • Price: reasonable, from $230 to $260 per wig.
  • Policy: Within 30 days from receipt, exchanges and returns are accepted. Refunds will be made within one day of receiving the returns.

Lavish AR Virgin Hair can be an excellent choice that stands out among the various wholesale hair vendors in Chicago from which you can buy a wide range of hair products with confidence.

Lavish AR Virgin Hair – Top 3 best hair wholesalers in Chicago

5.4. Indique Hair 

As one of the most well-known hair wholesale vendors in Chicago, Indique is your best choice if you’re looking for hair products of exceptional quality.

  • Main products: they sell Closures & Frontals, Wigs, Clip-in, Ponytails, Wefted Hair, Braiding Hair, tape and tip-in.
  • Price: really expensive, from $349 – $ 599
  • Policy: they accept return(s) within 30 calendar days of the original purchase date

If you are looking for reliable wholesale hair vendors in Chicago, go for Indique Hair extensions.

Indique Hair – top 4 best hair wholesalers in Chicago

5.5. Iconic Hair

Iconic Hair is a wholesale hair vendor with a solid reputation among the leading wholesale hair distributors in Chicago. In addition to a variety of other excellent services, this hair salon provides and installs extensions that bring the customers’ hair fullness and length.

  • Main products: Wigs, hair bundles, closures and frontals are their main products
  • Price: In comparison to other Chicago hair vendors, their price is really competitive, from $45 – $170
  • Policy: returns and exchanges are accepted

Iconic Hair, one of the most reliable wholesale hair vendors in Chicago, provides a reliable hair supply.

Iconic Hair – top 5 best hair suppliers wholesale in Chicago

5.6. Hair Graffitti Virgin Hair LLC

If you are looking for a hair supplier with top quality hair, you cannot miss Hair Graffitti Virgin Hair LLC in Chicago.

  • They are committed to 100% virgin hair with the main products being bulk hair, weft hair, wigs with a variety of colors and styles.
  • This supplier has prices in the high-end segment of the market, from $70 for a bundle of virgin natural color hair.
  • They accept a 15-day return and exchange policy, with enthusiastic and dedicated support that always leaves customers satisfied.

Hair Graffitti Virgin Hair LLC is always the leading supplier in the high-end hair extensions product segment in Chicago

5.7. Flawless Hair Extensions

After 15 years of establishment and extensive experience in the hair industry, Flawless Hair Extensions has built a solid position in the market.

  • Their products are 100% remy hair, imported directly from China and Vietnam. They have a complete and diverse range of hair products, however they do not offer custom manufacturing services.
  • Prices for hair extensions range from $40 to $280
  • They accept an exchange and return policy within 10 days after receiving the goods, but please consider carefully that these policies have many complicated terms.

Although it is a commercial intermediary, Flawless Hair Extensions is always an attractive address for those who are looking for wholesale hair vendors in Chicago

5.8. Rebe Hair

Rebe Hair is a supplier based in China and has warehouses around the world, including a branch in Chicago.

  • The outstanding advantage of this supplier is the variety of products, here you can find all hair extensions that satisfy your needs.
  • Price: From $35 to $290
  • They ship extremely quickly and have great customer service

If you are looking for an address that meets all your complex needs, Rebe Hair is a supplier not to be missed.

Rebe Hair is supported by many Chicago customers because of its product diversity
Rebe Hair is supported by many Chicago customers because of its product diversity

5.9. Leet Hair Extensions

Established in 2010 and always a must-have choice for women in Chicago, Leet Hair Extensions has built an excellent reputation in the market.

  • Closure, frontal, tape ins, tip ins and hair wigs are their main products, especially bleached hair, light colored hair is always their best selling product.
  • Hair prices start at $60 for a natural color tape ins product.
  • They accept product exchanges or returns within 30 days.

Leet Hair Extensions always strives to maintain its reputation in the market and improve the best product quality to satisfy customers.

5.10. Kaedi Hair Extensions

Established in 2014 in Chicago, Kaedi Hair Extensions is a relatively small supplier but has attracted the attention of many customers here.

  • Tape ins, tip ins, clip ins, weft hair are their main products
  • The price is quite reasonable, from $40 for a basic hair extensions product.
  • Exchange and return policy within 7 days, they also support installation of hair extensions right at their store.

Kaedi Hair Extensions has received many positive comments from customers after a period of efforts to provide high quality hair extensions products.

Some hair products from Kaedi Hair Extensions
Some hair products from Kaedi Hair Extensions

5.11. Ted Hair

Ted Hair is one of the best wholesale hair vendors in Chicago with a solid reputation with customers around the world. It is a warehouse of Ted Hair China here.

  • Main products: Ted Hair is renowned for its extensive selection of hair products in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures, particularly its exquisite wigs.
  • Price: very affordable, ranging from 20 USD to 352 USD
  • Service and policy: Returns and exchanges are accepted. Additionally, they accept PayPal payments. Their customer service is excellent with a support team that is available 24/7 to bring customers rapid and the best support.

Many customers agree to vote for Ted Hair to be in the top best hair wholesale vendors in Chicago thanks to its excellent quality and service.

Ted Hair – top 1 best hair wholesalers in Chicago

6. FAQs about wholesale hair vendors in Chicago

The Chicago hair market is gradually attracting more attention from customers around the world. Below are frequently asked questions about wholesale hair vendors in Chicago and detailed answers.

6.1. Who is the leading factory supplying hair to wholesale hair vendors in Chicago?

Vietnam consistently ranks first in the list of factories that can meet the complete requirements of hair suppliers in Chicago. And among the most prestigious hair factories in Vietnam, Vin Hair Vendor is always the top prominent address that regularly supplies high-quality hair to wholesale hair vendors in Chicago.

  • This supplier has more than a decade of experience producing, distributing, and exporting hair to Chicago and international markets. The supplier’s formidable reputation is substantiated by the substantial clientele that remains devoted.
  • Vin Hair Vendor is consistently dedicated to providing hair extension products made entirely of virgin hair that exhibit exceptional quality, including a brilliant sheen, silken texture, and remarkable longevity. Their versatile hair products have a lifespan of two to five years.
  • Vin Hair provides an extensive selection of hair extension products to accommodate any desired length, color, texture, or aesthetic. Additionally, they provide bespoke products that are assured to adhere to the most rigorous requirements.
  • Due to the absence of intermediaries and the fact that they are direct manufacturers, their prices are exceptionally competitive. Additionally, this guarantees a steady provision of products from the supplier.

Immediately consider it and contact Vin Hair Vendor for the utmost devoted guidance; you will without a doubt enjoy your purchasing experience.

Vin Hair Vendor is recognized as a leading hair supplier
Vin Hair Vendor is recognized as a leading hair supplier

6.2. What to keep in mind when buying hair from wholesale hair vendors in Chicago?

For the procurement of wholesale hair extensions in Chicago to be an optimal experience, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • Reputation of suppliers: Social media, Google, and e-commerce platforms can assist you in identifying Chicago hair vendors. Conduct a thorough assessment of the provider’s standing by scrutinizing customer feedback and blogger reviews. Reputable review platforms such as Trustpilot and WorthePeny are a few examples.
  • Website appearance: A website that has a professional appearance is typically indicative of a reputable wholesaler of hair extensions in Chicago. It is imperative to double-check the authenticity of the product image. Additionally, a detailed and precise description of the supplier is an enormous advantage.
  • Hair condition: It is advised to inquire about the hair’s provenance, as premium hair extensions are frequently procured from reputable sources that adhere to ethical and sustainable manufacturing standards. Subsequently, contemplate the hair extension texture; extensions of superior quality will possess an airy, organic feel. Additionally, they should be durable and resistant to a range of cleaning and chemical treatment procedures.
  • Product diversity: Ascertain whether the vendor provides an extensive selection of lengths, styles, and varieties of hair extensions. A supplier who offers an extensive array of options will serve as a dependent supply source for your organization.
  • Hair prices: Although price is an essential factor, an excessively low price may indicate inferior quality. Compare prices with other suppliers of hair extensions to know the average price on the market today. Be wary of offers that are too good to be true.

You can locate Chicago wholesale hair extension suppliers that meet the requirements of your business and guarantee the quality of your products by taking these factors into account.

6.3. What are some of the challenges when buying from a Chicago wholesale hair vendor?

These are some of the challenges when buying from a Chicago wholesale hair vendor that you need to consider before purchasing.

  • Minimum order quantities: Wholesale hair vendors typically require you to buy a minimum amount of hair. This can be a challenge if you are a small business or if you are not sure how much hair you will need. Please ask the supplier carefully before purchasing.
  • Returns: It can be difficult to return hair to a wholesale vendor if you are not happy with the quality of the hair. Therefore, choose a supplier with a reputable exchange and return policy as well as request to carefully check the order before delivery.
  • Quality control: It can be difficult to ensure the quality of the hair you are buying from a Chicago wholesale vendor because they import hair from all over the world. Please request a sample to verify quality before making a large order.
  • Customer service: Wholesale hair vendors may not be as responsive to customer service inquiries as a retail store. This can be frustrating if you have a problem with your order. So choose the most dedicated and thoughtful suppliers to have a great buying experience.

These are some problems you may encounter when working with wholesale hair vendors in Chicago, so consider carefully before purchasing to avoid unexpected risks. Conclusion Chicago is gradually attracting the attention of hair extension enthusiasts around the world thanks to providing reputable and quality products. If you are also interested in this potential hair market, don’t miss the important information we have provided along with the top 10 best wholesale hair vendors in Chicago to choose the most satisfactory and suitable hair supplier.

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