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Top 10 Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors In The World


Discover the top 10 best wholesale virgin hair vendors supplying premium single-donor and chemical-free hair in the current hair market in this article.

Wholesale virgin hair vendors offer virgin hair products that are the rarest and highest quality hair on the market today. This article will provide information about them and how to find the best virgin hair wholesaler for your business.

1. Things must know about wholesale virgin hair vendor

Wholesale virgin hair vendor is a group of individuals or an organization that sells virgin hair and related goods to other individuals or organizations in the economic production chain; with the purpose of the product-service provided by the vendor being for consumption. Virgin hair is hair taken from a person without any processing, or chemicals, this is the highest quality, natural, and purest hair.

Virgin hair from wholesale virgin hair vendors
Virgin hair

2. Top countries where virgin hair wholesale vendors located

Nowadays, you can find many suppliers in many different places, but the most reputable virgin hair wholesale vendors are located in Vietnam, Cambodia, China and India because these are all countries located in raw materials or have advanced technological equipment for hair production.

2.1. Vietnam

Virgin hair wholesale suppliers are concentrated in Vietnam because the country has abundant raw materials, skilled workers, and a long tradition of hairdressing.

2.1.1. Features of wholesale virgin hair vendors in Vietnam

Vietnamese virgin hair vendor wholesale is famous for their high-quality hair, reasonable prices, and excellent service.

  • If you wonder “Is Vietnam hair original?” Then you can rest assured because here collect hair from local women or women living in the high mountains between the ages of 18-35. They have an active and healthy lifestyle, and a scientific diet, so their hair is very strong and shiny.
  • Vietnamese virgin hair wholesalers have Vietnamese virgin hair material with hair that can be dyed and styled very well. With curly hairstyles, it can stay in place for a long time, with bone-straight hair, because the hair texture is naturally straight, the hair does not need a lot of chemicals to create this style.
  • It is possible to find high-quality virgin hair from Vietnamese hair vendors because Vietnamese hair is very thick and long, hair from one donor is enough to make 1 set of wigs or 1 set of hair extensions but it is quite rare and expensive.

Most of the world market, including high-end markets like Europe, is interested in virgin hair vendor wholesale in this area because they offer high quality hair at reasonable price.

Vietnamese virgin hair is black, strong and smooth
Vietnamese virgin hair is black, strong and smooth

2.1.2. Pros of buying hair from wholesale virgin hair vendors in Vietnam

If you’re looking for the greatest quality at the most reasonable price and least risk, virgin hair wholesalers in Vietnam are where you want to shop.

  • Because they can reap the benefits of plentiful high-quality hair sources and not have to import hair from other countries, wholesale virgin hair vendors in Vietnam have more reasonable prices compared to those in other nations. When purchasing from these virgin hair wholesalers, you will get better quality than when purchasing hair from other nations for the same price.
  • Vietnam’s politics and economy are very stable, so when buying hair from virgin hair wholesalers in Vietnam, shipping goods is very convenient and without delays.
  • If you are searching for “What’s the prettiest hair type?” or “What hair is most attractive?” Vietnamese hair is the perfect choice thanks to its excellent quality.

Virgin hair wholesale suppliers in Vietnam are undoubtedly a smart and potential option for your company given the aforementioned advantages. Wholesale hair suppliers in this area have dominated most international markets, even competitive regions like Europe. Large orders, however, take a bit longer than in China and India because of the painstaking and rigorous manufacturing procedure and they don’t keep a lot in stock.

2.2. Cambodia

Virgin hair wholesalers in Cambodia have affordable and high-quality hair materials sources, which have many characteristics similar to wholesale virgin hair suppliers in Vietnam because they are located in the same area.

2.2.1. Features of virgin wholesale hair vendors in Cambodia

The characteristics of virgin wholesale hair vendors in Cambodia are similar to those of Vietnam, with abundant raw materials and cheap labor.

  • Hair is taken from poor local women. These people sell their hair to earn money and consider it as part of their livelihood. However, Cambodian virgin hair is becoming hard to find as fewer and fewer women sell their hair. It is possible that some raw hair wholesalers import their hair from other sources. When buying Cambodian virgin hair, you must pay more attention and examine the hair quality requirements from wholesale virgin hair vendors here to determine if the hair is adulterated with other sources.
  • Cambodian virgin hair is robust, silky, and thick; it may be styled and dyed in a variety of ways. Hair is slightly ruffled, raw Cambodian is best for hair types with waves or curls. When purchasing Cambodian raw hair in bulk, this is the characteristic you should focus on.
  • Wholesale prices for Cambodian hair are not cheap and go into the average range on the market, but given the high quality, they are well worth your money.

If hair wholesalers want to offer curly or wavy hairstyles, choosing Cambodian hair vendors is a good choice to work with.

Cambodian virgin hair is robust, silky, and thick
Cambodian virgin hair is robust, silky, and thick

2.2.1. Pros of buying hair from wholesale virgin hair vendors in Cambodia

Buying hair from virgin hair suppliers wholesale in Cambodia you will receive a reliable source at a reasonable price and low risk:

  • Wholesale virgin hair vendors here can buy cheap hair materials, labor costs at factories are cheap, so their hair prices are very reasonable for shaved quality hair.
  • Procedures for transportation and buying and selling are usually easy because the political and economic environment in Cambodia is very stable. Also, there aren’t many hair manufacturers in this area so it’s less likely to get scammed.

Virgin hair wholesalers in Cambodia are a good choice for your business. But nowadays, virgin Cambodian hair is actually pretty hard to find, so do your research before you buy. In addition, you will have to wait a long time if you want to get whole hair in bulk from these supplier because virgin hair in Cambodia is not much.

2.3. China

China is famous as a leader in the hair industry and has advanced technology. 30% of the hair in the current hair market comes from China. Virgin hair wholesale suppliers in China provide a variety of hair products with a wide selection and very competitive prices.

2.3.1. Features of wholesale virgin hair vendors in China

Virgin hair wholesalers in China provide hair products originating from many different countries, have many segments and very competitive prices.

  • In the past, Chinese virgin hair wholesale suppliers sell virgin hair came from Chinese women, who used to keep their hair long and then sold it to hair dealers. Nowadays, due to increasingly modern life and rapid urbanization, there are very few Chinese women selling hair. It can be said that Chinese wholesale virgin hair vendors currently do not have virgin hair, hair products labeled virgin hair are actually Remy hair (hair from 2-3 people with high similar quality). Due to insufficient domestic supply, China often imports hair from other countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, India, and Brazil… Mostly India and Brazil because these countries have cheap supplies.
  • Because Chinese virgin hair wholesalers import hair from many different countries, the characteristics and quality of Chinese hair are very diverse. In general, hair will be heavily chemically treated in wholesale virgin hair factory in China to create eye-catching designs and colors. But also because of that, the hair is quickly weak and broken after a period of use.
  • Chinese hair prices have many segments, suitable for many customers. Overall they have the most competitive prices in the hair market.

Virgin hair wholesale vendors in China are good for people who need a lot of hair quickly and don’t care too much about the quality.

Chinese virgin hair suppliers wholesale often import hair from other countries
Chinese virgin hair suppliers wholesale often import hair from other countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, India, and Brazil

2.3.2. Pros of buying hair from wholesale virgin hair vendors in China

When buying hair from virgin hair suppliers wholesale in China, you will have a wide selection of products at the most competitive prices in the hair market.

  • Virgin hair wholesalers in China import hair from many sources, so the products are very diverse, have many options, suitable for many customers.
  • Thanks to modern machinery technology in hair factories, which can take advantage of economies of scale, wholesale virgin hair vendors in China have very competitive prices and also have many segments.
  • Thanks to China’s advanced infrastructure and logistics system, when buying hair from virgin hair wholesale suppliers in China, deliveries of products proceed fast and without issue.

For those who want to have a large amount of hair in a short time and have a wide selection of goods at competitive prices, buying from virgin hair wholesale vendors in China will be a great choice. However, the hair is imported from many places and the treatment process involves many chemicals, so the quality is difficult to ensure and durable

2.4. India

Virgin hair wholesalers in India are more and more popular in the hair market and bring a lot of profit to hair distributors and retailers. They are famous for their diverse products, abundant and cheap raw materials.

2.4.1 Features of the virgin hair vendor wholesale in India

Virgin hair wholesale suppliers in India have an abundant local origin, low prices and are most competitive in the hair market:

  • Virgin hair wholesale suppliers in India source virgin hair from Indian Temple hair. The term “temple hair” originates from the Indian custom of shaving one’s head as a ritual of worship. These raw materials are used by Indian wholesale virgin hair vendors to produce their products.
  • Typically, virgin Indian hair is dry, black, and somewhat frizzy. Virgin Indian hair that is still in its natural form may be coloured and styled, but it needs to be straightened. Therefore, if you want to purchase Indian hair in bulk to produce curly or wavy hair products, virgin Indian hair will be ideal for your company.
  • Compared to the above countries, Indian virgin hair wholesaler has the cheapest price because they have an abundant source of cheap raw materials and low-cost labor.

Indian hair wholesalers is the ideal choice for those who need hair in bulk, low price and don’t care too much about hair quality.

Virgin Indian hair is taken from Temple
Virgin Indian hair is taken from Temple

2.4.2. Pros of buying hair from wholesale virgin hair vendors in India

You will get cheaper prices and abundant hair sources if you buy hair from Indian virgin hair wholesalers. Compared to Vietnam and China, hair from Indian virgin hair wholesalers is much cheaper:

  • India is one of the nations with a plentiful supply of hair, thus virgin hair wholesale suppliers there can easily fill big orders in a short time.
  • Indian wholesale virgin hair vendors offer the lowest cost in the international hair market due to the availability of cheap labor and abundant raw materials. Typically, a bundle of Indian virgin hair costs from 8 USD.

Although there are benefits in terms of cost, the quality of Indian hair from virgin hair wholesalers in India is also questioned because of the mystery surrounding the origins of the raw materials. Overall, the hair from these wholesalers is exportable to China and satisfies the demands of businesses that prioritize cost.

3. The price of wholesale virgin hair vendors

Many factors influence how much virgin hair from virgin hair vendor wholesale will cost. Some of the most important factors are hair supply, origin, grade, length and styles:

  • Supply: One of the key aspects influencing the price of hair is supply. The price of hair from virgin hair wholesalers will rise if the supply is limited or the supply chain is interrupted.
  • Hair origin: It is important to note that the price of Vietnamese hair will differ from that of Indian or Chinese hair. Wholesale hair vendors near the source of the raw materials will probably be able to get good prices from virgin hair wholesalers from having to import hair. Furthermore, hair businesses located in areas with abundant and low-cost labor can sell their hair at a cheaper price than competitors.
  • Grade: A crucial factor in deciding the price of wholesale virgin hair vendors is grade. According to the region, there are many different grades. For instance, for those who ask “What grade is Vietnamese hair?” then the answer is single-drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super-double drawn. Chinese hair is classified as 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, and 10A in Chinese virgin hair wholesalers. The higher grade will have higher quality so more expensive price.
  • Length: The price will be higher with longer hair bundles. Virgin hair wholesale suppliers usually supply in lengths from 8-30 inches. Because virgin hair is hair from one person, very rare, very few suppliers have virgin hair with a length of more than 30 inches.
  • Styles: The pricing is significantly influenced by the hairstyle as well. Prices for curly hair will differ from those for straight or wavy hair. Wavy or curly hair often costs more per piece than straight hair, typically by as least $5 USD.

One thing to keep in mind is buying in large quantities from virgin hair wholesalers can save you a lot of money compared to buying small quantities.

Factors affecting the price of virgin hair
Factors affecting the price of virgin hair

4. Tips to find trustworthy wholesale virgin hair vendors 

If you are unable to visit the virgin hair wholesale vendors in person, some things to keep in mind while checking their reliability are check their address, customer feedback, their images, brand name and policies:

  • Check the virgin hair wholesalers’ addresses: The address must be for real places that can be found using search engines such as Google Maps.
  • Check to see what previous customers say about them: Look for customer reviews of virgin hair wholesale suppliers on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, blogs, websites, and Bing. Not all must be positive, but the majority must.
  • Check out the photos of the virgin wholesale hair vendors: Choose companies that have real pictures of their facilities and products. Avoid those who have very excellent pictures or take photos from other factories as they may be scammers.
  • Survey the market price to know the most common price for the product you want to buy. Reputable wholesale virgin hair vendors will have prices in the mid-range or slightly higher than the market price. Avoid suppliers whose prices are too cheap because you should remember that price goes hand in hand with quality.
  • Check the virgin hair wholesale vendors’ brand name: Reliable virgin hair wholesalers must have a widely known, readily searchable registered brand name.
  • Examine various web presences: Trustworthy virgin wholesale hair vendors have to have expert social media pages, websites, as well as other networking sites platforms.
  • Choose virgin hair wholesale suppliers that have exchange and refund policies: You can tell whether a raw virgin hair vendor is reliable by whether or not they provide exchanges or refunds for damaged or defective goods.

Above are the ways you can choose a reputable and suitable virgin hair wholesaler for your business.

How to find trustworthy virgin hair wholesale suppliers that supply high-quality hair
How to find trustworthy virgin hair wholesale suppliers that supply high-quality hair

5. Top reliable wholesale virgin hair vendors in the world

When seeking for reliable wholesale hair vendors, there are many factors to consider. The quality and price should be prioritized in order to balance sales and profits. Here are some suggested virgin hair wholesale suppliers from across the globe that are known for providing premium hair extensions at affordable prices.

5.1. Vin Hair

If you are looking for a dependable virgin hair wholesaler for your hair company, visit Vin Hair Vendor.

  • Vin hair vendor provides a broad range of hair products, including hair bundles, wefts, clips, tapes, and tips. The company’s weft hair products, in particular, are very famous among Nigerians
  • This reliable wholesale virgin hair factory only uses the highest-grade human hair from Vietnam in all of its products. The hair is taken from ladies of the northern mountains, who live a healthy lifestyle and use only herbal products on their hair
  • Each strand of hair is meticulously chosen by skilled employees to ensure that it is of the best quality, lustrous, strong, resilient, and long-lasting.
  • Vin hair vendor has its own facility where it produces its products, letting it provide the most affordable pricing on the market today. When you purchase from Vin hair, you’re getting a wonderful deal.
  • Only a select few Vietnamese wholesale virgin hair vendors, like Vin Hair, have their own production facilities. Anything you spend at
  • Vin hair will provide you with excellent value. Collaboration with the Vin hair vendor is a smart move for your business.

Vin Hair Factory is an excellent option for wholesalers and distributors in the hair industry seeking high-quality virgin Vietnamese hair at affordable prices.

Vin Hair
Vin Hair provides a broad range of hair products, including hair bundles, wefts, clips, tapes, and tips

5.2. Mic Hair 

When it comes to the global distribution of virgin hair, best quality raw hair, and Asian hair, Mic Hair is among the top virgin hair wholesale suppliers.

  • Main products: bulk hair, weft hair, closures and frontals with many lengths and colors…
  • Price: Not cheap, with prices starting at $ 7.7 per 0.1 kg of bulk hair and $ 12.9 per 0.1 kg of all other types.
  • Feedback: The majority of consumers are quite happy with Mic Hair’s hair extensions and think that the value matches the price.
  • However, some customers complain that the delivery service from this wholesale virgin hair vendor is quite long and the response time is late

Mic Hair is one of the most reputable wholesale virgin hair vendors you can work with if you have demanding standards for the product’s quality.

Hair products from Mic Hair
Hair products from Mic Hair

5.3. Ted Hair

Ted Hair was founded in 2008 and has since become a leader in the Chinese and international hair extension markets.

  • Hair origin: They don’t have virgin hair but the product they provide is high-quality Remy hair. The majority of the raw materials come from nations like Laos, Malaysia, Brazil and India.
  • Main products: This wholesale virgin hair vendor has various lengths and textures are available in hair weaves, wigs, lace closures, clip-ins, and tape-ins,…Ted Hair is also well-known for their Chinese bone straight hair.
  • Price: Ted Hair’s products are more expensive than the average compared to other Chinese hair wholesalers.
  • Customer Reviews: Despite having a good reputation, Ted Hair sometimes receives complaints from clients about the hair quality.
  • Many customers consider that the product they get is mixed with synthetic materials. Different hair kinds come in a variety of prices yet seem to be comparable in quality.

Ted Hair, located in Guangzhou, is a modern China hair manufacturer known for exporting a wide variety of hair extensions to nations across the globe. Ted Hair is the best option if you need a huge quantity of high-quality wholesale hair in a hurry.

Hair products from Ted Hair
Hair products from Ted Hair

5.4. SGI Indian Human Hair 

Since it opened in 2008, SGI Hair has become known as one of India’s best virgin hair wholesale suppliers because of its high-quality standards.

  • Hair Origin: Hair is taken from Indian temples.
  • Main products: This wholesale virgin hair vendor has machine weft, bulk hair, lace wigs, clip-ins, tape-ins, tip-ins,…
  • Quality: Indian hair is of lower quality than hair from Vietnam and China because of the characteristics of Indian hair and lacks of advanced hair processing technologies.
  • Price: SGI’s wholesale pricing is in the lowest price range in the globe. They also provide many weekly, monthly, and yearly discounts.
  • Customer Reviews: Customers sometimes complain that their hair is a bit thin, weak and prone to frizz and tangles due to outdated technology in the production process.

SGI Hair is a good option if you’re looking for a wholesale hair extension manufacturer in India offering low prices and aren’t picky about the quality of wholesale virgin hair.

Hair products from SGI Hair
Hair products from SGI Hair

5.5. Angkor Hair 

Angkor Hair has been one of the top wholesale virgin hair vendors in Cambodia for the past five years.

  • Main products: They have products in many different textures and lengths, including straight, wavy ( slightly and very wavy) and loose curly.
  • Price: Reasonable, from 425$/1000 grams, based on double-drawn straight hair wefts
  • Reviews: They get much positive feedback for their high quality and affordable price. However, customer service is still not professional.

In addition to the wholesale virgin hair vendor listed above, Angkor Hair is also a good choice if you want high-quality hair at a fair price.

Hair products from Angkor Hair
Hair products from Angkor Hair

Whether a virgin hair wholesaler is a good fit for you will depend on what you need in terms of price and quality. With the above information from Vin Hair Vendor, you should be able to make the best choice for your own business.

6.6. Bellami Hair

Bellami Hair is a well-known wholesale virgin hair vendor in Australia that was launched in 2012.

  • Bellami has a wide range of colors, lengths, and textures to suit every hair type and personal desire. Clip ins, tape ins, and weft hair are their primary goods.
  • They exclusively utilize 100% virgin human hair, thus the product’s quality is guaranteed. This supplier’s hair is thick, bouncy, and gleaming. They are always confident in their ability to provide the greatest hair extensions.
  • Their wholesale hair extensions Australia price is much more when compared to the pricing of hair in other markets. A Bellami hair weft hair extension will often cost at least $50, which is twice the price of a Vietnamese hair extension.

“Bellami as Beautiful Me,” the brand’s tagline, symbolizes its commitment to making women feel confident and attractive by offering them high-quality, easy-to-use hair extensions.

5.7. Zala Hair Extensions

Zala Hair Extensions is a sought-after name in the wholesale hair business, standing out as one of the wholesale virgin hair vendors with the most current technology and processes available today.

  • Zala’s vast 100% human hair extensions Australian and Synthetic Vegan Keratin collections are created to provide consumers with instant-worthy smooth, soft length, and volume in seconds.
  • They have over 20 different hair kinds, 27 different colors, 7 different lengths, and various textures, weights, and thicknesses. There is also a customized product service to fulfill all of the needs of the customers.
  • They have reasonable prices, starting at $60 for a 16′ clip in hair extensions. There will also be various incentives and exceptionally low pricing for customers who want to buy wholesale virgin hair extensions from them.

The Zala Hair Extensions company delivers enthusiastic and prompt consulting services, ensuring that consumers have the finest purchasing experience possible.

A variety of hair extension products are available from Zala Hair Extensions
A variety of hair extension products are available from Zala Hair Extensions

5.8. Aspara Hair

Because of its exceptional quality, Aspara Hair has acquired a significant reputation as one of the greatest virgin hair wholesale vendors in the world.

  • This hair seller provides a wide range of hair products to meet a wide range of hairstyles and individual preferences. Their Cambodian curly and wavy hair products, in particular, stand out, with a vast range of styles, hues, and lengths.
  • This Cambodian hair seller provides products at mid-range costs that are competitive for the quality of the goods. A bundle of straight, unprocessed hair costs $45. If you order 20 or more bundles, you will receive a $5 per bundle discount.
  • They accept returns within 15 days after receiving the item.

Because of its great quality and cheap rates, this hair vendor is gradually distinguishing itself among Cambodian wholesale virgin hair vendors, and is sought after by consumers worldwide.

5.9. Hair Talk USA

Hair Talk USA is another well-known wholesale virgin hair vendor that offers a wide range of hair extensions in the United States market and international hair market.

  • Hair products include hair bulk, tape-ins, tip ins, clip-ins, and hair weft in a wide range of enticing colors and textures.
  • This provider has very competitive prices for hair extensions in the United States, starting at $35 for a bundle of 12-inch raw hair.
  • This hair provider is dedicated to providing their customers with high-quality products and services. They also feature an easy-to-understand and reasonable return and refund policy.

Hair Talk USA has established itself as one of the most trusted wholesale hair vendors in the United States by emphasizing quality and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Hair Talk USA is a reliable wholesale virgin hair vendor from the USA
Hair Talk USA is a reliable wholesale virgin hair vendor from the USA

5.10. PeloDiva

PeloDiva is a wholesale virgin hair Atlanta distributor and vendor. They offer the best virgin hair extension service at a reasonable price to the general population.

  • Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions, Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions, and Virgin Peruvian Hair Extensions are currently available in lengths ranging from 10 to 30 inches, as well as popular styles such as Straight, Body Wave, and Deep Wave.
  • Their goods are priced in the middle of the market, starting at $60 for a basic hair extension product.

PeloDiva was founded on the concept that the requirements of their clients come first. This is always the top virgin hair vendor wholesale that you should not miss, especially for customers in Atlanta.

6. FAQs about wholesale virgin hair vendors

Many consumers all around the world are interested in virgin hair wholesale vendors, the following are frequently asked questions and detailed answers.

6.1. Tips for buying high-quality authentic virgin hair?

Here are some valuable tips to guide you in making an informed decision when purchasing authentic virgin hair.

  • Know your sources: Start by researching reputable suppliers and vendors known for providing genuine virgin hair. Look for companies with positive reviews and a transparent sourcing process.
  • Check for cuticle alignment: The cuticle is the outer layer of each hair strand that protects it. High-quality virgin hair should have its cuticles intact and aligned in the same direction. This ensures minimal tangling and a smoother, more natural appearance.
  • Consider hair texture and type: Different individuals have varying hair textures and types. When purchasing virgin hair, select a texture and type that closely matches your natural hair. Whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly, choosing the right texture will enhance the overall look and blend seamlessly with your hair.
  • Check for tangle and shedding resistance: Quality virgin hair should exhibit minimal tangling and shedding. Run your fingers through the hair to assess its resistance to tangles, and check for any excessive shedding. This is a good indicator of the overall durability and longevity of the hair.
  • Ensure consistent color: Authentic virgin hair typically comes in a natural color range, from dark browns to blacks. Be wary of hair that appears too uniform in color or has an unnatural sheen, as this may indicate chemical processing or synthetic additives.
  • Ask for certification: Reputable suppliers often provide certification to authenticate their virgin hair products. Request certification or documentation that verifies the authenticity of the hair, ensuring you are getting what you pay for.

By following these tips and being discerning in your selection, you can confidently purchase virgin hair that meets your expectations.

6.2. What is the difference between raw hair and virgin hair?

Raw hair, as its name suggests, is unprocessed human hair. This type of hair has not undergone any steam, chemicals, or processing at all, so the cuticles remain intact and oriented in the same direction. Raw hair is collected directly from donors, then washed and conditioned, and finally sold as clip-ins, tip-ins, or wefts.

Virgin hair is human hair collected from a single donor and has not been chemically processed. It hasn’t been dyed, permed, bleached, or harshly washed so the cuticles are still intact and running in the same direction. However, virgin hair can be treated with steam or heat to form textures such as body curly, deep curly, kinky curly, pixie curly, and other textures.

SEE MORE: Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair: What Are The Differences?

6.3. Do wholesale virgin hair vendors offer customization options?

Yes, many virgin hair wholesale vendors offer customization options such as different lengths, textures, and colors. Some vendors also provide services like lace customization for wigs and closures, allowing customers to tailor the products to their specific needs. However, not all hair vendors are direct manufacturers, so not all companies have product customization services.

In addition, some wholesale virgin hair vendors are only commercial companies but still provide customization options, the quality will not be guaranteed, production time will be long and costs will increase because they are just intermediaries. Therefore, choose hair vendors that have their own reputable and famous factories to ensure the quality of products customized to your needs and at a more affordable cost.

In the vast ocean of options from around the globe, it is difficult to locate a reputable and suitable wholesale virgin hair vendor. We sincerely expect that with the vital information in this article and the list of the top 10 best wholesale virgin hair vendors that we have updated, you will be able to locate the most ideal supplier and enjoy an exceptional purchasing experience.

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