Wholesale virgin hair factory and things you need to know

Update: 29/05/2023

Have a desire to start a hair business, but you do not know whether the business units are legit and wonder what the shipping and payment are. This site will inform you of some facts about wholesale virgin hair factory and assist you in choosing the best one.

1. Overview of Wholesale Virgin Hair Factory

If you want to know more about Virgin Hair Factory Wholesale or having a start-up as a Hair Extension distributor business, you should acknowledge what virgin hair is and all wholesale hair factories. You will understand every detail about Hair Wholesale Manufacturing in the paragraph below.

Wholesale Virgin Hair Factory is a factory that sells virgin hair (partially processed or untreated) in bulk. They produce a great deal of quantity with huge orders, up to tons.


Vin Hair best-selling bone straight weft hair


Virgin hair extension is the highest-grade hair product since each bundle is created from 100 percent hair from a single donor. The hair is mildly treated after collecting, particularly when washed, but no further chemical treatments are used.

But nowadays, virgin hair is extremely rare, so factories replace it with remy hair production. It still has the same high quality as virgin hair, but it doesn’t really equal when you want to bleach or dye it since its origin is not coming from a person.


Wholesale Virgin Hair Factory And Things Need To Know


Virgin hair extensions from the factory

2. Some places to find a reliable wholesale virgin hair factory

Asia is the fastest-growing virgin hair extension market and is also famous for wholesale raw hair vendors. However, the distribution and quality of hair sources vary by area. Here is a basic overview of the prominent Asian nations that generate virgin hair, the most typical are China, India, and Vietnam.







Vin Hair is always available in all hot trend textures and colors

2.1. China is where you can find the biggest wholesale virgin hair factory

There are many wholesale hair factories in China selling virgin hair, which are very well-known in the world hair market. It is common knowledge that they manufacture a substantial quantity of hair at affordable prices.



All hair is made from 100% raw human hair


2.1.1. Features of wholesale virgin hair factory in China

China is the most populated wholesale virgin hair factory worldwide for good hair. But they have no virgin hair because of its rarity instead they produce remy hair with significant quality. If you want to order virgin hair, you need to consider it elsewhere besides China.

  • Origin of hair: The hair is collected from Chinese women but is rare so wholesale virgin hair factory exports it from countries like India, Vietnam, and Cambodia
  • Hair quality: Because the virgin hair factory collects hair from different sources, the hair is uneven, and weak after processing due to different kinds. However, hair extension from wholesale raw hair vendors here is soaked with chemicals, so it is glossy and smooth at first but easily tangled and shed over time
  • Price: This wholesale virgin hair factory is renowned for producing low-cost goods because the virgin hair factory has access to cheap labor and technological advancements. 1kg 8A straight hair 10 inches bundle is 120$ and each 4 inches more is 20$.
  • Processing technology: Each virgin hair factory still produces the same quality but the big one has a lot of machines so they can have mass production, you no need to put a reservation. Unlike the smaller virgin hair factory wholesale, you need to make a place first and then the virgin hair factory begins to produce hair extensions, this could lead to your order being slower than expected.

Brown silky 12inches bone straight hair


These hair factory is suitable for those who are looking for abundant quantity in stock and medium price with medium quality. Thus, you need to ensure you are not being scammed by virgin hair factory wholesale and the price is high, so you also need to secure the item from that wholesale virgin hair factory.

2.1.2. Pros of purchasing hair from wholesale virgin hair factory in China

When buying hair from China’s wholesale virgin hair factory, you will have numerous choices of selection and buy large quantity at reasonable prices.

  • These hair factories sell their hair for approximately 10 dollars for a bundle, and their pricing is really reasonable and considered a low segment in the world hair market.
  • Developed logistics and transportation systems in China help the wholesale virgin hair factory deliver the hair promptly and without delay. Moreover, they are able to produce bulk orders rapidly due to their cutting-edge machinery, equipment and large-scale plant with thousands of workers.

Blach bone straight is always best choice for sleek look

If you need a large quantity of hair but have a limited budget, Chinese wholesale hair factories in China are ideal choices. However, the intensive use of chemicals throughout the processing stages makes the hair really weak and low quality. In addition, wholesale virgin hair factory in China import hair from numerous sources, resulting in variable quality.


China is the most populated wholesale virgin hair factory worldwide for good hair

2.2. India is where you can find wholesale virgin hair factory offering low prices

When mentioning the best wholesale virgin hair factories around the world, Indian wholesale virgin hair factories are among them.


2.2.1. Features of Indian wholesale virgin hair factory

India is one of the competitors of China in producing significant quantities of hair. Indian wholesale virgin hair factory is well-known for its cheap hair extensions and pretty good quality:

  • Origin of hair: Hair warehouses from India provide customers with virgin hair made of temple hair. Temple hair is often natural hair that hasn’t ever been chemically processed and a hairball means shredding the hair of women, the virgin hair factory rearranges it and makes it a hairball.
  • Hair quality: Because of the hot weather, Indian hair is naturally curly and thin. This means it could damage the hair if customers want the virgin hair factory wholesale to dye or restyle it. Indian virgin hair is quite strong and is not prone to break or shed.
  • Price: Cheap because this wholesale virgin hair factory not only the hair they collected with a fair price but also has many workers with low-paid wages.
  • Processing technology: Most of the hair processing stages are done by hand, not by machines because hair factories in India are mainly small scales like mini-workshops or household factories with rudimentary machinery.

So the Indian wholesale virgin hair factory is fitting for consumers with low budgets and has no high demand for quality.


Long body wave hair in natural color


2.2.2. Advantages of buying hair from wholesale virgin hair factory in India

By buying hair from a wholesale virgin hair factory in India, you can save your cost thanks to the low prices they offer.

  • In India, raw hair materials supply is always abundant due to the shaving rituals and larger population here, so wholesale virgin hair factories in India can fulfill bulk orders though the machinery is rudimentary.
  • Thanks to abundant hair supply and low-cost labor, wholesale virgin hair factory in India provides the cheapest prices on the worldwide hair market. A virgin hair bundle 8″ costs $8.

So if you want to buy in bulk but have limited budgets and high quality is no big concern, go for Indian wholesale virgin hair factory and they will not let you down.


Indian wholesale virgin hair factory is well-known for their cheap hair extensions and pretty good quality

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2.3. Vietnam is where you can buy high quality hair from wholesale virgin hair factory

Wholesale virgin hair factories in Vietnam are very well-known for supplying high-quality hair to the world hair market. These factories have long experience in this industry.


A combo of mirror bone straight hair to make wig



2.3.1. Features of wholesale virgin hair factory in Vietnam

Vietnam has the top wholesale virgin hair factory for high-quality and long-lasting hair. Only in Vietnam can you buy premium hair at competitive prices:

  • Origin of hair: the primary sources are coming from the people from the rural area who have a tradition of growing long hair. Nowadays there is less and less virgin hair due to the growth of beauty, instead of that, there is an increasing trend of remy hair which also has the same quality as virgin hair.
  • Hair quality: Vietnamese hairs are natural black, straight, silky, and strong due to natural human characteristics, mild climate and hair care routine of people here. Moreover, Vietnamese hair is easy to restyle and dye for customers’ needs.
  • Technology: Most are machining, with experience and meticulous workmanship. The top wholesale hair factory here does not have high-tech machinery but still ensures the quality that clients look for.
  • Price: Vietnam’s cash flow is quite low when compared to the global exchange rate. Because of the affordable pricing as well as the quality of the hair, many clients pick this wholesale virgin hair factory.

The Vietnamese wholesale virgin hair factory is perfect for those searching for a high-end hair extension with the most reasonable price.


2.3.2. Pros of buying hair from Vietnamese wholesale virgin hair factory

When buying hair from virgin hair factory wholesale in Vietnam, customers will get high-quality hair at reasonable prices. The order process is also simple and convenient.

  • Customers can get hair of superior quality from Vietnam. Vietnamese hair is one of the best hair types in the world. It is straight, silky, smooth and durable (can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance)
  • Vietnamese hair price is not low compared to other hair type in the world but the quality worth it. At the same price, Vietnamese hair is of higher quality than other hair types.
  • Order process from wholesale virgin hair factory in Vietnam is so simple and convenient even for the newbie in the hair industry. Many hair factories in Vietnam have their own shipping lines to many markets all over the world. Moreover, Vietnam has a stable political situation so customers do not need to worry about risks with customs or shipping.

Customers will reduce the risk, get high-quality hair at reasonable prices when buying hair from wholesale virgin hair factory in Vietnam.


Wholesale virgin hair factories in Vietnam are known as the top factories for high-quality and long-lasting hair


Vietnamese hairs are natural black, silk, and strong

3. Tips To Know Which Wholesale Virgin Hair Factory Is Trustworthy

It is necessary to look for a wholesale virgin hair factory to start your business. So this information could help you decide whether you can trust them or not.

Nowadays, there are more and more scammers, so you need to be careful before you make a deal with a wholesale virgin hair factory. Some advice may help you avoid scamming and other damaging consequences. You need to carefully check the products, check numerous presences of the hair factory with their pricing and policies.

  • See products with your own eyes: if your wholesale hair vendors are foreign, you could ask them for a video call to see the quality of virgin hair extensions. Also, the photos of products must be taken with a real camera without filters.
  • Check the wholesale virgin hair factory’s information: the reliable wholesale hair vendor would publicize their intel such as the website, hotline, address, certification, and factory photos so customers could check it properly. There are also articles on caring for hair and selecting appropriate hair types to assist newbies.
  • Ask questions only the wholesale hair vendor would know: If they were the real wholesale virgin hair factory manager, they would know every detail of the production line. Once the suppliers you choose have no expertise in every question you ask, then you do not have to think about signing a contract with them!
  • Check shipping and payment method: Check if the payment is safe for you. Many websites fake transferring money, like Union Western, which makes you log in to your banking account and withdraw all your money. Be careful with those!! Shipping must be fast and convenient, and the suppliers must guarantee the products are still intact and not messy with the hair extension.

When you carefully check the products, check numerous presences of the hair factory with their pricing and policies, you will find reliable hair factories that you can shop from them with confidence.


Check the wholesale virgin hair factory’s information


5. Top Recommend Wholesale Virgin Hair Factory You Can Work With

The wholesale virgin hair factory from countries has benefits and drawbacks. We will recommend the best option based on your intended use, your willingness to wait for manufacturing to complete, or your financial status.

5.1. Vin Hair Vendor – The Best Vietnamese Wholesale Virgin Hair Factory

If you are still not satisfied with the above suppliers, then Vin hair vendor will be the ideal choice to meet all your requirements.


Vin Hair Vendor is the best wholesale virgin hair factory in Vietnam

Their products are made from Vietnamese virgin hair – the highest quality hair sourced from northern mountainous women. Here, the women have a very healthy lifestyle and take care of their hair with natural herbs, so their hair is also very strong.


Deep wavy weft hair from Vin hair vendor


Big curly weft hair from Vin hair vendor best selling in Africa market.


Big curly weft hair from Vin hair vendor


Tape hair from Vin hair vendor has a natural, shiny look and is popular in the European market.


Tape hair from Vin hair vendor

Clip in hair is also popular in the European market because of its high quality at reasonable prices.


Clip in hair from Vin hair vendor


Bone straight hair of Vin hair is smooth, shiny and of the highest quality.


Bone straight weft hair from Vin hair vendor

Opportunity to receive GREAT DEALS from Vin Hair Vendor!

To celebrate the holiday season, Vin Hair Vendor is offering a DISCOUNT to all of its clients. If you buy 5 kg or more between October 24 and November 7, you’ll save $20/kg, and if you buy 10 kg or more, you’ll save $50/kg. Quickly choose the products you want to buy.


Big deal from V Hair Vendor on Christmas season

Get in touch with Ms Ella (the sales manager) on Whatsapp at +84356665661 for a great offer right now.

5.2. 5S Hair Vietnam – The Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Factory In Vietnam

If you want to buy high-quality hair extensions in Vietnam, then 5S Hair is the most suitable wholesale virgin hair factory

  • 5S Hair Vietnam is the first Vietnamese wholesale virgin hair factory in Vietnam. The factory received the Top Famous Vietnamese Brand Award in 2022
  • Quality: Vietnamese women’s hair is 100% chemical-free. Hair is maintained the same so that it is thick, silky, and smooth.
  • Best-selling hair: bone-straight hair, curly wavy weft hair
  • Service: Customers get discounts on the next purchase and sale promotions when customers are loyal. Wholesale virgin hair factory has an extremely enthusiastic customer support team.
  • Customer reviews: This wholesale virgin hair factory has the best quality at a reasonable price but takes a long time to produce goods. Safety payment and shipping are fast but still intact.

Products of 5S Hair Vietnam – Top 1 Asia Wholesale Hair Factory

If you are looking for a wholesale virgin hair factory that produces high quality but still ensures in time with a reasonable price. Then 5s Hair Factory is for you.

5.3. Ted-Hair – The Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Factory In China

Ted Hair Factory was established in 2009, and its long history has created the impression that it is a reliable Wholesale Virgin Hair Factory. Distributors, wholesalers, salons, and internet store owners worldwide are frequently among their partners.

  • Best-seller: Their leading offers are frequent hair extensions, closures, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, virgin Brazilian hair, and other things.
  • Quality: The hair is smooth, and silk, but it is unequal when it comes to colour due to different types of hair.
  • Price: Ted Hair has the highest price compared to other factories in China.
  • Customer Reviews: This wholesale virgin hair factory always has discounts for loyal customers, meanwhile, the quality does not equal the price.

Ted Hair is a wholesale virgin hair factory in Guangzhou. It is best suited if you need to purchase a large quantity of wholesale hair in a short period.


Products of Ted Hair – one of the biggest wholesale virgin hair factories in China

5.4. Indian Mermaid Hair – The Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Factory In India

This wholesale is one of the most common wholesalers that hair sellers and salon executives find online when looking to do commerce in the hair industry.

  • Best-sellers: This Indian wholesale virgin hair factory has bulk, weft, hair extensions, wigs, and more varieties of hair products available in this store, which are offered as a choice for customers.
  • Quality: The manufacturer is known to produce a solid and beautiful appearance that many admire. Indian Mermaid hair is one of the wholesale virgin hair factory has the ability to do that.
  • Price: It is in the lowest price segment of the world. Moreover, this virgin hair factory wholesale offers a lot of annual discounts for regular customers.
  • Customer service: Virgin hair factory has a diversity of types of hair but has a high price list.

Indian Mermaid Hair can become your appropriate wholesale virgin hair factory if you prefer cheap prices and don’t care too much about quality.


Products of Indian Mermaid Hair – one of the most popular factories in India

In conclusion, before you pour money into the suppliers, you must carefully consider it and research that factory to know everything if you know nothing about wholesale virgin hair factory. Thank you for reading!

Source: V Hair Vendor – The Best Choice For Hair Business

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