Vietnamese hair extensions the most sought after product in the market

Update: 24/04/2023

In the hair extension market, Vietnamese hair extensions are the most popular and sought-after hair type because of their high quality and affordable price, bringing a lot of profit to hair traders. This article will give you all about Vietnamese hair extensions.

1. Vietnamese hair extensions are in high demand on the market

Vietnamese hair extensions are the most sought-after product and are in high demand on the hair market today because of their high quality and reasonable prices. Many hair businesses have made billions of dollars thanks to Vietnamese hair extensions.

  • The hair extensions market is getting more and more lucrative, the demand for hair extensions is increasing, more and more countries are participating in the hair extensions market. Vietnam is one of the leading countries in the hair export market besides other big countries like China and India, proving that the demand for Vietnamese hair extensions is huge.
  • Vietnamese hair extensions are in high and growing demand because of their excellent quality, clear origin, abundant raw materials, and wide range of hair extension products.
  • Vietnamese hair extensions have the most affordable and competitive prices in the hair market with high quality. For the same price, when buying hair extensions from Vietnam you will get much better quality than buying hair extensions from other countries like China or India.

For the above reasons, Vietnam hair extensions are increasingly sought after and bring more profits to hair wholesalers and distributors.


Vietnamese hair extensions are in high demand on the market


Vietnamese hair extensions

2. Overview of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions are made from high-quality raw materials, which are clearly recognized by the world market, so Vietnamese hair extension products are of outstanding quality.

2.1. Origins of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions are made of 100% natural Vietnamese human hair collected directly from Vietnamese women who live in mountainous or highland areas. Only qualified hair will be chosen and then thoroughly sorted by skilled personnel to ensure that Vietnamese hair is always of the highest quality.


Vietnamese hair extensions are made of 100% natural Vietnamese human hair

2.2. Outstanding features and quality of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions have outstanding features and are famous for their smoothness, blackness, strength and durability.

  • Natural black and straight: Vietnamese hair extensions are made of Vietnamese women’s hair which is naturally black, smooth and straight. Vietnamese hair is straight, smooth and black naturally thanks to the herbal hair care regimen, avoiding chemicals and the natural characteristics of the people here.
  • Easy to style and color: Due to the natural straight and smooth texture of the hair extension materials, Vietnamese hair extensions are very flexible in coloring and styling. After styling or dyeing, Vietnamese hair extensions still remain strong and durable. In particular, Vietnamese hair extensions dyed 613 blonde are very popular and loved by girls in the world.
  • Durable: Vietnamese hair extensions are made of raw Vietnamese hair material that has never been chemically processed so it is very durable and strong and can last up to 3-5 years. Unlike hair extensions in other countries are often chemically processed to achieve a straight and shiny appearance, so their lifespan is very short.

With outstanding features and quality, Vietnamese hair extensions are a high-class product and are exported to many countries.


Outstanding features of Vietnamese hair extensions

3. Popular products of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions include a variety of products, but the most popular and prominent are the products: raw hair bundles, hair weft, tape-in, clip-in, and tip hair.

  • Raw hair bundles: Raw hair bundles is a traditional Vietnamese hair extensions product. After collection, hair will be gathered into bundles. Wholesalers like this Vietnamese hair extensions product because it preserves the best qualities of raw Vietnamese hair, they can import it, add a few processing processes to make the desired hairdo, and then sell it to clients.
  • Hair weft: Weft hair is a popular wholesale hair extensions product of Vietnamese hair factories, is bundle of hair strands that have been stitched or taped onto a thin cloth strip. Weft hair is often utilized because it is easy, flexible, and secure when dealing with thin, short hair. Weft hair from Vietnamese hair providers is a highly well-liked commodity in Africa. Africans often have thin and short hair, thus they frequently use weft hair to immediately have their hair out long and thick.
  • Clip in, Tape in, Tip in: These are Vietnamese hair extensions that have been processed but still retain the strengths and excellent quality of Vietnamese hair. Europeans especially like these Vietnamese hair extensions, they seek to locate hair products that would add thickness and bounce since their hair is long yet thin. Additionally, they place a great priority on quality, therefore they search for tape in, tip in, and clip in items created from premium Vietnamese hair extensions.

The above are famous products of high quality, competitive price that bring a lot of profit to hair merchants and businesses.

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Popular products of Vietnamese hair extensions

4. Tips to buy high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions at a good price

Quality and price are always two important factors when buying. Quality helps businesses retain customers and prices help businesses optimize profits.

4.1. Tips to find a potential Vietnamese hair extensions vendor

To have a high-quality hair source, you need to find a reliable supplier first. Using the traditional method or the Internet are the two options for finding a trustworthy Vietnamese manufacturer. There will be benefits and drawbacks to each method:

4.1.1. Find a trustworthy Vietnamese hair extensions vendor through the traditional way

Contact Vietnamese embassies to find a reputable Vietnamese hair manufacturer. But there is a fee to be paid for them. As an alternative, you might have the assistance of family members living in Vietnam to visit Vietnamese hair vendors in person and verify their legality. This will be the safest way to help you choose a reputable Vietnamese hair manufacturer, but you have to pay them a fee.

For more information about Vietnamese hair factories, click here:

4.1.2. Find a trustworthy Vietnamese hair extensions vendor through the Internet

The second way, using the contemporary and quick search method on Internet, you may find a large number of Vietnamese hair factories:

  •  You may search for keywords like the largest Vietnamese hair extensions company, Vietnamese hair extensions factory, and Vietnamese human hair extensions vendors. The best option for you will be the top listings. However, you should disregard Vietnamese hair manufacturers that run advertisements since they are unnecessary for big, trustworthy hair factories.
  • The reliable Vietnamese hair extension suppliers will be up-front and clear about everything, including company information, product catalogs, price lists, order and delivery procedures, and customer feedback.
  • Choose the best Vietnamese hair extensions suppliers: You may get in touch with many wholesalers of Vietnamese hair at once, compare their costs, and choose the one offering the greatest deal and the best quality goods.
  • Their return, payment, and warranty policies should be carefully read. Selecting a hair vendor that allows returns and exchanges will lower your risk.
  • Once you’ve filtered your list of potential Vietnamese hair extensions suppliers, you can use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to seek client reviews to aid in your decision-making.

The above are ways to help you find a reputable Vietnamese hair extensions factory, depending on your needs and conditions, you should choose the right way for you.


Tips to find a potential Vietnamese hair extensions vendor

4.2. Tips to get a good price when buying Vietnamese hair extensions

After finding a supplier of top-notch goods, the following step is to negotiate the price to optimize profits for your business. To obtain the best price, get in touch with the Vietnamese hair manufacturer, inquire about their wholesale rates, contact with the salespeople, and negotiate:

  • Contact many sales from the same Vietnamese hair extensions manufacturer. Perhaps one of them will offer you the best deal when buying wholesale Vietnamese hair.
  • Ask them for the price of wholesale Vietnamese hair and see if they’ll negotiate with you. Hair producers will still give you the greatest deal even if you don’t purchase in quantity on your first order.
  • If you say that their price is higher than that of other Vietnamese hair extensions manufacturers, they will unlikely adjust their pricing. Show them that you’re willing to do business with them in the future if they give you a good price.

With Vietnamese hair extensions vendors, you shouldn’t be hesitant to negotiate. Most businesses have policies in place that allow staff members or, at the absolute least, management to be flexible with prices on certain items. There is just one note: you have to start the conversation to have the best price.



Tips to get a good price

5. Top best Vietnamese hair extensions suppliers to work with

There are many suppliers of hair extensions in Vietnam. To save you time and avoid unnecessary risks, we have listed a few suggestions for the best Vietnamese hair extensions suppliers that are famous for high-quality hair at reasonable prices you can refer to.

5.1. Vin hair vendor – The best Vietnamese hair extensions factory

Vin hair vendor is one of the best Vietnamese hair extensions factories, famous for excellent quality hair, and competitive prices.


Vin hair vendor


Vin hair products

Vin hair vendor

Coming to Vin hair vendor, you will receive the best quality, the most competitive price and the most professional service. They will be a potential partner and help your business go further.

5.2. Mic Hair – Top best Vietnamese hair extensions suppliers

For more than 10 years, Mic Hair has been one of the largest Vietnam human hair suppliers in the worldwide trade of Asian virgin hair and raw hair.

  • Main products: weft hair, bulk hair, closure, and frontal
  • Hair origin: 100% Vietnamese hair
  • Price: This price is quite expensive, starting at $129 for 1 kg of natural straight hair
  • Policy: Refund and exchange requests are accepted within 30 days after receipt of the shipment.

Mic Hair is one of the best Vietnam human hair suppliers and is suitable for people seeking Vietnamese hair extensions since it offers both good quality and excellent service.


Mic Hair

5.3. Cyhair – Top best Vietnamese hair extensions suppliers

CyHair, based in Vietnam, is a distributor of hair goods with a great reputation for producing high-quality real hair extensions by integrating retail, service, and R&D.

  • Products: clip ins, tip hair, tape ins, micro rings, ponytails made of real hair extensions… The quality depends on the period
  • Price: The price is quite reasonable. $9.3 for 100g 8 inch Remy hair single drawn
  • Policy: exchanges and refunds within 15 days after receiving the items

Cyhair is a great choice for those who want to get Vietnamese hair extensions because of its high-quality products at reasonable prices.



5.4. AZ Hair – Top best Vietnamese hair extensions suppliers

AZ Hair has been one of the best Vietnamese hair extensions companies for over 15 years.

  • Products: bulk hair, weft hair, closure and frontal
  • Price: the price is competitive, from 11.8$ for a 100gr 8inch bundle
  • Policy: Claims for returns and exchanges are accepted within 72 hours after delivery, except for incorrect product choices such as wrong size or address information.

If you want the best Vietnamese hair extensions, AZ Hair is a wonderful choice because of the excellent quality of their goods and their reasonable prices.


AZ Hair

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