Should check Honest Hair Factory reviews before making a purchase

Update: 01/12/2023

This blog will be useful for those who are looking for Honest Hair Factory reviews because it contains the most honest ones from experts and customers.

Honest Hair Factory is a rather well-liked option among Chinese hair vendors. Whether Honest Hair Company is reliable or not. Continue reading this site if you’re curious about Honest Hair Factory reviews before opting to buy from them.

1. Honest Hair Factory reviews: Company overview

Below are something introduce about Honest Hair Factory:

  • Honest Hair Factory or Guangzhou Honest Hair Factory, located in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China, was established in 2007. They are a reputable producer and exporter with expertise in human hair extension research, production, sales, and service.
  • When comes to Honest Hair Factory reviews, it cannot fail to mention their production scale. Honest Hair company has a factory to produce hair products on their own. Their factory covers an area of 15000 square meters with cutting-edge equipment and more than 600 workers. The monthly output capacity is about 50 tonnes. They also have a 2000 square meter warehouse and run huge stock to ensure a large monthly export volume. Honest Hair Company has a 3000 square-meter head office with more than 200 staff.
  • Customers can see Honest Hair products and contact for purchasing through their websites, official Instagram, Facebook or online stores on Alibaba. However, they focus on selling through their website so it is better to contact them through their website.

Honest Hair Factory has an online store on Alibaba

2. Honest Hair Factory reviews on their products and services

To provide you with a thorough insight of the Honest Hair Factory, we have collected opinions about their goods and services from both hair specialists and international customers.

2.1. Honest Hair Factory reviews: Honest Hair products reviews

Honest Hair Factory provides numerous choices of products:

  • Hair types: Hair bundles (mainly Peruvian Hair, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair and Indian hair), Closures & Frontals (Transparent Lace and HD Lace Closure and Frontal), and wigs.
  • Hair textures: Straight, natural wave, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, curly, kinky curly.
  • Colors: only black and blonde colors are available in stock. Customers can choose other colors for custom or pre-order.
  • Length: 10” – 30”
  • Grade: 10A, 11A, 12A

However, one thing to note is that most Chinese hair factories now sell Brazilian hair and Peruvian Hair, but that’s just a marketing ploy and doesn’t exclude Honest Hair Factory. Now Brazilians and Peruvians no longer sell their hair.


Honest Hair Factory mainly supplies hair weft bundles, closures & frontals and wigs

2.2. Honest Hair Factory reviews about hair quality

It is impossible to overstate the importance of hair quality in regard to Honest Hair Factory reviews. Let’s examine what foreign clients and hair specialists have to say about the quality of Honest Hair products.

Honest Hair Factory reviews on Honest Hair products quality from hair experts:

  • Initially exceptionally soft, lustrous, and smooth, the hair provided by Honest Hair Company will eventually become coarse, dry, easily losing, and tangle-prone after a short time of use.
  • It is likely that the hair has gone through chemical treatments because it has a strong and unpleasant odor.
  • When it comes to closures and frontals, the lace is of excellent quality, the hair is tightly fastened, and the partings are obvious.
  • Honest Hair company’s hair wigs, although there are many styles and choices, the quality is not appreciated by the experts. Hair is thin and not bouncy, easy to tangle and fall out.

Honest Hair’s closures and frontals are of good quality

Honest Hair Factory reviews on hair quality from customers: The following testimonials were submitted by customers who had purchased hair from the company and spoke to the quality of the hair offered. Customers’ opinions on the quality of Honest Hair products are generally conflicting:

Customers laud the fullness and texture of their hair bundles.


Customers’ compliment on hair bundles

Others left compliments on the closures & frontal:


Their closures and frontals also receive positive reviews

Some customers, however, claim that the hair received has an exterior silicone layer that can’t be removed even after numerous times of washing, leading them to believe that the hair is synthetic. Some customers report that their hair is seriously degraded after a short time of use:

2.3. Honest Hair Factory reviews about pricing

The company’s pricing is quite competitive on the global market. They do appear to be slightly cheaper than the largest Chinese hair factories like Unice Hair and Ted Hair also. To offer you a comprehensive view, the comparison is provided below in detail:

Honest Hair Factory reviews on their pricing:

  • Hair weft bundles from Honest Hair company: The prices vary depending on hair origin:
    • Brazilian hair: from $20 per 12-inch bundle
    • Peruvian hair: from $29 per 12-inch bundle
    • Malaysian hair: from $15 per 12-inch bundle
    • Indian hair: from $12 per 12-inch bundle
  • Closure 5×5 costs $40 per piece and frontal 13×5 costs from $50 per piece.
  • Their wigs range from $40 – $400 based on length (8” – 30”) and the type of lace used.

The price of Malaysian hair from Honest Hair Factory

Meanwhile, below is the price of UNice Hair China:

  • Hair weft bundles: UNice Hair also has Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, and Indian hair:
    • Brazilian hair: from $23 per 8-inch bundle
    • Peruvian hair: from $25 per 8-inch bundle
    • Malaysian hair: from $25 per 8-inch bundle
    • Indian hair: from $25 per 8-inch bundle
  • Closure 5×5 costs from $79 per piece and frontal 13×5 costs from $100 per piece.
  • Their wigs range from $79 – $500 based on length (8” – 30”) and the type of lace used.

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2.4. Honest Hair Factory reviews on customer services

Before buying hair from Honest Hair company, you should read customer testimonials on customer services in addition to the company’s hair quality and pricing.

Honest Hair Factory reviews have noted how helpful the company’s customer care representatives are. Customers frequently praise the pre-sale service provided by this business. Clients are continuously updated during the order fulfillment process. Customers who ask questions in the chat box receive prompt responses. They answer all questions about their offerings, prices and policies, and anything related to hair.

Customers that have purchased from Honest Hair Factory were happy with their experiences:


Positive Honest Hair Factory reviews on customer service

The Honest Hair Company’s after-sales support, however, is really poor. Customers expressed dissatisfaction at not being notified of the order’s status, including when it was delivered and when it arrived. Additionally, they dismiss customers’ complaints concerning the quality since they lack a good response strategy.


Negative Honest Hair Factory reviews on customer service

Honest Hair company also faced criticism for failing to assist clients when a customs issue arose with their orders. Even though the customer had covered all charges and had not responded to messages from the customer, the items were returned to their factory, but they didn’t intend to ship them back to the client.


Negative reviews on customer service

2.5. Honest Hair Factory reviews related payment

Bank transfer (T/T), Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram, credit cards, and other methods of flexible payment are all accepted by Honest Hair Company.


Honest Hair Factory accepts numerous methods of payment

Honest Hair Factory accepts Paypal payment as a “money-back guarantee” payment option. Although this method of payment is not totally secure, it typically allows customers to request a return or refund if the goods are not delivered or are damaged.

2.6. Honest Hair Factory reviews on shipping

Something to be noted about the shipping of Honest Hair company:

  • Honest Hair company will arrange the shipment after receiving full payment in 12 hours.
  • Shipping time to the USA takes about 2-3 days and shipping to African countries takes about 10 days.
  • DHL is the main shipping method to the USA and other countries around the world.
  • About leading time:
    • For items that are in stock, within a day
    • 5 to 7 days, if the items are unavailable.
    • 10 to 15 days, maybe sooner, for unavailable products

Numerous Honest Hair Factory reviews complaints about the lengthy time of shipment. They didn’t get their orders when they were supposed to, and a month after placing their order, they still haven’t heard anything.


Customer complained about lengthy shipping time

2.7. Honest Hair Factory reviews on return and exchange policies

There are some things to be noted about the exchange and return policies of Honest Hair Factory:

  • If the customers are not satisfied with their purchase, Honest Hair will accept a return of an unused product within 7 days.
  • Once they receive the returned item they will then give a full refund (excluding the shipping fee).
  • Honest Hair Factory will not issue refunds for products purchased through other entities, such as distributors or retail partners.
  • Returned items must be delivered in unused and initial condition or may not be eligible for refund or be subject to a restocking fee. Customers will be responsible for items damaged or lost in return shipment.
  • Customers are not permitted to exchange or return customized items.

However, Honest Hair company refused to accept returns when there was an issue with the product, which resulted in a number of complaints in Honest Hair Factory reviews:


Customer claimed that Honest Hair did not accept their returns

3. Honest Hair Factory reviews: Is it advisable to buy hair from this company

It is undeniable that Honest Hair Company is a reputable hair provider in China and one of the best hair factory in the world. When shopping here, you don’t have to be concerned about fraud. There is some disagreement regarding Honest Hair Factory’s hair quality, however since there are more favourable Honest Hair Factory reviews than negative ones, this issue is unimportant.

However, delivery time ought to be taken into account. To avoid missing work, you can find a different source if you need something right away. In addition, Honest Hair company is not inexpensive and is relatively cheap than normal in the Chines hair market, so it’s suitable for those whose budget is tight.

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