Top 10 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors In Nigeria 2023

Update: 01/12/2023

This article will explore all information about the potential hair market in Nigeria and update the latest list of top 10 wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria.

The world hair extensions industry is developing with great potential. If you are running a hair business in Nigeria, don’t miss this blog. It will give you all the information about wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria to help you success in your hair business.

1. Are there any wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria

Nigeria is extremely a potential market for hair extension products. In Nigeria, you can easily find stores selling hair extensions, and vice versa with Nigerian hair wholesale vendors.
Most of the Nigerian hair vendors wholesale, in reality, are resellers. They import hair extensions from wholesale hair vendors around the world for the main reasons as follows:

  • Because women’s hair in Nigeria is so short, ruffled, and unsuitable for styling and the supply is extremely rare, hair resellers there prefer hair from other nations
  • On the other hand, the quality of the imported hair is higher. It is more adaptable, more adaptable and can be dyed or bleached to a wide range of colors and styles.
  • Thanks to the abundant hair supply, modern hair processing techniques and extensive experience, wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria are able to supply Nigeria with a large quantity of hair of good quality at reasonable prices.
  • In Nigeria, equipment is not up to date as well as workers are not skillful enough to be able to make beautiful hair extensions.
  • Meanwhile, in other countries (especially Southeast Asia, China, India,…) there are abundant raw materials, advanced machines and skillful workers.

Whole sale hair vendors in Nigeria


Whole sale hair vendors in Nigeria: Nigerian hair

2. Which countries supply hair products for wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria

Nigerian hair wholesale vendors mainly import hair from China, India and Southeast Asia hair factories. These countries are leading countries in the hair industry today. So let’s see what are the characteristics of hair factories in each of these areas.

2.1. Southeast Asia – where wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria can import hair products with high-quality

Hair factories in Southeast Asian nations including Cambodia, Vietnam, and Burma,.. have had a considerable presence with wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria because of good quality hair products at competitive prices, despite entering the hair business later than China and India.

  • Hair characteristics: The common characteristics of South East Asian hair are black, thick, strong, durable, relatively uniform and easy to restyle due to natural human characteristics and hair care methods using natural ingredients without chemicals of the people here.
  • Scale: Currently, almost wholesale hair suppliers in Southeast Asia countries operate as household factories and mini-workshops located in raw materials areas.
    • They usually produce hair products on a pre-order basis so the hair is always new and fresh.
    • Products are made by hand with the help of machines
    • Raw materials are always abundant, so they are able to produce large orders
  • Pricing: belongs to the medium price range in comparison to other nations where hair source is plentiful but relatively affordable to the global market. because of the excellent hair quality. The prices are typically influenced by the hair’s grades, length, size (for closure and frontal), and styles.

With good, stable quality and suitable prices, hair factories in South East Asia are always the most popular partners of wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria.


Nigerian hair wholesale vendors: Southeast Asian women hair

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2.2. India – where supplies the cheapest hair extensions for wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria

With a large population and cheap labor, Indian hair vendors can provide Nigerian hair wholesale vendors with hair products at the lowest price segment in the global market

  • Hair characteristics: Indian hair supplied from Indian hair vendors for Nigerian hair vendors wholesale is divided into 2 types, each type will have its own properties
    • Hairball (is non-remy hair or non-alignment): Hairball is reprocessed many times to become remy hair, which causes the hair’s cuticles to be removed and results in many consequences in quality. Remy-hair made from hairball tend to have a short lifespan, easily to be damaged and to be difficult to style
    • Temple hair (collected at the temples, where Indians perform their ritualistic shaving): is usually virgin hair with superior quality but too curly, rough, and thin to be straightened and styled despite of healthy enough to be dyed or bleached.
  • Scale: Most Indian hair vendors are small, domestic manufacturers that convert hairballs into non-remy hair and subsequently resell to China and some wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria, with the exception of a few large factories that supply final products.
  • Pricing: A bundle of non-remy Indian hair costs only 3-4$ (6 inches in length), which can be the cheapest in the global market.

The notable dominance of Indian hair vendors is offering low-medium prices. Therefore, Indian hair suppliers are the best choice for wNigerian hair wholesale vendors whose budget is limited and expectations for quality are not high.


Nigerian hair vendors wholesale: Indian women hair


Nigerian hair wholesale vendors: Indian hair mini-workshop

2.3. China – the biggest exporter of hair for wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria

China is a pioneer and leader in the hair extension industry and is home to the largest partners of Nigerian hair wholesale vendors.

  • Hair characteristics: China is home to the most hair factories in the world, so there will be many bad-quality hair factories besides the good ones. The common feature of these factories is that raw materials are rarely Chinese hair but are imported from other countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, India, and Pakistan,…
    • Hair vendors in China that import hair from Southeast Asian countries will usually have better quality, longer durability, and of course a higher price.
    • The others importing non-remy hair from India, although may have a beautiful and sparkling look due to China’s modern hair processing technology, will have products with uneven quality and a short life span
  • Scale: China has many of the world’s largest wholesale hair vendors and hair factories with modern machinery and technologies. There are many items that are always available in stock in large quantities. China’s hair processing technology and chemicals have reached the level where they can turn a tangle of hair into beautiful, shiny and smooth hair.
  • Pricing: Price goes hand in hand with quality. Chinese factories that produce high-quality and beautiful-looking hair will charge high prices. The rest sell their products at low-medium prices, from 7.9$ / 6-inch bundle.

Many wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria are very fond of importing hair from China due to various elections in quality, price and items.


Nigerian hair vendors wholesale: Large Chinese hair factory

3. How wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria import hair from other countries

Due to the integration policies and import and export promotion of many countries in the world today, Nigerian hair wholesale vendors can easily import hair with the following steps. Let’s take a look below:


How Nigerian hair vendors wholesale import hair from other countries

3.1. Step 1: Choose dependable hair vendors

Wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria will initially research the market to find suitable products, and then make a list of reputable companies that supply such items. The factors for preliminary assessment of a reputable hair vendor are as follows:

  • Having a real address and pictures on google maps
  • Having a professional website with public information about the company, policies and products
  • Receiving good feedback from customers on the Internet, social media, Youtube,…

Once you have a list of trustworthy hair suppliers, you should further refine the list using the pricing and incentive plan that best meets your needs and budget.

3.2. Step 2: Contact sales/ representatives to filter the list again and deal a good price

The factors in step 1 are only the first factors to determine whether a supplier is reputable or not, wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria need to contact sales or representatives of hair factories to further determine the reliability of the suppliers by the following tips:

  • Request a video call with salesperson/supplier representatives to see their employers and products. If they decline, it can be a scammer
  • When learning How To Start Hair Business In Nigeria, to get steady quality and lower prices, go with manufacturers rather than commercial intermediaries. The trick to distinguish between manufacturer and intermediary is to request a surprising video chat with the supplier; if they can show a factory filled with products and machinery during the video call, it is the manufacturer.
  • Should choose suppliers that allow returns and exchanges to minimize risk.

After making sure that the supplier is reputable, hair vendors in Nigeria will start dealing a good price by some tips:

  • Deal with many salespeople of the same provider because they might offer different prices and discount programs so wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria can pick the best offer.
  • Promise to place more orders in the future if Nigerian hair wholesale vendors receive good quality products and reasonable prices.
  • Request a discount on sales for initial order so that Nigerian hair vendors wholesale may test products.

Step 2: Contact sales/ representatives to filter the list again and deal with a good price

3.3. Step 3: Placing order

After a good price has been negotiated, Nigerian hair vendors wholesale will place an order, including the steps:

  • Picking order: Confirm items (color, grades, style, length,…)
  • Accepting invoice: After picking order, the wholesale hair factories will send Nigerian hair wholesale vendors an Invoice for rechecking: pricing, shipping, terms & policies,…
  • Making deposit/payment: Depending on the supplier, it will require a deposit before starting manufacturing. The most commonly used payment methods: bank transfer, agent, Western Union,…
  • Waiting for production
  • Check products before shipping: ask sales staff to call video to check the quantity and quality before shipping.
  • Confirming & shipping: After wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria have confirmed and completed the payment procedure, hair suppliers will ship the goods to the carrier to deliver to Nigeria. Because Nigeria is a big hair market, many factories around the world have their own lines to transport goods here, very fast and convenient.
  • Receiving & checking order: wholesale hair suppliers in Nigeria should take a video unpacking when receiving order as proof in case there is a subsequent complaint.

Step 3: Placing order


Step 3: Placing order – Confirming & shipping

4. Some hair vendors in the world are familiar partners who supply hair for wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria

Here are some hair suppliers favored by Nigerian hair wholesale vendors because of supplying high-quality hair products at reasonable prices.

4.1. Vin hair vendor – The best Vietnamese hair factory

Vin hair vendor is a reputable human hair factory in Vietnam and the main supplier of many Nigerian hair vendors wholesale.


Vin hair vendor


Vin hair products

Vin hair vendor

Come to Vin hair vendor, you will get the best quality hair at the most reasonable price.

4.2. Ted Hair 

Ted Hair was established in 2008 and has since established a solid reputation both in China and on the international market.

  • Main products: closure & frontal, wigs, hair extensions…with different lengths, textures and colors.
  • Price: Ted Hair offer high prices for their hair products, from 235$/1kg natural straight.
  • Returns/Exchange: Refund and exchange requests must be made within 7 days of Receipt and meet specified terms.

With a large modern factory located in Guangzhou city, Ted Hair has the ability to produce large quantities in a short time and annually supplies a huge quantity of hair products to wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria.


Ted Hair – one of the biggest partners of Nigerian hair wholesale vendors

4.3. 5S Hair

5S Hair is one of the best Vietnam hair factories that can meet the highest requirements of wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria

  • Main products: Weft hair (natural straight, bone straight, curly, wavy) and raw hair
  • Price: 5S Hair the price is quite cheap, from 88$ /1kg 8-inch natural straight
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted

5S hair is one of the most popular Vietnamese partners with wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria due to the high quality and great service they supply.


5S Hair – Top 1 Vietnamese hair supplier of Nigerian hair wholesale vendors

4.4. Adorable Hair

Adorable Hair is one of the most popular Indian hair suppliers and receives much attention from wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria thanks to its cheap price.

  • Main products: weft, bulk hair, wigs, closure & frontal
  • Price: from 70$/1kg natural straight hair (10 inches in length)
  • Returns/Exchange: Returns and exchanges requests within 7 days of receipt with specified terms.

Adorable Hair is the great choice if wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria are looking for the best hair supplier with good quality products and competitive prices.


Adorable Hair – a well-known Indian hair vendor with Nigerian hair wholesale vendors

Mic Hair specializes in supplying wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria with natural hair, virgin hair, and human hair.

  • Main products: bulk hair, hair weft, closure and frontal
  • Price: Quite expensive, from 129$/1kg natural straight hair
  • Returns/Exchange: Refund and exchange requests must be made within 30 days of receipt as well as meet specified criteria.

Mic Hair is the best Vietnamese hair factory in Nigeria supplying wholesale hair product reasonable-price products


Mic Hair – one of the most popular Vietnamese hair factories with wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria

Angkor Hair Cambodian makes a good impression with Nigerian hair wholesale vendors thanks to its hair quality and reasonable price

  • Main wholesale hair products: straight hair, natural /very wavy, deep wavy, loose curly with different lengths and colors
  • Price: affordable, from 425$ /1kg drawn double natural straight
  • Returns and exchanges: are accepted

Angkor Hair is really suitable for wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria with high expectations in quality and competitive prices.

4.7. Apo Hair

Apo Hair offers varied and high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions.

  • Main products: Weave hair, tape-ins, clip-ins, nano, halo, fusion, microlink, ring hair extensions, and wigs.
  • From $13 for a 100-gram 8-inch raw bundle hair.
  • Policy: No hair alteration. They cannot refund hair that has been cut, colored, or implanted. The customer gets 14 days to return or exchange the item.
  • Service to customers: Their customer service team offers hair care and modification suggestions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Apo Hair is known for its prestige and excellence after years in the industry. Clients may trust their products to modify their hairstyles elegantly.

4.8. BUW Human Hair Factory

BUW, a wholesale hair Atlanta company founded in 1979, has helped women worldwide become more beautiful and confident.

  • It has 8 new facilities across the US, and its Atlanta plant is one of the major wholesale hair distributors in the market.
  • Recently, BUW has launched several wholesale promotion programs at affordable prices. The minimum length BUW hair extensions bundle costs $21.
  • Are you looking for a quality hair supplier for wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria with service and affordable prices? Don’t miss this provider.

4.9. Qingdao Runyusi

Qingdao Runyusi has over a decade of expertise in the hair market and has firmly established itself as a top supplier of Chinese hair exports.

  • They make hair products using 100% raw hair, resulting in soft, lustrous, and long-lasting hair.
  • They have an excellent return policy that allows for returns within 60 days of arrival.
  • Prices start at $35 for each product.

Qingdao Runyusi is one of the greatest options for people looking for where to purchase hair in China at a reasonable price.

4.10. Cambodian Hair Freak

After five years of creating and selling the best raw Cambodian hair, Cambodian Hair Freak is one of the country’s top suppliers.

  • They sell high-quality raw Cambodian hair extensions, hair wigs, tape-in extensions, weft human hair, and best raw Cambodian hair bundles worldwide.
  • Cambodian Hair Freak sells high-quality, affordable products. From $125 per 20-inch Cambodian raw hair bundle
  • This natural Cambodian hair seller has a standard return policy with conditions. It’s important to read and understand their conditions before buying.

If you are looking for the ideal partner for wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria, this supplier is perfect. Their inexpensive, high-quality hair products make them a desirable partner for beauty and hair enterprises.

Some hair extensions products of Cambodian Hair Freak

Some hair extensions products of Cambodian Hair Freak

5. FAQs about wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria

Below are frequently asked questions about wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria and detailed answers

5.1. Should I buy hair from wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria?

Whether or not you should buy hair from wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria depends on your individual or corporate needs. If you are a retail consumer or a first-time buyer with limited experience, you can buy hair directly from Abuja. If you have extensive experience in the hair retail industry or require large quantities of hair extensions, regions such as Vietnam, China, and India may be more suitable. These markets have a large number of direct manufacturer suppliers, whose hair supplies are extremely dependable and competitively priced.

5.2. What are the signs to identify a scam Nigeria wholesale hair vendor?

To protect oneself from fraudulent actions, it is critical to grasp the indications of potential schemes when doing business with wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria. Keep an eye out for the following red flags:

  • If the price appears to be too low, especially for things of high quality, this should raise red flags. Con artists often exploit extremely low prices to persuade their customers to spend money on low-quality products.
  • There is no web or social media presence for hair shops. Every big and respectable hair distributor, at the very least, has their own website. Another significant disadvantage is the user interface of untrustworthy and incompetent websites or missing important information.
  • Suppliers who lack company documentation or quality testing information, or who refuse to show it to you, are a dead giveaway of a scam.
  • Employees at Nigeria hair sellers lack fundamental product knowledge, and presenting accurate information to customers is also a red flag.
  • Vendors who do not have clear shipping, payment, or return policy information are those who should not cooperate.

Please check all of the above carefully to avoid buying low-quality hair or having a negative shopping experience from wholesale hair vendors in Nigeria.

5.3. Cons of purchasing hair from a Nigeria wholesale hair vendor?

There are several potential drawbacks to purchasing hair from Nigerian wholesale hair vendors, including:

  • Inconsistent quality: The quality of hair from Nigerian wholesalers can vary significantly, with some hair being of high quality and others being of poor quality, this is because these suppliers import hair from different countries. This can be frustrating for consumers who are not able to inspect the hair before they purchase it.
  • Limited warranty and returns: Nigerian wholesalers may not offer generous offers or returns policies, leaving consumers with little recourse if they are not satisfied with their purchase.
  • Potential for fraud: There have been reports of Nigerian wholesalers engaging in fraudulent activities, such as using stolen credit cards to purchase hair or advertising fake hair extensions. Consumers should be wary of wholesalers who offer suspiciously low prices or who do not provide detailed information about their products.
  • Logistics challenges: Shipping hair from Nigeria can be difficult and time-consuming, and there is a greater risk of damage or loss during transit if you are an international customer.
  • Payment security concerns: There is a risk of your credit card information being compromised when purchasing from a Nigerian wholesaler. It is important to use a secure payment gateway and only to provide the minimum amount of personal information necessary.
  • Import taxes and duties: You may be responsible for paying import taxes and duties on hair that is shipped from Nigeria, which could increase the overall cost of the purchase.

What you need to know to reduce these risks is to choose a top reputable supplier to transact with.

Cons of purchasing hair from Nigeria wholesale hair vendor

Cons of purchasing hair from Nigeria wholesale hair vendor


In short, the Nigerian hair vendors wholesale are mostly resellers and you should consider purchasing hair extensions from them or importing directly from these hair vendors mentioned above. Don’t worry because as mentioned in the article, importing hair nowadays is easy and extremely convenient.

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