XBL Hair Reviews Should You Buy From Guangzhou Xibolai Hair

Update: 01/12/2023

This article will discover all the comprehensive information about XBL Hair Reviews to help you decide whether this is a trustworthy vendor or not

XBL Hair reviews have recently been a major source of concern. After viewing product photographs on the internet, many hair distributors all over the world are really interested in XBL Hair goods. Therefore, in this blog, we will go over the most honest XBL Hair Factory reviews.

1. XBL Hair reviews: Overview of XBL Hair company

Let’s start the journey of XBL Hair Factory review with something about their brand.

XBL Hair (or Guangzhou Xibolai Hair Products Co., Ltd.) is one of the most famous hair manufacturers in China.

This hair factory has 21 years of experience in providing human hair extensions. They have solidified their position as the Chinese leading hair vendor and have quickly established an international footprint in the hair industry.

XBL has 2 factories in ShanDong, China with the total area of 25,000 and 13,000 square meters. One of these two factories is primarily responsible for producing high-end hair weaves. The other takes responsibility for other grades of hair products as well as custom-made products.

You can find XBL Hair at Canton fair, on their official website, or on eCommerce platforms such as Alibaba and AliExpress where you can see the most honest XBL Hair reviews from customers.


Overview of XBL Hair company


XBL has 2 factories in ShanDong, China with the total area of 25,000 and 13,000 square meters

2. The most honest XBL Hair reviews about products, quality, pricing and services

Below are the honest and most objective reviews on XBL Hair from both customers and experts:

2.1. XBL Hair reviews about their product range

Which products XBL Hair sells and what are their best sellers?

This hair factory primarily serves North American customers (accounting for 25% of total sales) with specialized products: hair weft, lace closure/frontal, lace wig and clip in/pre-bonded hair extensions. Their best-sellers are lace closure wigs and transparent frontal wigs.

XBL offers hair wigs in different designs and colors, from short to long hair, straight to curly and from natural black to striking colors like 613, pink, green and orange.


XBL offers hair wigs in different designs and colors

Hair bundle products are also very diverse in styles: Natural straight, bone straight, loose wave, water wave, body wave, deep wave, jerry curly and Brazilian curly.


Hair bundle products of XBL Hair are also very diverse in styles

In general, XBL Hair Factory reviews about products are that XBL’s products are very diverse in styles, lengths and colors. You can find any hairstyle you want when shopping here.

2.2. XBL Hair reviews about quality

Reviews about XBL hair products’ quality from experts:

XBL Hair reviews about wigs and dyed hair products: XBL Hair specializes in wigs and dyed hair products in a wide range of designs and hair lines of XBL’s colors are very attractive, but due to the use of raw materials from various sources, the quality is sometimes uneven, and the hair is vulnerable and susceptible to breakage.


XBL Hair specializes in wigs

Hair weaves of this factory are sewn meticulously and tightly, but there is an unpleasant odor and hair loss after being used for a short time.

Customers’ XBL Hair reviews vary with the plural satisfied with the products offered by this hair vendor:


Customers’ XBL Hair Factory review vary with the plural satisfied with the products offered by this hair vendor

  • Hair wigs from XBL have received a lot of positive feedback on trustpilot forums and on AliExpress and Amazon. According to these reviews, XBL hair wigs have a lovely appearance and a long lifespan.
  • Nevertheless, some UNice reviews claim that they sent the wrong product or the products are of bad quality which shed a lot and thin.

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2.3. XBL Hair reviews about pricing

When come to XBL Hair Factory review about pricing, we can say that the prices of XBL hair products are relatively high compared to other Chinese hair factories. In our XBL hair reviews, we will evaluate the prices of the two best-selling products of XBL Hair, which are hair bundles and lace closure wigs.

  • A single bundle of XBL Hair cost from $50 -130$ (10’’ – 30’’)
  • XBL Hair lace closure wigs, the price range is from $129 – $304 (10’’ – 30’’)
  • For wholesale price, 9 bundles grade 9A cost from 222$ – 629$ (10’’ – 30’’). 4×4 HD closure wig package deals cost from $593 – $2287 (4 wigs deal and 8 wigs deal)

Meanwhile, the average price for a hair bundle on the Chinese hair extension market is $20 (10-inch length) and a 10-inch length lace closure wig is around $80.

Thereby, we can see that the price of XBL Hair belongs to the expensive segment in the market. Their wholesale price is even more expensive than the retail price of some other Chinese hair vendors such as Ted Hair, UNice Hair,…


The prices of XBL hair products are relatively high

2.4. XBL Hair reviews about customer services

Aside from products, quality and pricing, customer service plays a significant role in determining whether or not you should buy from XBL Hair.

To my XBL Hair Factory reviews, the customer service department at XBL was extremely helpful. Throughout the fulfillment process of order, I was kept informed at all times.
They immediately respond when I left a question in the chat box. Anyone who can not find something they want to know on the site will find this useful.
In addition, the company has an email address and 2 Whatsapp numbers for customer service. It claims to have a support team available 24/7 all the year.

Great services and quick delivery are what many customers mention in XBL Hair reviews:

Currently, I have not found any XBL Hair company reviews that express dissatisfaction with XBL Hair’s customer service.


XBL Hair Factory review about customer services

2.5. XBL Hair reviews about payment

XBL Hair accepts many methods of payment: Bank transfer/T/T, PayPal/Pay later, Western Union, Money gram, Klarna.

Paypal is the preferred method of payment for the vast majority of global customers. In our XBL Hair reviews, we recommend that you use Paypal because it has a customer protection policy. However, PayPal charges a fee for international transfers. Hair companies that accept this payment method are usually trustworthy companies.

However, there are some people who complain that they are charged multiple times when paying with Paypal for the same order. This may be due to Paypal’s fault.


XBL Hair Factory review about payment

2.6. XBL Hair reviews about shipping

The normal shipping method of XBL Hair is FedEx or DHL

Shipping time:

  • To Canada/ the US: 3-5 days by DHL/ FedEx
  • To European countries/ the UK: 5-7 days by DHL
  • To Africa:7-10 days through DHL/FedEx.

Production time:

  • Trial/sample order and in-stock order will be shipped within 24 hours after full payment.
  • Customized order takes about 5-7 days or longer based on your order detail.

Note: FedEx Saturday shipment can be applied, but need to charge about 20 US dollars.

In short, according to some XBL Hair reviews, such shipping and preparation time is quite reasonable. It will take about 2 weeks if you order a product that is not available in stock for the order to be shipped to your address.

Customers are quite pleasured about XBL’s shipping, which is shown in XBL Hair factory review:


Customers are quite pleasured about XBL’s shipping, which is shown in XBL Hair factory review

Besides, there are also some customers complaining that their orders are delayed 1-2 days compared to the appointment, however the number of such complaints is very small, insignificant.

2.7. XBL Hair review about warranty and returns policy

To XBL Hair Factory review about return policy, Return/Refund is accepted within 7 days of receipt. Remember to contact XBL Hair first before returning the goods or XBL won’t accept the packages.
7 days is a relatively short period of time while many China hair suppliers allow returns within 30 days. Therefore, if you buy at XBL Hai when you receive the goods, you should check the goods carefully as soon as possible.

3. Should you buy hair from XBL Hair

Apart from a few negative XBL hair company reviews, XBL received a lot of positive XBL Hair Factory review from customers worldwide.

As mentioned in XBL hair reviews about prices above, XBL hair products are fairly expensive. At this price segment, if you want truly excellent quality at reasonable prices, you should consider purchasing from Southeast Asian hair vendors, with hair vendors in Vietnam being the top priority.

However, the risk of purchasing from XBL hair is reduced with their clear return and exchange policy and offer free returns. Because they are quite famous, it would be a safe option if you are a newbie to the world hair industry. Do your own research, and you will undoubtedly be pleased with the outcome.


XBL Hair Factory review: Should you buy hair from XBL Hair

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