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Top 10 Best Wig Suppliers UK Latest Updated 2024

wig suppliers UK

If you are looking for a high-quality wig supplier in the UK, this latest updated list of the top 10 wig suppliers UK will help you make the right choice.

Famous as a vibrant and potential hair market, the UK attracts many customers around the world thanks to its reputation for top quality. You cannot ignore this article if you want to find a suitable supplier. The latest list of the top 10 most trustworthy wig suppliers in the UK along with important information about these suppliers will be revealed below.

1. Facts about UK wig suppliers 

For those who are researching the UK wig market, there is a fact that mainly hair suppliers in the country are distributors and they buy hair from foreign manufacturers. Although the hair market here is very developed, they lack sufficient raw materials, human resources are limited and labor costs are also very high. Therefore, importing hair from other countries is even cheaper than producing it domestically.

The main hair sources of wig suppliers UK come from Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, and India. The common points of this area are abundant hair sources, highly skilled workers, and low production costs. The process of importing hair is also very convenient and simple, so it attracts many UK hair companies.

Wigs are very popular in the UK market
Wigs are very popular in the UK market

Due to importing hair from many different sources, the quality of hair wig products in the UK mostly depends on the quality of the hair source. 

  • Chinese hair is famous for its diverse designs and eye-catching appearance because of its high production technology but is still controversial because of its unclear origin and rapid quality deterioration. 
  • Vietnamese hair is a bit more expensive but of premium quality, mostly collected from Vietnamese highland women, so it is extremely soft, thick, and durable. 
  • There are 2 types of Indian hair: hairballs and temple hair. Temple hair is high quality but a bit dry, and hairballs is cheap but poor quality.

Each hair type has its own pros and cons. It is important that you clearly determine your needs and carefully research a reputable supplier before purchasing the most satisfactory product.

If you are confused when looking for a quality source, you can consider choosing Vin Hair from Vietnam. This hair supplier was established in 2011, specializing in manufacturing and supplying hair extensions, and hair wigs to the main markets of Africa, Latin America, and Europe. They have a large number of loyal customers and hundreds of thousands of major partners who are hair salons, hair distributors, and hair companies. Their reputation is built on high-quality products, reasonable prices, and excellent customer service.

Vin Hair received many positive compliments from customers
Vin Hair received many positive compliments from customers

2. Tips for choosing trustworthy wig suppliers UK

To choose a reputable UK wig supplier, it is extremely necessary to research and carefully consider the factors. Below are some useful to find a reliable and appropriate supplier for your needs:

  • Research thoroughly: You can find reputable suppliers through Google, e-commerce platforms or social networks. Carefully study customer feedback and reviews to evaluate the reputation of that supplier. Prioritize suppliers with many years of experience, clear company and product information and professional-looking websites.
  • Ask for suggestions: Contact friends, family, hairstylists or consult experts who may have experience buying from wig suppliers UK. They can give you many helpful suggestions and advice when making a purchase.
  • Check for certifications and authentic images: Reliable suppliers often have certifications for hair quality or safe production processes. Wig suppliers UK that have authentic images of their factories and the hair products they provide are also a big plus.
  • Clear communication: Fast and clear communication is a common advantage of reliable suppliers. They must respond promptly to your inquiries and provide you with detailed information about their products and prices. If a supplier communicates non-transparently or avoids questions, it may signal that the vendor is not professional or reputable.
  • Compare prices: Don’t be afraid to contact multiple suppliers to compare their prices. Consider the balance between your requirements and a reasonable budget. Be wary of UK wig suppliers that have prices that are too good or are not transparent about prices.
  • Request samples: If you plan to acquire large orders, purchase sample products to assess the quality before making a purchase choice. Don’t forget to inspect the product quality. High-quality hair is usually lustrous, and silky, does not dry out or break, and is also heat resistant.

With the above tips and careful consideration before purchasing, you will find a reputable and suitable supplier.

Tips for choosing reliable wig suppliers UK
Tips for choosing reliable wig suppliers UK

3. Top 10 most reputable wig suppliers UK latest updated

Let’s find out the list of top 10 most reputable UK wig suppliers latest updated.

3.1. Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is always one of the top choices when customers are looking for reputable wigs suppliers. This Vietnamese hair supplier is famous for providing premium wigs at extremely competitive prices.

  • Their wig products are favorite for their high softness, natural appearance and smoothness. Their hair is committed to being 100% raw virgin hair, strictly selected from the best quality hair sources.
  • Their main wig products include lace front wigs, full lace, headband wigs, lace closure, bangs wigs and men’s wigs.
  • This hair vendor owns a team of 100 experienced production workers with a modern factory of 1000m2, guaranteed to meet customer requirements. Vin Hair also provides customized products and services and accepts large orders from wholesalers and distributors.
  • Vin Hair’s hair prices are extremely reasonable and worthy of the quality, starting from only $50 for a basic wig product. They are also rated by customers as having the most attractive discounts currently for regular customers and wholesalers.
  • Vin Hair’s consulting team is famous for being extremely dedicated, having extensive knowledge, and responding quickly.

Contact information

  • WhatsApp: (+84)362123222
  • Email: thebesthairvendor@gmail.com
  • Website: vinhairvendor.com
  • Instagram: vin.hair.official
Vin Hair provides hair in a variety of styles, colors, and lengths
Vin Hair provides wigs in a variety of styles, textures, colors, and lengths

3.2. Gla Hair

Gla Hair is one of the leading famous hair suppliers, specializing in supplying hair extensions and wigs for the UK market.

  • Gla Hair provides a wide range of wigs such as Lace wigs, lace front wigs, closure, and full wigs,… with many impressive textures, colors, and lengths.
  • Their hair is ethically sourced, 100% high-quality raw hair, and undergoes rigorous testing before being sold.
  • Average shipping time is 7-10 days.
  • The exchange and return policy applies within 7 days of receiving goods.

Gla Hair received many positive feedbacks from customers for its attentive service, quick shipping time, and very clear policies.

Gla Hair offers wigs in a variety of styles and designs
Gla Hair offers wigs in a variety of styles and designs

3.3. Wigsell

As a leading famous brand in the UK, Wigsell has 8 years of experience in manufacturing and selling human hair UK to brands and stores all over the world.

  • Their main products are hair wigs including lace wigs, bob wigs, lace front wigs, synthetic wigs,… They source hair mainly from Latin America, Asia, and Europe origins with quite good quality.
  • Price range: £66-£388
  • Policies: Exchanges and returns policy applies within 15 days after the customer receives the goods.
  • Shipping and delivery: Although the shipping time is quite fast, not that the preparation time of Wigsell is quite long because it is mainly customized products.

Wigsell always prioritizes customer satisfaction and strives to offer the finest shopping experience, worthy of being one of the most prestigious wig suppliers UK today.

Wigsell is one of the reputable UK wig suppliers today
Wigsell is one of the reputable UK wig suppliers today

3.4. Simply Wig

Simply Wig was founded in 2007 and is one of the wig suppliers UK trusted and loved by many clients today.

  • Main products: Lace Front Wig, Monofilament Human Hair WigsHand, Tied Human Hair Wigs
  • Price range: £446 – £1600
  • Policies: The 14-day return and refund policy however does not apply to custom products and international customers
  • Shipping and delivery: Domestic orders usually take 2-5 days for shipping, and international orders take about 7 days with the delivery method Royal Mail International Signed For.

This supplier is a suitable choice for customers who are looking for quality products without being too concerned about price.

Some outstanding wig products from Simply Wig
Some outstanding wig products from Simply Wig

3.5. KKwigs 

KKwigs is one of the wig suppliers UK that is no longer unfamiliar to many customers. They specialize in offering quality wigs & hairpieces for women online.

  • Main product: Capless Wigs, Full Lace Wigs, Lace Front Wigs, Monofilament Wigs
  • Price range: £69-£415
  • Policies: Returns and exchanges policy applies within 60 business days after the package is delivered.
  • Shipping and delivery: Average delivery and shipping time is 7-10 days, shipping fee is £9.99.

Many customers evaluate KKwigs as an extremely reputable address because of its good hair quality, diverse designs, and reasonable prices.

Some outstanding wig products from KKwigs
Some outstanding wig products from KKwigs

3.6. Sally Wigs

Established in 1975 and known as Sally’s Glitz & Glam for many years, Sally Wigs is a small family-run business specializing in wigs, hair extensions, hair pieces, and accessories.

  • Main products: Human Hair Wig, Synthetic Wigs, Children’s Wigs, Lace Wigs, Bob Wigs, Short Wigs.
  • Price range: £120 – £670
  • Policies: Return and exchange policy applies within 30 days with unworn wigs.
  • Shipping and delivery: Average shipping time is 10 to 15 days with a shipping cost of £17.50. Note that orders placed after 3 pm on Friday will not be processed until Monday.

Sally Wigs is one of the famous wig suppliers UK thanks to its diverse products and affordable prices.

3.7. Josephs Wigs

Josephs Wigs, based in Morden, Surrey, are traditional wig makers by trade and have been selling ladies’ wigs for more than 50 years.

  • Hair quality: Their wigs are produced from high-quality natural human hair UK and synthetic fibers, and each one is meticulously crafted with specialized features like superfine lace fronts, handcrafted mesh, and monofilament tops for great comfort, durability, and style.
  • Main products: Ladies Wigs, Hairpieces, Headwear, and Wig Accessories.
  • Price range: £355 – £2250
  • Policies: Accept returns and exchanges within 10 days, except for international orders.
  • Shipping and delivery: Delivery and shipping time is 7-10 days, domestic shipping is £6.95 and shipping is free on orders over £100, international shipping is £14.95.

Josephs Wigs will not let you down if you are looking for top wig suppliers UK to buy hair from.

Some outstanding wig products from Josephs Wigs
Some outstanding wig products from Josephs Wigs

3.8. Wigs4U

Wigs4U is a trusted UK wig supplier thanks to 30 years of experience in the industry of manufacturing and supplying wigs and hair extensions.

  • Main products: ladies wigs, ladies hairpieces, men’s full-head wigs. 
  • Price range:  £380 – £1,560
  • Policies: They accept returns and refunds within 10 days.
  • Shipping and delivery: Average shipping time is 12 to 15 days. Free delivery for all UK mainland orders over £25.

With the motto of always putting customer experience first, Wigs4U has received countless compliments for its quality and service.

3.9. Wiwigs

Wiwigs is a wig brand founded in 2009 and has nearly 15 years of experience in the industry.

  • Main products: Lace front, bob wigs, cosplay wigs, ¾ wigs, wavy wigs.
  • Price range: £40 – £170
  • Policies: Return requests must be made within 14 days and must be returned within 30 days, shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Shipping and delivery: UK domestic orders will be delivered within 1-3 days and shipping is free, international orders will take 1 to 2 weeks.

Wiwigs is a UK wig supplier that provides hair at affordable prices today but still ensures relatively good hair quality.

Wiwigs offers wigs in a variety of colors and styles
Wiwigs offers wigs in a variety of colors and styles

3.10. Wonderful Wig Company

If you’re looking for premium hair quality, women’s and ladies wigs made in the UK, Wonderful Wig Company is the place not to be missed.

  • Main products: Lace front, hand-tied, monofilament, part-lace, open cap.
  • Price range: £88 – £3,792
  • Policies: Return and exchange policy applies within 14 days.
  • Shipping: Average shipping time is 5-10 days. They have a free shipping policy for returning customers.

Despite having a large selection of wigs, each has been hand-picked by their skilled staff of stylists based in the UK.

Some best selling wig products from Wonderful Wig Company
Some best-selling wig products from Wonderful Wig Company

4. FAQs about wig suppliers UK

Let’s explore customers’ frequently asked questions about UK wig suppliers below:

4.1. Why are hair wigs in the UK so expensive?

Prices will vary depending on brand reputation, hair quality, and specific requirements in terms of designs, color, length, and texture… but in general wig prices in the UK market are considered quite expensive, human hair wigs can range anywhere between £500 – £3000. Below are some reasons why it’s so expensive:

  • Import fees and taxes: Importing hair wigs into the UK often incurs significant fees and taxes, including customs duties and value-added tax (VAT), which increases the overall cost of the product.
  • Profit margins: The profit margin of the hair wigs industry in the UK is so high, that the selling price here is typically 3-4 times higher than the import price (for high-quality hair) and 5-6 times higher than the import price (for low-quality hair).
  • High labor costs: Manufacturing and styling wigs require skilled labor, which may be more expensive in the UK compared to countries with lower labor costs. This can contribute to higher prices for domestically produced or customized wigs.

Overall, the combination of these factors contributes to the relatively high cost of hair wigs in the UK compared to other regions.

4.2. Should I buy hair from wig suppliers UK?

Deciding whether to buy hair from wig suppliers UK or not depends on several factors and each person’s needs. Let’s explore the pros and cons of wig suppliers UK to help you make the right decision.

  • Pros: For customers in the UK or surrounding areas, purchasing here allows you to directly test the product before deciding to purchase. It also helps save shipping time and reduce shipping costs and additional costs such as import taxes. In addition, when buying from UK wig suppliers, you can easily communicate with them because there are no language barriers.
  • Cons: Because they mainly import hair from other countries, UK wig suppliers often do not have too many product choices, especially difficult to meet products that require complex customization because they do not have their factory. In addition, hair prices in the UK are extremely high, so this is a disadvantage worth considering.

In general, if you don’t have much experience buying wigs or only need a small quantity and don’t care too much about price, buying from UK wig suppliers is still a reasonable choice. If you need to find places that provide high quality hair, stable hair sources, and cheaper prices, you should consider importing hair from Vietnam.

4.3. How can I determine wigs quality from UK suppliers?

Let’s find out some tips to determine wig quality from UK suppliers:

  • Material: Check the material used in the construction of the wig to see what type of hair it is and whether it is 100% human hair. High-quality hair will have softness, natural shine, and elasticity and easily blend into your real hair.
  • Durability: Try washing your wigs with warm water and mild shampoo to see if the hair falls out or loses color. After washing, you can use a dryer at a low temperature, then try heat styling to check the endurance of the wigs.
  • Wig cap: Examine the hair cap construction and hairline to see if it has well-constructed caps with durable seams and comfortable fittings. The lace base material is also very important, so priority should be given to lace that is breathable, light, and has natural colors.
  • Density: High-quality hair wig products usually have a good density that closely resembles real hair. Wigs with hair density that is too thin or thick can indicate lower quality.
  • How it feels when worn: High-quality wigs often have a breathable design, and are tight and comfortable without being too tight. Seams should be tight and neat, with no loose threads or glue showing.

Please carefully check the above aspects, you can find a satisfactory and suitable supplier.

How to determine the quality of wigs from UK suppliers
How to determine the quality of wigs from UK suppliers


The UK wig market is growing because of the constantly increasing demand for beautiful and impressive hair, opening up potential business opportunities and diverse choices for customers. If you want to find the best hair supplier, please carefully refer to the top 10 most reputable wig suppliers UK that we have provided to make the most suitable choice.

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