Top 10 Wholesale Raw Hair Vendors And Their Business Secret

Update: 25/01/2024

By giving the list of the top 10 best wholesale raw hair vendors today and secrets in the hair industry, this article will help you choose the most suitable one.

Wholesale raw hair vendors are growing in popularity and bring a lot of potential to the hair industry by providing raw hair products at affordable prices. This article will tell you all you need to know about raw hair wholesalers.

1.Must-know information about wholesale raw hair vendors

A wholesale raw hair vendor is an individual or a business that provides raw hair or related raw hair products for hair dealers. Raw hair is natural hair that has not been processed or chemically treated, and it is obtained directly from hair donors. The cuticle is still intact, so the hairs go in the same direction, without tangles and shedding. Simply said, raw hair is the best hair type on the market today and is the raw material for creating hair extensions, including weft hair, tape-in hair, and clip-in hair


A wholesale raw hair vendor is a business that provides raw hair or related raw hair products


Vin Hair best-selling bone straight raw weft hair

Most raw hair wholesalers in the world are wholesale raw hair commercial companies. There are very few raw wholesale hair manufacturers.

  • Raw hair manufacturers are businesses that do all things for producing hair from collecting raw hair to making finished goods for sale. They have factories, equipment, and machines to produce hair. Generally, they offer the hair source and hair products on the market today.
  • Raw hair commercial companies are similar to distributors or wholesale raw hair vendors who buy raw hair from raw hair manufacturers and then resell it to other dealers or customers. Hair trading companies are popular worldwide because they do business effectively through marketing to reach more customers.

In general, raw hair wholesale manufacturers will have stable hair quality and more reasonable prices than raw hair wholesale trading companies because they have direct access to the source of the input materials. Raw hair trading companies will have the quality change from time to time and the price will be a bit higher because they still depend on the source of raw materials.


Basic information you must know about raw hair wholesalers


Wholesale raw hair manufacturers

2. The high demand for wholesale raw hair vendors worldwide

Wholesale raw hair vendor is always an important partner of hair distributors and retailers. Raw hair products from raw hair wholesalers are loved and sought after by hair traders. Many people have made billions of dollars thanks to cooperation with wholesale raw hair vendors.





All hot trend color is available now in Vin Hair factory


  • Raw hair is popular for its naturalness and purity, which has not undergone any chemical treatment. Hair distributors and retailers can buy wholesale raw hair from raw hair wholesalers, and then add some processing steps to create the finished product for customers. The cost of importing raw hair from raw hair wholesalers is also cheaper than importing completed products (costs such as import taxes, customs clearance, related costs, etc.)
  • Wholesale raw hair vendors are particularly explosive and rapidly developed in African countries, especially Nigeria. Everyone knows that Africa is a potential market for the hair industry. Because the demand for hair extensions here is very high, hair suppliers and retailers only need raw materials from raw hair wholesalers to make hair extensions, which will make a very high profit. Hair traders here can make a profit of 10-12 times the initial capital every year.
  • In Europe and Russia, a lot of middle-class ladies spend many hundred dollars a month on wigs. In order to reduce their input costs in comparison to completed products, hair wholesalers in this country often purchase raw hair from raw hair wholesalers to produce clip-ins, tape-ins or tip-in. Every product sold will help them double their profits.

Vin Hair piano color wavy weft

The demand for raw hair wholesale is always high, so customers are willing to pay for your products if raw hair wholesalers can provide them with high-quality hair.


Wholesale raw hair vendor is always an important partner of hair distributors and retailers

3. Top countries for reputable wholesale raw hair vendors

Vietnam, Cambodia, China and India are the countries with the largest and most reputable raw hair wholesalers. These are countries with abundant raw materials, hair factories are fully equipped to produce hair.


Shiny, no tangle, no shedding curly hair in black color

3.1. Vietnam

It’s well known that raw hair wholesalers in Vietnam offer the highest quality in the industry. The natural smoothness and high quality of Vietnamese hair make it a sought-after product.


3.1.1. Features of wholesale raw hair vendors in Vietnam

Raw hair wholesalers in Vietnam source high-quality raw hair from local women and have high-quality hair products at affordable prices:

  • Material source: Vietnamese raw hair wholesalers with the source mainly collected from women with long hair in the mountains. With the abundant source of raw materials, wholesale raw hair vendors in Vietnam do not need to import hair from other places. Therefore, Vietnam is one of the countries you can buy raw hair wholesale with the best quality raw hair, not mixed with other hair types.
  • Vietnamese raw hair wholesalers have raw materials with the hairs are usually black, straight, natural, smooth, and shiny. Vietnamese raw hair is very strong thanks to the healthy lifestyle of Vietnamese women and hair care with natural herbs. Hair can be colored and styled without damage. If you want to buy Vietnamese raw hair wholesale from hair suppliers outside Vietnam, you need to pay attention to this feature to buy high-quality Vietnamese hair.
  • Price: Wholesale raw hair vendors in Vietnam offer hair products of high quality at prices that can not be the cheapest in the world but are among the most competitive and reasonable.
  • Production process: Vietnamese raw hair wholesalers need to innovate with technology and machines. Almost all stages need workers to complete from collecting, cutting, and dying to package raw materials which costs a lot of time to give the final products to the buyer. Vietnamese raw hair, however, has a higher aesthetic appeal and a longer lifespan than raw hair entirely produced by machines.
  • Shipping services of raw unprocessed hair vendors in Vietnam are very convenient. Vietnamese raw hair wholesalers give many shipping methods for businesses, such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx,… which ship very fast but take high cost. There is another way of shipping through intermediaries at a lower cost, but it takes more time to receive goods.
  • Service: Personnel in raw hair vendors wholesale take care of customers before, during, and after buying enthusiastically. They feel free to consult any problems you meet.
  • Payment: Wholesale raw hair vendors in Vietnam require buyers to deposit or prepay before shipping. Your company can prepay a proportion and receive insurance for shipping.
  • Delivery time: Vietnamese hair factories do not store large quantities of goods in stock. When they prepare for export, they produce to ensure quality and always new hair. If you place a large order, on average you need to wait 7-10 days.

Wholesale raw hair vendors in Vietnam are becoming more and more popular and conquering even fastidious markets like Europe.


Raw Vietnamese hair

3.1.2. Pros of buying from wholesale raw hair vendors in Vietnam

Buying hair from raw hair wholesalers in Vietnam brings you high-quality products at an affordable price and with minimal risk:

  • Wholesale raw hair vendors in Vietnam have clear hair origin, do not mix with other hair sources. In other countries, hair comes from many different places.
  • Vietnam is a country that joined WTO in 2008, and its policy encourages any foreign country to trade. Your company will receive support when importing from Vietnamese raw hair wholesalers with a low tax or quick procedure. In addition, labors in Vietnam are cheap, so it takes less cost for the price of raw hair bundles. A high-quality hair source at an affordable price apparently brings economic potential to your company.
  • Vietnam is located at the gateway to trade with many countries, making goods transportation convenient. If you import goods from raw wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam, it will be supported by trade policy. Besides, the political situation in Vietnam is very stable, so there is no delay in the shipping process when you make an order.

Vietnamese wholesale raw hair vendors will be a great choice if you want high-quality hair at an affordable price. Choose raw hair wholesalers in Vietnam, they will help your business to the next level.


Buying hair from raw hair wholesalers in Vietnam brings you high-quality products at an affordable price

3.2. Cambodia

Cambodia is also one of the main countries supplying wholesale raw hair to the hair market. They are increasingly occupying a large share of the hair market thanks to their quality products at reasonable prices.

3.2.1. Features of wholesale raw hair vendors in Cambodia



Bone straight hair is perfect for a sleek, luxurious look

Cambodia’s raw hair wholesalers have similar characteristics to the Vietnamese ones because these countries are in the same region:

  • Material source: raw hair wholesalers in Cambodia have raw hair materials that are obtained from rural women, they often keep their hair long and take care of their hair with natural ingredients. However, fewer and fewer women are selling their hair, so raw Cambodian hair is increasingly rare. Some hair vendors import hair from other sources, so the quality is questionable. When buying raw hair wholesale from Cambodian hair suppliers, you need to pay attention and carefully check the quality of the hair, to see if it is mixed with other sources.
  • Cambodian raw hair is thick, smooth, and strong; it can be dyed and styled in many ways. Raw Cambodian is also slightly ruffled, it is especially suitable for wavy or curly hair. This is the feature you need to pay attention to when buying Cambodian raw hair wholesale.
  • Price: The price of Cambodian raw hair wholesale is not cheap and belongs to the average segment on the market, but with such quality, it is well worth your consideration.
  • Service: Cambodian wholesale raw hair vendors often have excellent customer service, they are always dedicated 24/24 to answer customers’ questions.
  • Delivery time: Delivery usually takes 5-7 working days and large orders take about 10 days.

Cambodian wholesale raw hair vendor is a good option for hair wholesalers, especially if they want to offer curly or wavy hairstyles.


Raw Cambodian hair is thick, smooth, and strong; it can be dyed and styled in many ways

3.2.1. Pros of buying hair from wholesale raw hair vendors in Cambodia

Buying hair from raw hair wholesalers in Cambodia brings you good products at affordable prices:

  • Raw hair wholesalers in Cambodia source high-quality local raw materials, low labor cost, so they can provide high-quality products at the most competitive prices.
  • The political and economic situation in Cambodia is quite stable, so the delivery and transportation processes are smooth.

Raw hair wholesalers in Cambodia are potential partners for your company to source high quality products. However, sometimes their hair source also mixes with other sources, so you need to consider carefully before buying.

3.3. China

Raw hair wholesalers in China are increasingly occupying a large share in the hair market thanks to providing a variety of hair products at competitive prices.



Vin Hair can make any styles as our customer order


3.3.1. Features of wholesale raw hair vendors in China

About 30% of the world’s hair supply comes from Chinese wholesalers. It is well known that they can mass-produce hair at a low cost:

  • Material source: About 10-15 years ago, Chinese hair vendors obtained hair from Chinese women. However, due to the rapid urbanization in China, the number of Chinese women selling hair is getting smaller and smaller, so most of the raw hair wholesale supply comes from Southeast Asian countries, India, Brazil… (mainly Indian and Brazilian hair due to cheap price and large quantity). So when you buy raw hair wholesale from Chinese hair vendors, the hair is usually a mix of many different sources.
  • Characteristics of hair from Chinese raw hair from vendors: The features of Chinese hair are diversified because Chinese wholesale raw hair vendors import hair from many countries. But the characteristics of Indian and Brazilian hair account for the most part because they import a lot from these countries. Chinese raw hair is slightly frizzy, ruffled, dry, and natural black. Because Chinese raw hair is blended from many sources, it is quite challenging to dye hair uniformly. In addition, because of the many chemicals used in the hair process, hair becomes fragile and easy to shed after a short of use. Raw hair is hair that has not been chemically treated, so when buying Chinese raw hair wholesale you need to pay attention to this feature, because Chinese hair is often imported from many sources, most of it will have to go through processing steps, so it is very difficult to buy high-quality raw hair in China.
  • Price: Chinese hair is obtained from many different sources so prices are also very diverse but overall China offers quite competitive prices, from 12 USD/ raw hair bundle.
  • Production process: Wholesale raw hair vendors in China are very developed with large-scale production thanks to high technology adaptation and innovative machines instead of manual labor. Furthermore, a large amount of labor supply helps them increase the production process.
  • Service: Supported personnel of raw wholesale hair vendors in China is well-trained and professional. Furthermore, Chinese raw unprocessed hair vendors provide more sales programs or customer care privileges.
  • Shipping: raw hair wholesalers in China have developed a logistic system that supports freight transport easily by the airline.
  • Deliver time: From 5-7 days, buyers can receive ordered products from Chinese hair vendors. They have an excellent production process to have abundant products for different needs.

Raw hair wholesalers in China have diverse hair sources, modern production technology and competitive prices, a popular choice of distributors and retailers around the world.


Chinese raw hair has different quality segments for businesses to choose from Chinese raw hair wholesalers

3.3.2. Pros of buying hair from wholesale raw hair vendors in China

Buying hair from raw hair wholesalers in China brings you diverse products, many segments and competitive prices:

  • Hair vendors in China have modern machinery technology, so they can meet large orders in a short time.
  • Wholesale raw hair vendors in China have products from many different sources, with many segments, colors and designs for customers to choose from.
  • The transportation system and logistics infrastructure in China are very modern, so they can deliver goods quickly and smoothly.


To sum up, if you need cheap hair in large quantities, Chinese raw hair wholesale is the way to go. If you’re looking for raw wholesale hair with more long-lasting and high-quality, you can look for other options.


3.4. Wholesale raw hair vendors in India

The rising popularity of Indian hair has pushed “Indian raw hair wholesalers reviews” to the top of Google’s hot topics. Hair vendors in India are famous for their abundant hair source and low price.

3.4.1. Features of wholesale raw hair vendors in India

Raw hair wholesalers in India have an abundant source of local hair and the price is considered the lowest in the hair market:

  • Material source: raw hair wholesalers mainly gather raw hair from Temple hair. In India, there is often a ritual of shaving at temples to pay respect to the gods, and the temple comes from there. Indian raw wholesale hair vendors utilize these sources to make it for sale.
  • Characteristics of raw hair from Indian hair vendors: Raw Indian hair is usually black, dry, and slightly curly. Raw Indian hair can be dyed and styled, but it must first be straightened before styling. Therefore raw India hair will be suitable for your business if you want to buy raw hair wholesale to make curly or wavy hair products.
  • Price: Indian raw hair is the cheapest raw hair type in the world because of the country’s plentiful hair supplies and cheap labor.
  • Production process: Raw hair vendors wholesale must be gone through many stages to make Indian raw hair have good form, so it takes a long time to complete finished goods.
  • Service: Indian raw hair wholesale vendors wholesale provide good services for customers who need support or have difficulty ordering or using the process.
  • Shipping: wholesale raw hair vendors provide convenient shipping for any buyer.
  • Delivery time: it takes about 5-10 days to receive ordered products from an Indian wholesale raw hair vendor. Your company should schedule ordering time and deal with the seller to receive goods from raw unprocessed hair vendors in time.

Raw hair vendors in India have an abundant supply of hair and are playing an increasingly important role in the hair market.


Raw Indian hair is usually black, dry, and slightly curly

3.4.2. Pros of buying hair from wholesale raw hair vendors in India

Buying hair from raw hair wholesalers in India brings you abundant supply quickly and at the lowest price in the market:

  • With abundant supply, cheap labor costs, hair vendors in India provide hair products at prices that are considered the lowest in the market.
  • Wholesale raw hair vendors in India have quite a professional customer service, they often have many promotions and gratitude for customers.

Funmi curly hair in beautiful piano color

When it comes to price, no other country can compete with Indian raw hair wholesale. Indian raw wholesale hair is a good option if you’re looking for both cheap and plentiful hair. However, if you prioritize the quality and durability of your hair, you should consider raw hair wholesalers elsewhere.


4. The price of hair products from wholesale raw hair vendors

Many factors affect how much hair from raw hair wholesalers will cost. Some of the main factors are supply, regions, grade, length and styles:

  • Supply: Supply is one of the important factors affecting the price of hair. If the supply is scarce or the supply chain is disrupted, the price of hair from hair vendors will increase.
  • Regions: Vietnamese hair will have a different price from Indian or Chinese hair. In other words, factories located in raw material areas will have cheaper hair prices than hair vendors who have to import from other places. In addition, hair companies that are close to places with cheap and abundant labor may sell their hair at lower prices than competitors.
  • Grade: The grade is a vital factor in determining the price of wholesale raw hair vendors. There are different grades depending on the country. For example, in Vietnamese raw hair wholesalers, there are 3 main grades: single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn Vietnamese hair. In China, Chinese hair has been graded into 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A…
  • Length: The longer your hair is, the more money you will pay. Most raw hair wholesalers have hair lengths from 8-30 inches available.
  • Styles: The style of hair is also a significant factor in the price. Curly hair will be priced differently than straight or wavy. There is usually a price premium of at least $5 USD per piece for wavy or curly hair compared to its natural form.

Please note that if you buy in bulk from raw hair wholesalers, you will save a lot compared to buying small orders.


Some of the main factors factors affect how much hair from raw hair wholesalers will cost

5. List of the top best wholesale raw hair vendors in the world

In this section we will list the most reputable raw hair wholesalers known for their high-quality products, affordable prices and excellent customer service.

5.1. Vin Hair Vendor

Vin hair vendor is a famous hair factory in Vietnam with expertise and experience in the hair industry for more than 10 years.


The product lines of Vin hair are very diverse with many different colors and designs. While most other Vietnamese hair suppliers only have hair lengths from 8-30 inches, Vin hair offers hair in lengths from 6-32 inches and more. While hair tips, tape hair and clip-ins from Vin hair vendor are especially popular in the European market, weft hair products attract much attention from Nigerians because of their excellent quality and affordable prices.

Some outstanding Vietnamese Wavy Hair extensions of Vin Hair Vendor

Some outstanding Vietnamese Wavy Hair extensions of Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair has a factory system with an area of up to 1000m2 and a team of skilled workers, committed to meeting all the largest and most complex orders of customers. Vin Hair’s production process also prioritizes the most modern technology, ensuring each product meets top quality standards.


Vin Hair Vendor is a famous Vietnamese hair factory

High quality Vietnamese raw virgin hair from Vin Hair

High quality Vietnamese raw virgin hair from Vin Hair


Vin Hair’s hair is strictly selected from the highest quality hair sources, ensuring 100% raw virgin human hair. The hair is then subjected to a limited chemical treatment process, ensuring that each product is extremely soft, has natural shine, high elasticity, and does not dry out, break, or fall out.

High quality bulk straight hair black from Vin Hair

High quality bulk straight hair black from Vin Hair


High Quality Vietnamese Raw Virgin Hair - 138

High Quality Vietnamese Raw Virgin Hair from Vin Hair


Because it owns a direct production line, without any intermediaries, Vin Hair strives to optimize costs and bring the best prices to customers. From only $88 for 1 kg of high-quality raw hair, wholesale customers and large orders have more attractive discounts.

Vin Hair Vendor is enjoying the Christmas season by giving its customers a SPECIAL DISCOUNT. From October 24 to November 7, purchases of 5 kg or more get a discount of $20/kg, and orders of 10 kg or more receive a savings of $50/kg. Pick out your favorite goods right away in a hurry!

Besides prioritizing product quality, Vin Hair’s customer service also receives many positive reviews. Vin Hair’s team is extremely dedicated and dedicated, always ready to support customers 24/7. Orders are carefully packaged and shipped quickly, and return policies are also extremely clear. Vin Hair always values customer experience throughout the process before and after purchase, ensuring customers are most satisfied and satisfied.

Some orders from Vin Hair's international customers

Some orders from Vin Hair’s international customers

Contact Vin Hair Vendor through Whatsapp at +84356665661 (Ms Ella – sales representative) for more details about their offerings and specials.

5.2. Ted Hair

Ted Hair is one of the biggest and most reputable companies in the hair industry. Ted Hair’s state-of-the-art facilities and innovative hair processing techniques help them to provide a broad variety of products to the global hair market.

  • Main products: hair wigs, closures, frontals, tape ins, clip ins, tip in…with many hair lengths and styles.
  • Price: This raw hair wholesale vendor has very competitive prices. From 23.5$ for 10Inch Straight Virgin Malaysian Hair Natural Black
  • Policy: Return and refund within 7 days after delivery
  • Customer review: it has a high-speed shipping service. People select Ted Hair vendors primarily because of the affordable price. The quality of raw hair from Chinese wholesale raw hair vendors is unsatisfactory for reasons such as loose stitching, easy hair shedding, and tacky packaging. Customer service is professional and fast.
  • Ted Hair has a facility in Guangzhou, China, and many warehouses in many locations throughout the United States.

Ted Hair is a leading Chinese raw hair wholesale supplier, annually exporting thousands of products. If you need a wide variety of hair items immediately, Ted Hair Factory is your best option.


Products of Ted Hair – the top raw hair in the world

5.3. SGI Hair

Maybe few people know about SGI Hair Company. However, we recommend you do not miss the raw hair wholesale vendors for more details below.

SGI Hair made its debut in 2008 with extensive experience being at the top of Indian raw hair wholesalers. Raw Indian human hair is sourced mainly from Southern temples in India and public areas. India is one of the biggest countries that exports a high amount of raw hair in the world.

  • Main products: straight, curly, or wavy virgin hair, naturally curly hair
  • Price: have different price levels compatible with different hair qualities. Overall, it has a quite high price. For example, a bunch of straight hair with 10-14 inches costs about $200 – $299 per 1 kilogram (depending on grade).
  • Customer review: people have good evaluations of the SGI Hair service regarding customer support, such as quick response and well-knowledge staff. However, raw hairs from SGI Hair wholesale raw hair vendor are easy to shed compared to other raw hair from raw unprocessed hair vendors in the world due to its thin, long production process and slight cuticle.

Having average to high quality with a quite high price, and available raw hair sources for sale are advantages of the wholesale raw hair vendors in India that can bring high benefits to your company.


SGI Hair – Top best raw hair wholesalers

5.4. 5S Hair Factory 

It was established in 1989 and had a long history of providing high-quality raw hair and hair products for over ten years. It is a hair manufacturer; therefore, it ensures raw hair sources for dealers. Furthermore, it reduces the cost of providing raw hair. Every month, the company exports more than 2 tons to foreign markets such as Nigeria, the USA, or Brazil…

  • Favorable products: Vietnamese raw hair wholesalers have bone straight hair or natural hair. These materials are easy to style. The dyed color has a shiny and durable tone. These features will satisfy any demanding requirements.
  • Price: From 80 USD to 162 USD for 1 kilogram (=1000 gram = 10 bundles) of single/double hair. It is very affordable compared to the price of the global hair market. Furthermore, if hair dealers import a large amount of Vietnamese wholesale raw hair vendors, they can get both a good discount price and shipping fees.
  • Customer review: Customers satisfy the outstanding quality of the Vietnamese wholesale raw hair vendor – 5S Hair company. Furthermore, if you have any questions to ask raw unprocessed hair vendors wholesale, the sales teams are enthusiastic and knowledgeable to answer all questions. Therefore, the percentage of wholesalers returning to 5S Hair to buy raw hair accounts for 90%.

5S Hair Vietnam – the wholesale raw hair vendor can bring many advantages for your company.

  • Firstly, it helps your business keep loyal customers and build a sustainable brand. You can possess high-quality hair from the Vietnamese wholesale raw hair vendor at affordable prices and experience good supporting services.
  • Secondly, ordering a bulk of products from raw hair wholesalers saves your company money because of the discount policy. However, you should order raw hair as soon as possible because it takes a long time to receive finished goods.

5S-Hair company – One of the best raw hair wholesalers in Vietnam

5.5. Beauty Forever

Beauty Forever is one of the top wholesale raw hair vendors in the world. Forever Beauty has been in business since 1999, and it is based in Xuchang, Henan, China.

  • Products: U/V part wigs, human hair wigs, human hair weave, closures and frontals…
  • Price: The price of this wholesale raw hair vendor is very reasonable, from 49.40 USD for Straight Human Hair Weave Remy Hair 1Bundle ( length from 8-30 Inch )
  • Policy: Returns within 30 days.

Beauty Forever Hair is the most reliable wholesale raw hair vendor in the industry, providing high-quality products at affordable prices to businesses.


Products of Beauty Forever- Top best raw hair wholesalers in China

5.6. Mic Hair

Mic Hair is one of the best wholesale raw hair vendors and the most popular hair suppliers in Vietnam.

  • Main products: bulk hair, hair weave, closures and frontals, hair extensions…
  • Price: Compared with above suppliers, Mic Hair has cheaper price, but the quality is very good, from 7.7 USD /hair bundles
  • Policy: returns and exchanges within 30 days
  • Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

If you’re looking for a reliable source of raw wholesale hair in Vietnam, go to Mic Hair, one of the country’s top hair wholesalers.


Products of Mic Hair – Top best raw wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam

5.7. Adorable Hair 

Adorable Hair is one of the best raw hair wholesalers and most well-known Indian hair suppliers.

  • Main products: hair wigs, clip ins, sew-in, closures & frontals…
  • Price: a little more costly than other Indian hair vendors, but the quality is well worth the cost. From 125 – 200 USD for Malaysian Straight 3 Bundle (length from 10 – 24inch)
  • Policy: Returns within 7 days

Adorable Hair is your best choice if you’re searching for a wholesale raw hair vendor because of the high quality of their goods and competitive pricing.


Products of Adorable Hair – Top best raw hair wholesalers in India

5.8. Angkor Cambodian Hair

Angkor Cambodian Hair is a renowned Cambodian wholesale raw hair vendors, providing cheap, high-quality hair to the market at factory-direct wholesale pricing.

  • Products: clip-ins, hair wigs, closures and frontals, grey and white hair…
  • Scale: This raw hair wholesale vendor focuses on completing orders for medium-sized distributors (1–20 kg for 1 order).
  • Prices: quite reasonable. Pricing is calculated depending on double-drawn straight wefts. Add 10 USD/kg for loose/natural wave; 20 USD/kg for very wavy; and 30 USD/kg for deep wavy/curly.

If you’re seeking for high-quality Cambodian raw hair wholesale, Angkor Cambodian Hair is a great wholesale provider to work with.


Products of Angkor Cambodian Hair – The top Cambodian raw hair wholesale vendors

5.9. Apo Hair

Apo Hair provides a wide range of high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions.

  • Weave hair, tape-ins, clip-ins, nano, halo, fusion, microlink, ring hair extensions, and wigs are their main products.
  • A 100-gram 8-inch raw bundle hair starts at $13.
  • No hair changes are permitted. Hair that has been cut, dyed, or implanted cannot be refunded. The consumer has 14 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange the item.

After many years in the industry, Apo Hair has earned a reputation for distinction and excellence. Clients can rely on their goods to stylishly change their hairstyles.

5.10. Cambodian Hair Freak

Cambodian Hair Freak is one of the country’s leading wholesale raw hair vendors after five years of developing and selling the greatest raw hair.

  • They supply raw Cambodian hair extensions, wigs, tape-in extensions, weft human hair, and the greatest raw Cambodian hair bundles all over the world.
  • Cambodian Hair Freak offers high-quality, low-cost items. Starting at $125 for a 20-inch hair bundle.
  • This vendor of natural Cambodian hair offers a regular return policy with conditions. Before purchasing, it is critical to read and comprehend their terms and conditions.

This source is suitable if you are seeking a reliable partner for wholesale hair sellers in Nigeria. Their low-cost, high-quality hair products make them an appealing partner for beauty and hair businesses.

6. Useful tips to find reputable wholesale raw hair vendors

Among many different raw hair wholesale vendors in the world, it can be difficult for you to choose the best real hair vendor who can bring the greatest benefits to your company. There are some tips we recommend you should keep in mind below.

6.1. Some places you can find reputable wholesale raw hair vendors

Currently, there are many raw hair wholesalers coming from many different places, making you confused to find a reliable wholesale raw hair vendor for your hair business. How to find a hair vendor? Some places you can find a trustworthy hair vendor are families or relatives’ reviews, google, social networks, and E-commerce sites:

  • Families or relatives’ reviews: you have never recognized that people around us have experienced things that you do not know. Your friend, your employer, or any acquaintance can be an excellent reviewer for you to refer to. Let’s ask for your help ahead.
  • Google: a search engine that connects you to all the wholesale raw hair vendors wholesale in the world. The raw hair wholesale vendors that appear right on the top of the first page are usually appreciated highly by people and Google. You need to deeply research and compare 2 to 3 top brands that pop up first on the first page.
  • Social network: the online platform helps you refer to many different raw hair wholesalers with vivid images and videos related to the products. Reviews of people area sources give you helpful information about goods. Let’s explore Instagram, a social platform you shouldn’t skip to find necessary information about your expected raw unprocessed hair vendors.
  • E-commerce sites: online e-commerce helps you find the expected raw unprocessed hair vendors and easy to compare prices of these wholesale raw hair vendors right away to choose the best one. Some international e-commerce websites that you should try to make a deal with are Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Amazon.

You should try one or all of these recommendations until you find the best solution for your company.


Some places to find reputable wholesale raw hair vendors

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6.2. Three steps help you select the best wholesale raw hair vendors quickly

Selecting the best raw hair wholesalers is a process. You can go through the five steps we recommend below to shorten this process.

  • Step 1: Research the types of wholesale hair vendors you want on the social network, Google, or global e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Aliexpress… To help you select the best raw wholesale hair vendors, we recommend some keywords when searching include: The best raw hair vendors wholesale in the world, Quality raw hair wholesalers, Vietnamese raw hair wholesale vendors, Affordable raw unprocessed hair vendors
  • Step 2: Make a list of trustworthy wholesale raw hair vendors that suit your requirements. Choose the potential raw wholesale hair vendors depending on clear information about the company such as production scale, company address, catalogs of products, delivery policy, and customer support service. Review all positive and negative comments on different platforms such as Google Maps and Facebook groups about the chosen raw hair wholesalers. You will then have a thorough understanding of the wholesale raw hair suppliers and can determine whether or not the brand’s information is consistent across all platforms.
  • Step 3: Contact all of the raw wholesale hair vendors to better understand and make a deal with these suppliers. You should carefully make a list of questions to ask wholesale raw hair vendors to review their hair quality, shipping procedures, and price for a specific weight. Then you can choose the raw hair wholesalers for your business that offers good quality raw hair at a reasonable import price.

Finding raw hair wholesalers on online platforms takes a short time. It helps you find the raw unprocessed hair vendors you expect and compare the prices of many raw hair vendors wholesale at the same time. However, you need deep research on e-commerce and other platforms to verify the information.


Research the types of raw hair wholesalers


Make a list of trustworthy raw hair wholesalers


Contact all of the raw hair wholesalers

7. FAQs about wholesale raw hair vendors

Below are some frequently asked questions about wholesale raw hair vendors and detailed answers.

7.1. What are the pros and cons of raw hair?

Raw hair is a type of hair extension that is unprocessed and unaltered. This means that it has not been chemically treated or steamed to create a uniform pattern. As a result, raw hair is the closest thing to natural human hair, offering a variety of benefits and drawbacks.

Advantages of raw hair:

  • Unmatched quality and natural texture: Raw hair is unprocessed and retains its original cuticle layers, giving it a natural shine and texture that is unmatched by processed hair. The cuticle layers also help protect the hair from damage and contribute to its longevity.
  • Superior durability: Raw hair exhibits exceptional durability, making it well-suited to heat styling and coloring without compromising its integrity. Unlike processed hair, raw hair can withstand various styling techniques without incurring significant damage.
  • Versatility in styling options: Raw hair offers a wide range of styling possibilities, allowing you to achieve a variety of looks, from sleek and straight to bouncy and curly. Its adaptability caters to diverse preferences and styling needs.

Disadvantages of raw hair:

  • Higher cost: Raw hair is generally more expensive than processed hair due to its superior quality, unprocessed nature, and limited availability. The higher price reflects the value and benefits it offers.
  • Increased maintenance requirements: Raw hair demands more attention and care than processed hair to maintain its optimal condition. Regular deep conditioning, detangling, and proper handling are essential to prevent tangles and dryness.
  • Variations in texture: Raw hair may exhibit slight variations in texture from bundle to bundle since it has not undergone uniform steaming. This variation is part of its natural charm, but it may require adjustments in styling techniques.

7.2. Which country has the best wholesale hair vendors supplying hair today?

Vietnam has emerged as a leading global hub for wholesale hair vendors, renowned for its premium-quality hair extensions that consistently garner praise for their softness, smoothness, and natural luster. This reputation for excellence stems from several factors that contribute to Vietnam’s standing as a top producer of hair extensions.

  • Abundant supply of raw hair: Vietnam enjoys a rich supply of raw hair, sourced from the country’s vast population of healthy, young women. This abundance ensures a steady stream of raw materials for hair processing, enabling Vietnamese vendors to meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality hair extensions.
  • Expertise in hair processing: Vietnamese hair vendors possess a deep understanding of hair processing techniques, honed over generations of experience in the industry. This expertise allows them to transform raw hair into exquisite extensions that retain their natural beauty and durability.
  • Strict quality control measures: Vietnamese hair vendors adhere to stringent quality control standards, ensuring that their products consistently meet the highest international benchmarks. This commitment to quality extends from the selection of raw materials to the final packaging of the finished products.
  • Competitive pricing: Despite the exceptional quality of their products, Vietnamese hair vendors maintain competitive pricing, making their extensions accessible to a wide range of consumers and distributors worldwide. This balance of quality and affordability has propelled Vietnam to the forefront of the global hair extension market.
Vietnamese raw hair is well-known for its high quality.

Vietnamese raw hair is well-known for its high quality.

7.3. What is the purchasing process from wholesale raw hair vendors?

The purchasing process from wholesale raw hair vendors typically involves the following steps:

  • Research and vendor selection: Identify reputable wholesale raw hair vendors based on factors such as product quality, reputation, customer reviews, and pricing. Research different vendors to compare their offerings and find the best fit for your needs.
  • Contact and inquiry: Establish initial contact with the vendor, typically through email or phone calls. Inquire about their product range, pricing, payment terms, shipping options, and minimum order quantities (MOQs). Communicate your product specifications, including hair type, texture, length, color, and quantity requirements. Ensure the vendor can provide the exact hair you need.
  • Sample request (optional): If available, request hair samples to assess the quality and texture before committing to a large order. This step is crucial to ensure the hair meets your expectations.
  • Quotation and negotiation: Receive a formal quotation from the vendor, outlining the product details, pricing, shipping costs, and any additional fees. Negotiate the terms as needed to reach a mutually agreeable arrangement.
  • Order placement and payment: Once the terms are finalized, place a formal order with the vendor, specifying the product details, quantity, and delivery address. Make the agreed-upon payment using the vendor’s preferred method.
  • Order confirmation and production: The vendor will confirm the order and initiate the production process. This may involve sourcing raw hair, processing, and packaging according to your specifications.
  • Shipping and delivery: Once the order is ready, the vendor will arrange shipping through a reputable courier service. Track the shipment to ensure timely delivery.

This is the basic process for most hair suppliers, however, please contact the specific hair vendor you want to cooperate with for the most detailed and specific instructions.


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