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Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair – The Best Choice In The Market


If you are interested in Vietnamese bone straight hair, find out why it is so sought after and the top 6 places to buy this product through this detailed article.

Vietnamese bone straight hair is one of the most popular Vietnamese hair products on the market thanks to its naturalness, durability, and reasonable prices. In this post, you will find a lot of useful information about in this hair type and where to buy it.

1. Vietnamese bone straight hair is famous for its high-quality

What is bone-straight hair? Bone straight hair is thin straight hair with a very smooth appearance. This product from Vietnam is made from 100% Vietnamese human hair, and then created to style bone-straight hair.

1.1. Origin Vietnamese bone straight hair

Vietnamese bone straight has raw material that comes from the hair of young and healthy women in the country’s northern regions, where the weather is mild and their hair is less likely to be damaged by the sun. It is often taken from one to three donors in Vietnam. The cuticles are still intact and the hair goes in one direction, so it is less likely to get tangled or matted.

Vin hair vendor

1.2. Features and quality of Vietnamese bone straight hair

With high-quality raw materials, Vietnamese bone straight has outstanding features and qualities recognized and loved by the hair market:

  • Vietnam bone straight hair is made of raw materials with hairs that are black, smooth, and silky thanks to Vietnamese women’s healthy lifestyles and use of natural products to take care of their hair.
  • Thanks to the natural straightness of raw Vietnamese hair materials, Vietnamese bone straight hair does not need a lot of chemical processing to achieve bone straight hair. Unlike hair in other countries, which is naturally thin and a bit frizzy, it requires many chemicals to get the bone straight style. So the hair is often fragile and dry after being straightened.
  • Vietnam bone straight hair is made of strong hair so it can be dyed any color you want. Especially blonde, ombre, blue colors are very popular with young girls.
  • The average lifespan of Vietnamese hair bundles is 3-5 years with correct care while the average lifespan of bone straight hair in other countries is usually about 6-8 months. What’s more, hair is quite simple to maintain its smoothness and straightness. The convenience and time-saving nature of hair care are also why it is so popular among consumers.
Vietnamese bone straight hair is of high quality
Vietnamese bone straight hair is of high quality
Vin hair vendor

With the above-mentioned outstanding features and quality, Vietnam bone straight hair is increasingly in high demand in the hair market.

2.1. Grade of Vietnamese bone straight hair

Although there are many factors to consider when determining the quality of Vietnam bone straight hair, criteria based on the consistency of hair length are used to ensure quality, and it largely determines the price. Vietnam bone straight hair is mainly supplied in 3 main grades: single, double and super double drawn Vietnamese hair.

  • Single drawn: This one is the cheapest with around 50-55 % of the hair having the same length you want. This grade is suitable for those on a tight budget.
  • Double drawn: For this grade of Vietnamese bone straight hair, around 70-75 % of the hair is the same length as you want. This is a medium-priced grade and is popular with all customers.
  • Super double drawn: This is the most costly and high-quality Vietnamese hair grade, and it’s worth it since it ensures the most uniform hair length possible, with 90–95% of the hair having the same length you want.

Double drawn hair is often the most popular choice because of its affordable price and quality, uniformity that still ensures complex needs for customers.

Vietnamese hair grade
Vietnamese hair grade

2.2. The length of Vietnamese bone straight hair

You will have to pay more money if you want your Vietnam bone straight hair extensions to be longer. To meet all length requirements, Vietnamese human hair is taken from highland women with long hair. Vietnam bone straight hair bundles are often offered with lengths between 8 and 36 inches.

2.3. Colors of Vietnam bone straight hair

The price of Vietnam bone straight hair depends not only on grade and length but also on color. Brighter colors or colors that have to be bleached are more costly than natural or darker tones.

Depending on your needs and budget, you should choose a suitable grade, length and color for yourself. No matter what you choose, Vietnamese hair factories always try to bring you the quality possible.

3. Why buy Vietnamese bone straight hair

Vietnam bone straight hair brings many advantages in terms of both economics and value for hair traders and consumers:

  • It has high quality at an affordable price, which is a good source of products that bring a lot of profit to hair businesses and help them attract customers.
  • Vietnam is a country with a stable political economy, so buying bone hair from Vietnam will avoid the problem of being scammed or being held by customs… The buying process goes smoothly without delay.
  • When buying Vietnamese bone straight hair in bulk, Vietnamese hair factories will have special discounts for you and they also have many gratitude programs for loyal customers. The more you buy, the more you will save. This is a way to optimize costs and increase revenue for your company.
Vietnamese hair is of high quality and affordable prices
Vietnamese hair is of high quality and affordable prices

Vietnam bone hair is increasingly being used in the hair market and is suitable for all types of customers.

Vin hair vendor

4. Where you can buy high quality Vietnamese bone straight hair

To help you save time, we have compiled a list of reputable Vietnamese hair vendors that are famous for high-quality hair at reasonable prices where you can buy Vietnam bone hair extensions with peace of mind.

  1. Vin Hair Vendor
  2. CyHair
  3. MCSARA Hair
  4. Mic Hair
  5. 5S Hair
  6. Milan Hair

4.1. Vin hair vendor

Vin hair vendor has recently emerged as a reputable and perfect factory to beat competitors. Established in 2011 by a group of hair experts, Vin Hair has more than ten years of experience producing and exporting high-quality hair. Their reputation for quality and service has earned it a huge number of devoted customers all over the world.

  • They have a large assortment of high-quality hair items including bulk hair, weft hair, hair extensions, closure, frontal, and wigs. Depending on customer needs, Vin Hair offers a choice of textures, colors, and lengths.
  • They offer 100% human raw hair with a high degree of softness, natural gloss, and versatility. Each strand of hair is carefully selected and undergoes careful processing. Their hair does not undergo chemical treatment, ensuring a natural scent and outstanding durability.
  • Vin Hair Vendor’s product prices are considered extremely affordable and consistent with the quality they provide. A bundle of 1 kg natural color raw hair 8-inch starts at just $88. They also have many promotions for customers along with top wholesale prices on the market.
  • Vin Hair is ready to support customers 24 hours via WhatsApp, Instagram, Website… with a team of dedicated, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable staff. Vin Hair uses reputable payment and shipping methods, with fast shipping times of 7 to 10 days. This supplier also allows exchanges and returns within 7 days to ensure customers have a satisfactory purchasing experience.
  • Vin Hair Vendor’s main markets include countries in Africa, Europe, Latin America,…

Contact information:

  • Website: https://vinhairvendor.com/
  • WhatsApp: (+84)362123222
  • Instagram: vinhair.official
Vin Hair is the top 1 Vietnamese hair factory
Vin Hair is the top 1 Vietnamese hair factory
Vin Hair supplies numerous choices of hair extensions
Vin Hair supplies numerous choices of hair extensions
Vin hair vendor

If you’re looking to buy high-quality hair products or Vietnamese bone hair, Vin hair vendor is a perfect option. Visit us at vinhairvendor.com

4.2. Cyhair

CyHair is a leading manufacturer of high-quality human hair products with lots of loyal customers all over the world.

  • Products: Bulk hair, frontals & closures, tape-ins, and tape hair are the main products of this top-rated Vietnamese hair manufacturer. And almost all products are made from Remy hair.
  • Price: The wholesale price of 8-inch Vietnam bone hair can range from 153-285 USD/kg depending on grade.
  • Feedback: This is one of the best Vietnamese human hair suppliers and has a lot of positive feedback, including expert customer service, fast shipping (often within 5-7 days), and high-quality products. Unlike other providers, they accept orders of any size (below 1 kilogram) (starting at 0.5 kg).

Cyhair is one of the top Vietnamese human hair suppliers where you can buy Vietnamese bone straight hair with confidence because they put their customers first and value lasting partnerships where both parties benefit.

Products of Cyhair – One of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers


Established in the 1990s, MCSARA has grown to become one of Vietnam’s leading raw Vietnamese hair vendors of premium Vietnam bone straight hair at competitive prices.

  • Hair orgin: 100% Vietnamese human hair
  • Main products: they offer high-quality tape ins, clip ins, tip ins, weft hair, hair wigs.
  • Price: MCSARA is one of the best raw Vietnamese hair vendors and has very competitive, from 9.8$ for 100gram 8 inches natural straight hair
  • Policy: You have 7 days to return or exchange a product, and they’ll cover the shipping fees.
  • Feedback: a lot of positive feedback, but there are a few customers who are not satisfied with the delivery service

If you’re looking to buy high-quality Vietnam bone straight hair, MCSARA is a great option.

Products of MCSARA – Top best hair vendors in Vietnam

4.4. Mic Hair

Mic Hair has been a leading Vietnamese hair manufacturers since 2007, focusing only on raw, unprocessed hair taken from young, healthy women in Vietnam and Cambodia.

  • Products: There are many choices from this hair company in color and length of bulk hair, weave hair, closures, and frontals. (the length ranging from 6-30 inches).
  • Price: the price of this hair manufacturer in Vietnam is quite expensive, but it’s worth it. From 179USD/kg 8inch Vietnamese bone straight hair bundles.
  • Feedback: People who have bought the products from this Vietnamese hair manufacturer are pleased with both the quality and customer service. They are also satisfied with the fast delivery.

If you’re looking for a Vietnamese hair manufacturer to buy bone straight hair, go to Mic Hair – which has the best hair and excellent customer service.

Mic Hair
Products of Mic Hair – Where you can buy Vietnam bone hair with confidence

4.5. 5S Hair

5S Hair is one of the leading Vietnamese hair factory and provides top-quality hair to wholesale hair distributors throughout the world, particularly in the African market.

  • Products: There are two main categories: weft hair and raw bulk hair
  • Price: The price is very competitive. Ranging from 143-213 USD/kg 8inch Vietnamese bone straight natural color hair depends on the grade.
  • Feedback: The service at 5S Hair received rave reviews from its customers. Whenever a customer contacts them, they reply right away. Service after the delivery is also highly valued. To safeguard consumers’ rights, the return and warranty policies are also made public online.

5S Hair Factory is one of the best hair factories in Vietnam for anybody looking to buy bone straight hair bundles because of the high-quality and competitive prices of their hair.

5S Hair
Products of 5S Hair – One of the best hair factories in Vietnam

See more about:

4.6. Milan Hair

Milan Hair is one of the best human hair factories providing Vietnamese human hair, Vietnamese virgin hair, and Vietnamese Remy hair all around the world.

  • Products: machine weft hair, bulk hair, closures, frontals, and other hair extension styles.
  • Price: The price is reasonable
  • Feedback: There are both positive and negative reviews about the quality of the hair.

If you want to buy Vietnamese bone straight hair, you can consider Milan Hair.

Milan Hair
Products of Milan Hair – Top best Vietnamese hair suppliers

5. Tips to check the quality of Vietnamese bone straight hair

Vietnamese bone hair is famous for its outstanding features, but not everyone can buy high-quality Vietnamese hair. To choose the best hair extensions, you can check by hand or by eyes with some tips below:

  • Check by eyes: Hair will seem straight and uniform at first glance, you should have a closer look to see whether there are any curly hair strands or not, if there are, the hair has not been handled well and the bone-straight form will be lost rapidly.
  • To check whether the hair may be easily shed: From top to bottom, pull and comb the hair with gentle to strong pressure.
  • For colored hair: If you use your hands to stroke the hair bundle and the color sticks to your hands, the hair color will surely fade easily.
  • Check the grade of Vietnamese bone straight hair: With single drawn, it’s easy to see that a bunch of hair is thicker at the top and gradually thins down at the end. With double drawn, the hair is thicker at the top but not too much different from the ends. With super double, you will see that almost all the hair in the bundle is the same length and full from root to tip.

Above are the ways you can check the quality of Vietnam bone hair from there to choose high-quality hair.

Check the quality of Vietnam bone straight hair
Check the quality of Vietnam bone straight hair

Vietnamese bone straight hair is highly regarded for top-notch quality and affordable price. If you are looking for a premium type of bone-straight hair, do not overlook bone-straight hair from Vietnam. It will not let you down!

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